1. Garlador


    The most devoutly religious can still fall sway to the worship of a Golden Calf...

    ... There's a "Trump Steaks" joke in there somewhere.
  2. Jack Remington

    Jack Remington
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    "God uses flawed champions. Just look at Samson or even King David!"

    I attended a church service last year where the sermon was all about Samson as a flawed vessel for God's work. Trump was never mentioned by name, but the subtext was clear.

    Btw, they see us as the Philistines.
  3. 4859


    That's some in depth reasoning and rationalizing you did there.

    But it' just not true.

    These peoe are for Trump, because he is like them. They are shitbags, deplorable, disgusting people, they don't see him as a tool to punch back against party z.

    He is the embodiment of their actual values.

    Their lip service is exactly that, it's just fucking lip service.
  4. Crimson-Death


    American Christianity is its own brand of disgusting and idiocy. Gee, who would've thunk they'd follow morally reprehensible and corrupt leaders, oh jeez.
  5. Not


    This wouldn't have happened without the Internet. Pretty crazy effect.

    Trump was elected because of foreign Facebook propaganda, and disillusioned ex-Christian Millennials now have a readily available place to turn and connect with others like them.
  6. Occam


    Religion has no basis in reality and should therefore have no influence on politics, which should be rational, based on facts and evidence.
  7. Garlador


    Samson also got himself captured, blinded, and ultimately committed suicide trying to take out as many of his enemies as possible. It blows my mind that Christians use him as an example of what to be, when he was clearly more of a cautionary tale that his own personal life was miserable, violent, and cut short.

    And King David's sin literally led to civil wars and generations of his children trying to butcher each other.

    God can use flawed people, but he never asks us to ignore the flaws. Old Testament champions sinned and got HARSHLY punished for it, along with the nations they championed.
  8. Aktlys


    The GOP and Evangelicals will never be able to claim any moral authority again
  9. 4859


    Yes they will.

    They've been claiming the shit while actively being the exact opposite of their bullshit lip service morality for decades.
  10. Svadhyaya


    "If God uses flawed vessels, why can't he work through Hilary Clinton or minorities?"
  11. Elandyll


    I mean... The only one I'm not sure Trump did was murder, and even then he was joking around about doing it and getting away with it...
  12. Beer Monkey

    Beer Monkey

    They had an actual Christian president that had zero scandals and no skeletons in his closet and they hated him for being black and successful.

    Evangelicals are not actual Christians.
  13. Garlador


    Succinct... but true.
  14. Regulus Tera

    Regulus Tera

    I wanna see the numbers for Catholics before making this kind of assertion. White Evangelicalism is a very particular brand of Christianity and should not be conflated with other branches.
  15. They can try, but no one rational will take them seriously ever again.
  16. Regulus Tera

    Regulus Tera

    Politics are won on emotion, not reason.
  17. 4859


    Lol, so what changes?
  18. tsampikos


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    Ignorant enough to be religious... yeah... the logic tracks.
  19. Regulus Tera

    Regulus Tera

    I'm sure the Muslims voted heavily for Trump.
  20. kickz


    They gotta vote first
  21. FriedConsole


    Non-Evangelicans go to a church with a steeple.

    Evangelicals go to a church that looks like a movie theater.
  22. Garlador


    Some of the most devoutly religious people in America are African Americans, particular women.

    I'm sure they LOVED Trump....
  23. Based on your facts, we should cow-tow only to your beliefs eh? It's great that I have the freedom of choice to disagree with you and have religion in my life, all the while respect other's for their beliefs.

    Anti religion, is still a belief, just as religion is a belief, and this setting to try to neg on someone's differing belief's is in fact very transparent.

    Accept me for my differences, I accept you.

    I had not noticed that, I'm happy I visit a steeple!
  24. 4859


    WHAT the hell does any of this have to do with what you quoted?
  25. Skelepuzzle


    The thread title plus the article title make for quite the film title:

    "The Trump Evangelicals Have Lost Their Gag Reflex: White Evangelical Men Can't Get Enough Of Trump"

    worst gangbang ever
  26. Mona


  27. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose

    No true Scotsman the post unfortunately.
    Every passage is subject to interpretation by the reader so it's basically a distorting ink blot test for what the trader wants to believe.

    You give me those passages, and I'll give you passages that call for murdering atheists and homosexuals and you'll give me your interpretative apologetic response.

    Your belief of what Christianity is, is not the correct one. There isn't a correct one because again it's interpretation from largely made up stories and tales.

    And no, the Bible isn't filled with evidence. It's filled with claims.
    Same with the witnessing of the founders. It's a claim.

