The Technical Issues Thread

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by deltaplus, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Jason Frost

    Jason Frost Member

    @ MidnightCowboy, but without space.

    Like this:
  2. Blade30

    Blade30 Member

    Does anyone else experience inconstancy with alerts on your watched threads/subscriptions? Sometimes I get an alert on new replies and sometimes not.
  3. ImNotAFroot

    ImNotAFroot Member

    The forum looks great!
    Anyone know if i can change my username?
    I'd like to remove the ' from it
  4. DiipuSurotu

    DiipuSurotu Member

    You probably need to ask an admin
  5. DireStr8s

    DireStr8s Member

    Yeah, noticed this recently
  6. Baka Sempai

    Baka Sempai Member

    Disabling Avatars option is not working for me :/
    It may be a bug I'm personally experiencing but seems to be consistent across the macOS browsers i'm using (safari, firefox, chrome)
    Going into preferences, i get the modal popup, i then click on "Hide Avatars", click Save, modal closes, I refresh page, and avatars are still there.
  7. iGeodude

    iGeodude Member

    Make sure you check "All the Time" or type in a machine name, then click save. Hopefully that helps.
  8. Arutha

    Arutha Member

    Yes, it happens to me too. I have to unwatch and watch again to receive the alerts.
  9. SSL suddenly borked for anyone else?
  10. Niks

    Niks Member

    Please add more space between threads. Its really hard to read.
  11. Jason Frost

    Jason Frost Member

    Around 11:21 PM?
  12. 17m ago from this post, which is about 04:30am my time (UTC).
  13. regawdless

    regawdless Member

    Yeah I have to manually check those threads because the alerts are inconsistend.
  14. StarCreator

    StarCreator Member

    The "Original Poster" notation seems to carry over to private messages, and behaves oddly there - literally every message in a private conversation is marked as such. It should probably not show in private conversations at all.
  15. tabris

    tabris Member

    Anyone have an odd issue where you click on a thread and it goes to page 2 instead of 1st or last page?
  16. Redneckerz

    Redneckerz Member

    Just to chip in some more issues (Firefox 47):

    - I am not getting any notifications anymore on any of the threads i have just posted in, either unwatched or watched threads.
    - Imgur HTTPS pics and gifs are broken as we all know. HOWEVER, when a user quotes a post with said link, the picture/gif is shown correctly.
  17. Just suddenly started getting certificate errors on Safari. Is this something on my end?
  18. Still get a SSL issue with Chrome on Android. Using Firefox Desktop (macOS) doesn't seem to have an issue.
  19. Fuzzy

    Fuzzy Member

    I guess I should've posted this in here.

  20. Baka Sempai

    Baka Sempai Member

    Thank you, this actually fixed the issue, I've just never seen it on any other forum.
  21. Rikucrafter

    Rikucrafter Member

    When I'm on mobile I see [​IMG][ IMG ] instead of some images. When I follow the link, I'm given a blank white box instead of the image. Is there any fix?
  22. jamsy

    jamsy Member

    Not sure if it's just me, but the Hide Avatars feature is not working for me.

    I have this checked and can still see everyone's avatars. As far as I can tell, checking/unchecking this so far does nothing...
  23. Dead Prince

    Dead Prince Member

    the hide text behind quote isn't work like how people want it.

    on the other forum you can't even click view source to pull the stuff that's hidden.

    but you can still do that here.
  24. Pokemaniac

    Pokemaniac Member

    So the lazy loading images have been a little weird for me since upgrading to Firefox 57. Occasionally they just won't load until I refresh the page.

    This may be related to my tendency to open a lot of threads in tabs at once.
  25. MegaRockEXE

    MegaRockEXE Member

    I would just like an option to remove this completely. It can be tough to get to the bottom of the page and read up because the page will move around a lot.
    And possibly related to that, I was getting file move errors whenever I tried dragging an image from the page to my desktop.
  26. ned_ballad

    ned_ballad Member

    The site moving super slow for anyone else right now?
  27. Me. Everything takes a full five seconds or so to load or post.
  28. Luulubuu

    Luulubuu Community Resettler Member

    Site super slow
  29. Avitus

    Avitus Member

    Site is getting reddit hugged right now. A link to a post here is #1 on my r/all feed
  30. ned_ballad

    ned_ballad Member

    Ah, the good ol' Reddit hug of death. That explains it.
  31. TEXASenpai

    TEXASenpai Member

    I need my ERA fix! :)
  32. Lump

    Lump Member

    We made it, folks.

    All we need is a Community Flag in Rocket League and we're 100% operational.
  33. Doogdogg

    Doogdogg Member

    I thought it was just me after upgrading to Firefox quantum.
  34. shimon

    shimon Member

    Which post?
  35. Kouriozan

    Kouriozan Member

  36. Oynox

    Oynox Member

    The one about how long it takes and how much to you would need to pay to unlock everything in BFII
  37. triple

    triple Member

    Guess it's a good sign that ERA is getting to old forum levels! so congrats...
  38. regawdless

    regawdless Member

    And a PSN theme from m0dus / Truant Pixel. It would be glorious.
  39. Saint-14

    Saint-14 Member

    Thank god it’s not just me.
  40. ratrosaw

    ratrosaw Administrator

    As posted above, one of our threads is now trending on reddit. Traffic to Resetera at this moment is much higher than usual and the site becomes slower than expected as a result. Thanks for understanding.
  41. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr. Member

    Is there a reason every post is the same colour? Kinda annoying now for the dark theme on desktop.
  42. regawdless

    regawdless Member

    Thank you for the clarification. I guess it's a good sign that we are trending, will give us some more exposure.
  43. XDevil666

    XDevil666 Member

    Is it just me or is this site running slow today? Seem to be getting slow responses
  44. xfigures

    xfigures Member

    This is bugging me too and it's annoying on every theme.
  45. regawdless

    regawdless Member

    Look only one post above yours to find the reason.
  46. Mammoth Jones

    Mammoth Jones Member

    I came to this thread to ask the same thing. The site is extremely slow on my MacBook and iPhone.
  47. Mr. Sam

    Mr. Sam Member

    A link to a Battlefront II thread got linked on Reddit and ended up on the front page so I assume we've been experiencing unusually high levels of traffic.

    Edit: Welp. LTTP.
  48. Mikey Jr.

    Mikey Jr. Member

  49. Zero3K

    Zero3K Member is now only on Avira's blacklist.
  50. cHinzo

    cHinzo Member

    Nah only this site is slow. I updated to Quantum yesterday too and it's lightning fast. :D