1. nib95


    If anything that post implies the opposite, that TLL likely sold more than the 2m VGChartz estimate in just a few months let alone up to now.
  2. Regret


    Haha. So true. That sounds about right.

    And you say you're not angry? Now you're attacking my job productivity on a dead, night shift? You don't know what I do nor where I work, so take your generalizations and shove it.
  3. nib95


    If you're going to paraphrase him, at least do so without being intellectually dishonest or completely changing his post.

    Here's what it would have looked like favouring TR.

    "SotTR will easily outsell Spider-Man. Can't wait to play this beast. I'll buy Spider-Man whenever its heavily discounted, which considering previous entries shouldn't take too long. Exciting times for multiplatform gamers."

    Obviously that doesn't quite work as well since there haven't been previous entries of Spider-Man to base heavy discounts on, but he's not wrong about past TR games being heavily discounted early on. And sales wise, I'd imagine few people, if any, think SotTR will easily outsell Spider-Man, whilst the same is not necessarily true for the opposite.
  4. Kolx


    It's definitely gonna do some damage as in people not buying it or delaying their purchase until later at a discounted price since their money and time is going to Spiderman, but how much remains to be seen. Despite the fact Spiderman is exclusive, there's an overlap between platforms and PS is where a huge fanbase for the franchise exists.
  5. patapon


    Laugh is at you if you think these trivial things makes me angry or upset, no matter how many times you repeat it, must be one of your many assumptions.
  6. Crusadernm


    Both are cringey. Sorry that's just my opinion.
  7. patapon


    I am reading it and don't find anything wrong with it. Strange.
  8. Regret


    You're so desperate on being contrarian that your posting random shit together and mashing that post button. What are you even saying right now?

    On the topic of being angry, you are:
    • Ignoring me saying 3-4 times you are entitled to your opinion and agreeing to disagree
    • Posting things I never said at all and changing goalposts when called out on it
    • Attacking my job productivity without knowing where I work or what I do
    It's not really a farfetched assumption to see that you seem ticked off here.
  9. patapon


    I am entitled to my opinion and you are to yours. Let's be done with it here or continue in the DMs.
  10. DrDeckard


    It's all down to reviews now and the overall quality of your game. If tomb raider comes in with absolutely glowing reviews 9s and 10s across the board, Spider-Man hits 8s and 8.5s tomb raider is gravy. If they land around the same. Super high or really decent. I see the pendulum swing in favour of spiderman. Its an exclusive for a franchisese thats been dorment for a while and on the most hyped console with the largest install base.
  11. September is too packed so some titles are going to suffer. Spider-Man is quite hyped and seems to have a fair bit of marketing/brand awareness going for it. It’s also the first Spidey game in a while (and one that seems to have some good pedigree behind it) and it should turn out as a quality title. Tomb Raider has had a few games over the last few years and while they’ve been good, theyve not really been standout titles where people necessarily rush out at full price to buy in their droves. And this TR seems no different. I’m not really feeling any excitement and hype towards it, it kind of just feels like another TR title, where Spidey feels more exciting and a fresher feeling towards. Both will sell well enough at the very least, but TR will be discounted long before Spiderman methinks. And that’s what I’ll be waiting for. If the quality is there again that is.

    But I wouldn’t say that Spiderman will adversely affect TR sales that much, I simply don’t think TR even on its own would be getting any more interest if Spidey wasn’t there.
  12. Linus815


    AAA wise? Not really.
  13. bombshell


    Shadow is an easy pass until it hits a very, very deep sale, not just because Spider-Man looks like a much better and fun game, but also because of the shit they pulled with the Rise delay on PS4.
  14. I don’t really understand the point of this thread.
  15. Truant


    i have no interest in Spider Man, but I'm going to get Shadow. I really liked TR2013 and Rise.
  16. Jerykk

    Banned Member

    This. The majority of people who are going to play Spider-Man probably don't even know SoTR exists. Spider-Man is a much more mainstream IP and has that Sony exclusive marketing budget, as well as bundle promotions.
  17. takriel


    Much more interested in Lara than Spidey tbh.
  18. MeBecomingI


    I'll be buying both!
  19. THIJJ



    Spider-Man looks great but the new TR has been one of my fav series of the gen and Shadows, with the recent previews, has been looking even better despite the team change
  20. Nimby


    200+ employees at CD had nothing to do with that decision.
  21. Ex-Actarus


    I agree. He shouldn’t.
    I’m buying Tomb Taider only. Not interested in Spiderman.
  22. The latest Tomb Raider games have been dull so I’ll probably find myself playing Spider Man and other games than this, like Valkyria 4.
  23. Rocco


    I think people are overestimating Spider-Man. There have been plenty of good Spider-Man games. This is not like the Arkham series which was groudbreaking for Batman in terms of video games. Or the upcoming Avengers games. Or Black Panther: The Game lol. Spider Man will be successful of course, but nothing to get out of the way of. Maybe if your a Lego game, or something else that appeals largely to children, with no real replay value.
  24. LuisGarcia


    I can't believe that I'm reading Spiderman is not really a big deal on here.