    If all it takes for you to believe magical stuff is claims, then that proves why people believe Trump. And kim jung un. And islam. And Mormonism. And cult leaders. Etc.
  28. OK, that's entertaining!
  29. Not sure if you're being genuine with your outrage here.
  30. 4859


    No kidding. Guess that explains The non sequitur post that goes off on a completely different subject than what it quoted.
  31. Shortt Sirket

    Shortt Sirket

    Christ Stroop and I went to the same religious school. He has been amazing on Twitter with his thoughts. Dude is legit brilliant.

    If you ever want to see what lengths of intellectual dishonesty Evangelicals will go to, look up their version of the "camel through the eye of a needle" story. It is pathetic what they will contort in order to keep being greedy.
  32. FeliciaFelix


    Christians are already anti-religion and atheist... against the likes of Thor and Zeus. I'm Vikings loved Thor and tried their best to honor him, but that doesnt stop modern humans from thinking it's a fairy tale.

    Passionate belief doesn't make things true. You can passionate believe in Zeus and it won't be any more real than any other gods from history.
  33. Shortt Sirket

    Shortt Sirket

    Yup, the only difference between an Atheist and a Christian is the belief in one god out of thousands.
  34. GameChanger


    I have said this before and I"ll say it again. If Jesus returned and requested entry into America these fucks would deny him because he would look like a "terrorist". I am absolutely not kidding. They absolutely don't give a shit about Trump's moral values because they themselves don't really have any in the first place. All of Trump's unchristian like conduct doesn't matter as long as he keeps spewing xenophobic, racist and islamophobic bullshit out of his mouth. Let that sink in. It's a fact. His vocal support of LGBT doesn't mean shit because they know that deep down he is anti-LGBT as well.

    Also relevant.
  35. Alright, so I'll answer your question, but I'll at least not insult you while doing it.

    It seems to me the poster was saying, and using a broad brush, that religion is the end all be all to all problems. In this situation, they perverse the normalcy of what should happen in government.

    Before you go off about that, look to the left, you're avatar, that would let me assume there is a higher probability that you just may be religious? I could be wrong here.

    The point I was trying to make was, just because some religious people are bad, don't paint everyone that shade of red.
  36. GameChanger


    They will always be able to make claims about their "moral authority". And their laughable sense of moral superiority will be ignored as it has alway been by the rest of us.
  37. GameChanger


    I somewhat agree with the sentiment. Christianity and evangelism needs to be seperated in these discussions. Specially at resetera.
  38. Garlador


    Let me narrow it down then: Christianity, or the followings of what Christ taught.

    There are a lot of things Jesus taught and preached over. I'll let you try and find one passage from him talking about homosexuality, or calling to murder atheists, or discussing abortion, or anything that gets you all riled up over Christian doctrine.

    Criticize religion, gladly, but it's still ignorant to say that the book itself isn't stuffed full of claims (and we'll call them claims) that demand its believers question the validity of the source, to reject blind faith, or that the signs and evidence of God and His power aren't abundant. Pretty much every other chapter is full of people going "how will they believe what I'm saying?" followed by "this is the sign I'll give to you so they know".

    What I mentioned wasn't just "claims" in the context of what was written; it was that a lot of claims are made and that Jesus told his followers most of them were nonsense and never validated. It's the whole point of him warning against false prophets, against anti-Christs (literally, those who embody everything he was against), and about the utter hypocrisy of the religious leaders of his time who used faith and law to oppress minorities and enrich themselves in the name of God, for power and profit.

    I get it; you dislike religion. But Jesus didn't condone murdering atheists or homosexuals. There's no passage there about that. His very existence, at least as written, was him spending his years proving he was real through miracles while the nations demanded proof of his authority (and crucified him anyway when it was clear he wasn't there for their benefit). Literally everything he preached over was, well, liberal. The opposite of modern conservative Christian belief. Trump is the very man he preached against in almost every sermon.

    If you can find a single passage from him condone a single thing Trump has said or done in his life, I'd be amazed, since he seems as anti-Christian as they come.
  39. Shortt Sirket

    Shortt Sirket

  40. Boiled Goose

    Boiled Goose

    As an initial agreement. Yes Trump is pretty far from mainstream US Christian values and practice. He's socially liberalish or indifferent. On the other hand, he pushes conservative judges and white Christian nationalism which is very much naisntmain.

    The main message from Christ is about salvation, which is a morally repugnant concept whether it's about works, or worse... Belief.

