1. Rose Red

    Rose Red

    Psychotic delusion is not an opinion. These people have left rationality and sanity behind, and now they're harassing - or even trying to kill - people. Remember the pizzagate crusader?
  2. It makes a certain amount of sense I suppose.

    You see someone "lose it" and gun down a bunch of kids and your mind says "No one would just do this for no reason", so either the world is more complex and scary and inscrutable than you know...or some force with power and agency is really behind it because regular humans would never do such things. And of course, in those communities, you do often find long-running notions that it's not just these shootings that are false flags, it all folds back into the same ideas around a powerful global cabal controlling everything, sometimes for literally centuries or millennia.
  3. Kai Dracon

    Kai Dracon

    This is like an early fringe phenomenon on the internet going mainstream. Back in the 90s you could find tiny cultures online that were predicated on shit like this. There were always a few dozen people willing to believing absolutely anything because it was presented to them in a way that made them feel special, like they were part of an important movement to uncover a sinister secret.

    Social fucking media took that and delivered it to every knob on Earth at the same time, and now it's huge. I know the classic explanation is that these people cannot deal with the world being a scary place, and in some cases that seems true. Still in my experience a lot of those who fall for this shit are just awful people. They are generally misanthropic towards other human beings and these conspiracies are a way of feeling superior to everyone else who they've always known are fools, idiots, and simpletons.
  4. Vyer


    I don’t know if I can watch this. I consider the people who do this among the lowest human beings on earth. I don’t know that I want to get angry this early in the morning.
  5. Beef Stallmer

    Beef Stallmer
    Banned Member

    I hate hoaxers. Also there are people who still claim that there were no WMDs in Iraq, and thus there being no basis for the invasion of that country and the loss of thousands of Americans, but the truth actually is that there WERE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but there were so many and they were so advanced, that the government chose to lie about it in the end, to not scare the american population, by claiming there were none. But the truth remains that there WERE these weapons, the government told the truth the first time around.

    Anyone who disagrees would be one of these conspiracy loonies. Governments are here to protect you from countries like Iraq. The whole world would have been destroyed if it was not for those governments. It's just that these conspiracy loonies can't handle the truth
  6. Pop-O-Matic


    This post is suppose to be ironic, right?
  7. SlothmanAllen


    November 23, 1963. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy gave rise to an entire cottage industry of conspiracy theorists that exists to this day. Loose Change. I'd say is one of the first modern internet based conspiracy theories I can remember. I think it laid a template for all the theories that followed.
  8. Klyka


    10/10 post, would listen to you on ham radio
  9. Sir_Caffeine


    Just watched this. I can't believe these people.... telling the parents of the dead kids that they are lying, holy shit. How is this harassment legal?
  10. Krauser Kat

    Krauser Kat

    This post is riding the razors edge. It had me going for awhile.
  11. Bengraven


    Sadly, these people are your friends, family and neighbors. For every one of these assholes who speaks about it in public, there’s always someone close to you who still believes it but hold it inside.
  12. Lost


    So, to explain this, there’s definitely different levels to this stuff.

    As for the most shallow conspiracy:

    Some people believe there are actors that the new stations use to get the perfect interview or news clip. They weren’t actually in the event, which did actually happen, but they act as if they were to get the perfect interview or sound bite.

    Then there is the deepest depth of the conspiracy:

    Everything in the event is a false flag, no one really died, everyone is a CIA shill, etc. aliens run the government, the water makes the frogs gay

    Obviously, those are the craziest people. I don’t think that news networks getting a fake interview couldn’t happen though. I don’t go down these rabbit holes though.
  13. Beef Stallmer

    Beef Stallmer
    Banned Member

    omg, are you the Krauser Kat?? I believe I remember you from gamefaqs back in 2013. I am so sorry for calling you crazy when you were claiming that the government was telling the truth, and that there actually were WMDs in Iraq. I was a hoaxer at the time and I honestly believed that the WMD were a hoax to lead an entire coalition into war to get some oil but my eyes are wide open now. I will never ever doubt any government again, unless that government is an enemy to the USA, those governments lie constantly.

    Like how Russia is claiming first responders never have antidotes to Novichok on them... That is such a big lie! My father-in law actually is a first responder and carrying antidotes to Novichok is actually the first thing they teach you in first responder-school. You got to have it on you at all times! . You never know when Russia might try to poison someone with it, so you carry it always. If it was not for those first responders then the double agent and his daughter would be dead. Never trust anything Russia claims, always believe in the USA, and Boris Johnson.
  14. Klyka


    Now you are overdoing it.
  15. Beef Stallmer

    Beef Stallmer
    Banned Member

    In all honesty, those hoax people ARE mostly crazy and incorrect. However, there have been many occasions where it turned out a government lied to its people, would you agree?

    So sometimes, the crazy people are right. But I think only because from their perspective everything is a hoax 24/7. So when something turns out to be a hoax, they appear they were right.. but don't forget the 999 times they have been wrong.
  16. Darkgran


    Yeah if this is a big conspiracy like these idiots think. Why does the government take the time to hire actors and stage everything. Seems like if would be less of a headache if they just committed the crime themselves and got real reactions.

