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Tonight, Joel McHale makes a triumphant return to The Game Awards

Oct 27, 2017
Joel was rude, a douche and a made a mockery of a show Geoff spent a year making. He should stay away.
I'm okay with him being rude and douchy though, he should be welcomed.

With more time to prepare and an actual budget to work with I think they can do something great.

Also, Jade Raymond should co-host and announce her new Splinter Cell game.
Oct 25, 2017
I thought this was created to distance itself from the terrible Video Game awards on Spike tv years ago. But this is slowly crawling back to that same level of unnecessary pandering to outsiders.
Talking about spoooooky "outsiders" while this is the same show that had a mascot for a razor company integrated into it.
Oct 27, 2017
Joel McHale respresented the attitude I wish the world didn't have on video games. I thought Joel was funny but it definitely wasn't why I was watching the show. It turned that first show into a lot of mocking of video games rather than celebrating the game industry and it's achievements which is what I think Geoff was going for.

That is not to say the Joel + Geoff debacle was not extremely entertaining, I'm just glad that the Game Awards have come so far from what that was.
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