    It's a PS exclisive which is likely to review very well...it will be marketed the shit out of.

    Also everyone is aware how big Marvel is right now yeah? Comparing it to past games is not really fair. Calling the upcoming game niche is absolutely ludicrous. It will sell 5 times what Tomb Raider sells.

    That's not me putting down TR either as I think it looks great.
  25. bombshell


    See you when Spider-Man beats the God of War first month 5 million sales Sony record?
  26. Angie22


    I don't think he is saying anything controversial.
    TR will find their audience, just like Spider-Man and Spyro.

    Plus October is way more packed.
  27. chobel


    R.I.P Spider-Man.
  28. c0de


    People buy PlayStation for a reason! Betray them and you will see what happens, ha!
  29. starbuck2907


    The last two TR games have been great. Therefore, I am buying Tomb Raider. That simple.
  30. everyer


    I think the difference is:

    -We are very clear we are going to get the BEST Spider-Man game.
    -You are not sure if SotTR will be the best TR game.
  31. They're responding to a direct question.
  32. patapon


    Something tells me you won't see him ;)
  33. Yazuka


    With Dragon Quest XI, Spider-Man and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna: The Golden Country coming out in September it's already packed for me.
    So Tomb Raider will have to wait.
  34. Mr. Pointy

    Mr. Pointy

    Like, if both Spiderman and SotTR land very similar Metacritics, the NPD for that month is going to be a slobberknocker.

    I'm definitely getting Spiderman because it looks like genuine fun, and I'm on the fence about Tomb Raider because, to me, the reboot TR games have been mechanically good, but lacking personality.
  35. Ruslnis


    Sales threads are gonna be fun

    Dunno about Spider-Man outselling SoTR but it can happen if it reviews well enough.
  36. IvanSlavkov


    I laughed so hard that even when my brother in law, who is that not into gaming laughed, when i explained in detail. So i guess, thank you!
  37. BoxManLocke


    This. I think a summer release would've helped it a lot more. Unless it ends up being a masterpiece, it's just going to get drowned in the tide of holiday releases.

    I have no doubt the game will have legs but this feels like another shit decision following Rise's launch debacle.
  38. Rocco


    Not sure why you quoted me to say this? I said it would be successful.

    But for context, Smash will completely blow Spiderman away on a much smaller install base. Let's just stop pretending a "Sony exclusive sales record" is anything earth shattering.
  39. Nimby


    Spider-Man will most likely be another breakout hit for Sony, don't see why not. So by virtue, I think it is extremely likely it will outsell Shadow.

    It's not a competition though, stop caring about that shit.
  40. Femto0


    I remember that was cd that approuched ms for the timed exclusive but maybe i remember wrong
    On topic I think spiderman will hurt the tomb raider ps4 sales many are underestimate the appeal of spidey
  41. Marble


    Yup, I'm ignoring TR because of Spider-Man, while TR normally would be a day one purchase for me.
  42. Golvellius


    It is released on Switch later. If no one buys it for PS4, there is more potential buyers on Switch later.
  43. bombshell


    You did, but you surrounded it with a whole sea of downplaying sentences. We already know from Benji who said it's tracking ahead of God of War that, unless it bombs in reviews, successful is understating it.

    Edit: To your edit: lol
  44. dbcyber


    Only getting Spiderman next month. Way too excited to play it. Lara will definitely do better on other platforms than PS4.
  45. Rocco


    Yea, downplayed it. So what? I dont have to worship at the altar of Spider Man PS4. Like WTF lol? Maybe try engaging, instead of childishly dismissing my completely rational and supported opinion on the topic.

    Yea, I also edited my post to provide context. And?

    Do you have actual things to say?
  46. Ryna


    Square Enix releasing Dragon Quest 11, Life is Strange 2, Tomb Raider, and World Ends with You all within 40 days is a bit crazy. I wonder how they'll do.

    I'm sure LIS2 won't find any trouble, But I hope DQ11 doesn't bomb.
  47. Jeffrey Guang

    Jeffrey Guang

    People need to stop holding grudge on Tomb Raider. I don't understand why some want to see it fail so much.
  48. bombshell


    Calm down. You just shrugged at 5 million first month sales for a platform exclusive, like that is a regular occurrence... so whatever lol
  49. Rocco


    So, no. Thanks :)
  50. Henrik


    Activision didn't market Spiderman games in the same way as they do with COD games. This has now Sony's marketing behind it and it's developed by a great studio.