    These people are scum.
  17. New Fang

    New Fang

    Governments being deceptive and exaggerating things is not the same as saying entire tragedies were created out of thin air and 9/11 was done by government agents. There is deception and then there is batshit crazy conspiracy thinking.

    The fact that you felt the need to draw comparison between the two in this thread is telling.
  18. Soul Unison

    Soul Unison
    Banned Member

    Yeah, it's a massive conspiracy perpetuated by the government and news industries in perfect concert involving contracting people into a lie that lasts a lifetime and not a single person has ever felt regret or remorse or blown the whistle on it, for altruistic reasons or for personal gain. Also, the events and the hoaxes seem to only be increasing now that the government is almost entirely Republican-owned, but the whole thing is a Democrat plot to steal our freedoms. ...Wait, what?

    So many of these conspiracy theories become farcically illogical when confronted with just basic common sense and a layman's knowledge of human nature.
  19. Wogan


    That is incredibly infuriating.

    And his last thoughts were of how his life has been taken up by his idiocy. Selfish turd.
  20. Jackpot

    Banned Member

    Russia just made Crisis Actors their official policy.

  21. Beef Stallmer

    Beef Stallmer
    Banned Member

    • User Banned (Permanent): Trolling about crisis actor conspiracy theories, long history of infractions.
    I had to do that because of your stance on the Skripal-poisoning.
    The child actor is extremely bad btw, I do believe someone shot up a school, but the actor is too bad and he is the reason why people believe in the government staging attacks.
    To give a f- 'live' interview with a mf- earpiece :-D Also his fake emotions are too bad. He would never be hired for any big movie I can tell you that :-)

    I didn't believe it because of his bad/fake acting (if that makes any sense). I merely googled him and saw he had an IMDB page, but now that I went to see it, it appears the IMDB page is a hoax.

    Btw I can 100% prove he is a professional actor:

    -he got paid to do interviews, in which he practiced sound-bites (whatever those are) in front of the camera, and as a result; he was acting.

    So while crisis-actor hoaxes are (most probably) fake, the kid is still an actor IMO
  22. New Fang

    New Fang

    My stance on the Skipral-poisoning? I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Also, you are embarrassing yourself if you believe that kid is an actor.
  23. Soul Unison

    Soul Unison
    Banned Member

  24. Stouffers


    I’ve wondered if it’s origins have anything to do with Raum Emmanuel’s quote “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

    Not that Raum created it, but rather his words were a type of confirmation for conspiracy theorists.
  25. Sir_Caffeine


    Well, this is were the so called "Deep State" comes in right? The republicans might be in power now, but each time some fucked up thing happens they probably think it's the Deep State behind it all. They can always point to some ridiculous made up antagonist so that they can justify their actions.


    How has none of the parents fucking murdered these people?
  27. Sutarufosu

    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    We have to be careful with this stuff.

    The major problem here is that "false flags" and the like have happened many times in the past. Sometimes these events led to wars or events that resulted in millions of deaths.

    We can't deny that, in reality, things like this do actually happen. Not this time, but sometimes.

    That's not a defense of the people in the video. They appear dangerous and completely delusional and if left unchecked they could become a menace to society. By harassing the families of victims they already are a menace.

    Check this out: https://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/27/world/europe/27germany.html

    Isn't that bizarre? Who knows what else has, is, and will be going on under our very noses.

    This is why we have to be careful with free speech.

    You want to ban these people? Fine. I agree.
    You want to give the authorities the power to shut these people down? Fine. I agree again. Their behavior is unacceptable.

    We need to be cautious though. We absolutely must have checks and balances in place.

    For now, common sense tells us that these people are not only wrong but using some disgraceful tactics to try and prove they are right.

    In the future, we need to be careful that there isn't a subtle movement from shutting down obviously wrong conspiracy nuts to shutting down people with legitimate points.

    I'm not sure that we can really give the authorities the power to shut down speech and then trust them with it.

    I see some people mentioning the Douma chemical attack. Is it impossible that this was staged?

    We've seen stuff like this before right? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4849744.stm

    So, thinking back to 2003, would it have been right or wrong to brand people claiming that Blair and Bush were lying as "trolls" or "bots" or "conspiracy nuts"?

    These things do happen.
  28. Beef Stallmer

    Beef Stallmer
    Banned Member

    I guess that is the difference between being an actor, and a method actor. If the interviewer ran up on Daniel Day Lewis like that, telling him his daughter if not dead... Daniel Day Lewis would have killed him on the stop.

    Just kidding on the man being an actor-part. You raise a good point. I'd not let anyone tell lies about my children if they were deceased in such a horrific and cowardly attack. But maybe the parents are still coping with the loss of their child and therefor unable to react? I am guessing losing a child must be extremely traumatising :-( I hope nobody ever has to go though something like that

    excellent point!