    What did Jesus say about Jewish law? What does Jewish law say? So yeah... I don't consider jesus a particularly moral figure. Our perception of Jesus and new testament god as good is a recent cultural white washing. We think it's normal to follow what is basically a cult based on literal human sacrifice and wear tortute iconography around our necks.
  41. PKrockin


    Trump's white evangelical support is apparently less about religion and more about racial resentment and nationalism. It seems much more political and social. This is a group that claims takes that Bible more seriously and literally than other denominations, judging from my time in it, yet supported obviously un-Christlike policies like a Muslim refugee ban by three to one after Trump's election, even while other denominations were split or against. I don't see the use of torture or killing terrorists' innocent families reflecting Christ's values either, they seem very contradictory. Christ didn't preach "law and order" and a wall to keep out "the illegals", he preached generosity to those less fortunate and love for thy neighbor while chastising Pharisees. The things evangelicals like Trump for most are unrelated or contradictory to Christ's teachings. Meanwhile, the one other person in the 17-candidate primary field white evangelicals supported a bit more than Trump was Ted Cruz, who proposed such bigoted ideas like directing police to target neighborhoods with Muslims like they do for neighborhoods with drugs or organized crime. He was a Trump lite while not having as much of the horrible personal life that Trump had.

    This is anecdotal, but my white evangelical family made excuses for every single one of these horrible policies and had Trump/Cruz's back the whole way, except for one time--when Trump said he likes taking guns first and doing due process later. Suddenly, once it seemed like something could happen to affect them and not just far-off brown people, they finally expressed concern about his disregard for basic civil rights.
  42. 4859


    Know what I love about Motorhead, they have like half a dozen songs that go all in on adressing exactly this kind of shit right here.
    The poster was saying religion has no place in politics, and then you twisted that shit into garbage about 'accepting my beliefs', as if accepting your beliefs and allowing your beliefs to dictate other people's fucking lives is the same fucking thing.

    Which is exactly what your party does. That's what all your hot button issues like abortion is about.

    Controlling mother fucking peoples lives.

    But that's just accepting yalls Beliefs right?

    Because it's not enough that you follow your own beliefs. No, you all have to control everyone else too.

    I could have a picture of a monkeys anus and you 'would be allowed to assume' whatever the hell you want. Just like all the other assumptions you make when you all lack evidence, you are perfectly free to make them.

    If however, you expect that assumption to be treated with the same credibility as actually verified facts and evidence, then no, no you dont get credibility for your assumptions. Which is good, because they are usually wrong. Like here, if what you are actually asking, is if my avatar has anything to do with me being religious, no, you missed by a country mile.

    A few good apples don't unrotten the barrel.

    There's a reason, throughout history, fucking constantly, the 'good' Christian apples are always outnumbered 20,000 to 189.
  43. I know a whole bunch of actual bible thumpers, of devout christians.

    They are all about help those in need, be welcoming of others, protect the environment, you know lefties.

    Than are those who claim one christian nation under god . Its basically just coded language for white supremacy. Hate the other, hate the black, the brown, fuck those in need and what even is environment.

    I'm not saying real-christians are the good guys and the fakers are the baddies.
    Only saying that are indeed many awesome christians and than there are those who made christianity about hate and whiteness.

    White evangelicals have a tendency to the latter, sadly.
  44. 4859


    Hate your next door neighbor, but don't forget to say grace,
  45. Biske


    It's never been about value or morals, its always been about racism, and sexism and targeting an other. Any immoral dipshit can be their idol as long as they can continue on with the main goal.
  46. Chojin


    As a Catholic I think it's fine. Being top dog for at least 1600 years means we've grown a fairly thick skin.

    Honestly the persecution complex seems to be ridiculed most and thats rightfully so.

    I feel strong enough in my faith to be stung by what some people on the internet have to say about my religion and I've heard far worse albeit laughable statements about Catholicism from fundamentalist evangelical protestants.
  47. Gattsu25


    When did I say Jesus never spoke about repentance?

    I'm saying THIS

    Is a 180 from Jesus' message just a few books prior.
  48. legend166


    Why do you think Jesus was calling people to repent?
  49. SturokBGD

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  50. ham bone

    ham bone
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    It's especially annoying when people say things like "God, white evangelicals are such racist scum."

    "I'm a white evangelical, are you calling me racist scum?

    "Uh, if you aren't racist scum why are you upset? I was clearly only talking about white evangelicals who are racist scum, not you."

    This line of thought applies to every race, creed, nationality or affiliation. It's the height of passive-aggressiveness. Show some spine. Anyone know the fallacy? A reverse "True Scotsman?"