The Witcher twitter account is teasing something

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Luxorek, Mar 14, 2018 at 12:29 PM.

  1. DrArchon

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    It'd be actually a little odd for there to be a Witcher stage in SCVI come to think of it. Only the Star Wars characters got stages in the past games. None of the SC2 characters nor Ezio got stages, just music.

    Would be cool though. I know nothing about the Witcher, but I'm sure a ton of people would be hyped to fight in a stage from it.
  2. Ultimadrago

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    Oho touché.

    In all seriousness though, I don't know how a potential Geralt in Soul Calibur 6 could not sell the game for me. It would have to take a pretty shitty trailer.
  3. Qvoth

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    sc6 geralt makes quite a lot of sense, i think it's happening
  4. JEH

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    Imagining those words being said by Paul St. Peter Kreygasm.
  5. Nimby

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    Yeah super obvious it’s sc6
  6. Hikari

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    I guess the 39 character leak someone leaked here is true then? He said his friend was playtesting and knew about Geralt. How the tables have turned against Vergeben hmmmm or maybe He knows more than Vergeben. I don’t even know.
  7. Ocean

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    Geralt in Soul Calibur. And Smash. And Monster Hunter. And FIFA.

    Just give us Geralt everywhere.
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    It's clearly going to be a SC VI stage to go along with adding him as a playable character.
  9. Son of Sparda

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    Yeah came here to say the same thing.

    Can't wait to hopefully see the trailer tomorrow.
  10. noyram23

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    Should be fun for SC6, Noctis looks fun for Tekken 7
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    Witcher 4: The Season of the Witch starring Dandelion confirmed.
  12. Nimby

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    39 characters is not happening. Geralt was a heavily requested/speculated character beforehand, and I don’t how a playtester would know of the full roster if the game is still in development.
  13. Jawmuncher

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    39 I could see happening. If future DLC is being counted for slots as well.
    It def won't be 39 at launch.
  14. Dadasch

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    The Witcher 1 and 2 for PS4/XB1....PLEASE
  15. corasaur

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    well if that's not a soulcalibur hint, then the SC marketing staff need to steal that phrasing, cause it fits their vibe perfectly.
  16. Hammee

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    In for let down!
  17. Colbert

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    Witcher 2 already on Xbox One as an enhanced BC title!
  18. TDLink

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    I am excited for Geralt in Soul Calibur. I hope that tweet is verbatim the narrator's description of the stage too. It's so perfect.
  19. Mifec

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    Geralt in Super Seducer.

    Geralt is too good of a char to be in that franchise.
  20. jett

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    A tale of souls and silver swords, eternally retold.
  21. Dinjoralo

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    If Geralt is in Soul Calibur 6, then that makes SC6 a day-one purchase for me. Maybe.
  22. SliceSabre

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    Wow with wording like that it could be anything!

  23. Colbert

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    A Witcher Souls game. No bad idea ...
  24. Lulu

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    Kaer Morhen stage?
  25. No Depth

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    A new line of clothing incoming.
  26. Phalk

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    Geralt in a Super Mario Bros. 2 Remake.
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    I don't know how you ended up at " Witcher Souls game" from a Soul calibur quote with one word added.

    edit: Unless I just jumped the gun by assuming you meant "Dark souls" instead of a soul calibur type game but with only characters from the Witcher world.
  28. Colbert

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    Of course I referenced a Dark Souls'esque game ... I am not into fighting games ...
  29. Edgar

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    That's asking for trouble in this forum, or just internet as a whole
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    CDPR about to drop that surprise Witcher 3 expansion, pleeeeeaaassee
  31. Gengahrrr

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    Geralt + Roach fusion is the next Z Fighter!
  32. Scotia

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  33. Hikari

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    Well Vergeben claims 24 at launch or so and knows nothing about 39 characters. Other guy here on the other hand knew about Geralt and somehow other characters which total 39 according to him. It’s really something. Vergeben seems to know Geralt was teased but didn’t know he’d be in the game. That’s what is interesting.
  34. Heisenberg726

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    #84 was a joke
  35. DmckPower

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    lol.I feel like Witcher 1 engine would be more demanding and difficult to run on Switch than actual Witcher 3.
  36. The Traveller

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    I really do enjoy the Sould Calibur games, probably one of my favourite fighting series, having Geralt as a character would be awesome. Just change the game title to The Witcher: Geralt and Friends.
  37. MatrixMan.exe

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    I subsequently gathered.
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    I thought they would wait till E3 to reveal him
  39. Muskieratboi

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    Welcome, Geralt...


  40. SRTtoZ

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    I know its not but i'd kill for that PS4 Pro patch already.
  41. Tyaren

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    The "blades colliding thing" already sounds so much like Soul Calibur. I guess mentioning "souls" would've been too obvious...
  42. chandoog

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    The wording makes it sound like there's gonna be a Witcher based stage along with Geralt as well.
  43. Jay Shadow

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    I've seen several point out that it could be a direct announcer quote at the loading of the stage.
  44. JK-Money

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    Mannnn that would be so lit!!!
  45. Potterson

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    SC6. 1 PM GMT.
  46. Sargerus

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  47. Budi

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    I'd prefer this =D But yeah it's going to be SC and that pushes the game from maybe to yes.
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    He's going to be a guest racer in Sega Racing Transformed 2.
  49. Franzke

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    I have a hunch they wouldn't have put Noctis in Tekken if that were the case.
  50. Lukemia SL

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