    Also about that attack; years ago USA (under Obama) already warned Assad, stating chemical attacks would be "the red line".
    Then 2 week after he supposedly attacked, but Russia stepped in, and it could not be proven an attack on civilians by the government was made.
    And now Assad is supposed to be like: "F- it I am using muh chemical weaponz!!!"

    I would be more worried for people who could actually believe it went down like that :-(


    Not trying to call any of these poor folks out. I just know that if it was me personally who lost someone and some asshole was coming at me like the assholes here, I wouldn’t hesitate to show off my best American History X impersonation.
  30. Widdle Puppy

    Widdle Puppy


    A lot of people saying it's because of stupidity or a lack of intelligence but it actually isn't. It's much more sinister than that. It's self deception to a disgustingly evil degree. They will literally spin a tale in their head and lie to themselves to serve their own interests. Some people take it so far as to become the hoaxer type.

    This behavior is common in humanity but has reared it's ugly head in how we conduct politics though conservative voters.
  31. Ziltoidia 9

    Ziltoidia 9

    I fear it becoming main stream where 40% of the country will believe them, its just a continuation of the "alt facts" world that has been here probably 8 years or so.
  32. Annubis


    Ok, now I really need to watch that show.
  33. New Fang

    New Fang

    You seem to be walking a similar line to the guy who was just banned.

    “These conspiracy people are wrong, but sometimes they’re right”

    The justification for the Iraq war and people claiming there are crisis actors at shootings are not comparable things. Lots of people and countries believed Iraq had WMD. It wasn’t a total creation in the mind of George W Bush.

    These crisis actor stories are absolute fantasies created in the minds of stupid and/or crazy people. You should be able to see the difference.
  34. Sutarufosu

    Attempted to circumvent ban with alt account Member

    I do see the differentiation. I don't see why I would be banned for saying what I said?

    THESE conspiracy people are wrong. It does not follow that all conspiracy people are always wrong.
  35. Gwenpoolshark


    And he clearly doesn't even believe any of it. He's just in it for the money. He's so pathologically self-obsessive that he's willing to say just about anything to stay in the spotlight, regardless of who it hurts.

    At this point, Alex Jones has spent more time thinking and talking about David Hogg than he's spent with his own kids since family court tore him a new asshole.
  36. Dyle


    There needs to be stronger laws against this shit. The harassment just in this short documentary should be more than enough to lock these disgusting people up for a long time, let alone all of the other heinous stuff they've put online.
  37. Kthulhu


    I hope all these people get sued to oblivion.
  38. Virtua

    Banned Member

    This is something I've seen in Facebook groups talking about the Assad chemical weapons attacks being faked too. It seems to be the way for people to deny reality these days.
  39. Nabs


    Ugh. Got to the part where the dickhead calls and screams at victims.
  40. ReAxion


    the actual conspiracy is all around them: nothing changes after mass shootings and there's a whole bunch of evil people who ensure it stays that way.
  41. HP_Wuvcraft


    How fucked in the head do you need to be to accuse someone to their face that their dead kid never existed at all?

    And for people that supposedly want to uncover the truth, their very premise is built so that any evidence can be refuted. Don't have a death certificate/birth certificate on you at all times? Fake. Do you have a death/birth certificate on you at all times? Fake.
  42. LakeEarth


    "They are all actors in a conspiracy to take away our guns!"
    (years pass, no one takes away their guns)
    "I guess I was wrong!"

    Said none of these people, ever.
  43. Bear


    How the fuck does Facebook not ban these people making threats to families of victims? Insane.
  44. RiceandBeans


    Just watched this. The mental gymnastics that these people go through to justify their bullshit is crazy. I probably wouldn’t care if it wasn’t for the fact that I really met one of these people recently. Guy told me that school shootings are really rare, and the media makes them up to whip up gun control talk (we were about 5 miles from Parkland when he told me this). Yeah, so rare bro.
  45. Bear


    Not only is that one guy propagating an insane conspiracy about Sandy Hook, but he readily admits that his obsession with it has cost him being a good parent. What a scumbag.

    Just finished the video and the next video on autoplay was "The Biggest Ass in Brazil." Frickin Vice.
  46. chandoog


    I couldn't watch after the first 15 second. The guy is saying "You know my daughter is dead" and the other guy continues spewing his bullshit.

    All these motherfuckers will burn in hell.
  47. UltimateHigh


    People have always been very susceptible to conspiracy garbage (and certainly not just exclusive to right-wing loonies) but the internet really kicked it into overdrive.

    They're throwing critical thinking and self-reflection way the fuck out of the window.
  48. EdibleKnife

    Member OP

    I say good. Hopefully one day he comes to his senses and is outright rebuffed by his family for being a monster. He deserves the crushing loneliness he's creating.
  49. hexanaut


    Watching this made my blood boil. Sending much love and strength to Mama Bear! I was hoping that guy at the end would resist arrest and get tased. Mentally ill seems too kind a term for someone so filled with hate. Truly the scum of the earth.

    I'm all for healthy skepticism, but obviously these people have lost their grip on reality.
  50. FliXFantatier



    Not just are they insane. But rather than stay in their backyard bunker they go out and harass the survivors and victim's families...