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Toonami |JanFeb19| (She's broly)

Oct 25, 2017
*remembers the 2nd season of Kakegurui started last week*

hell yeah

*remembers Netflix has the rights*

.........oh, right......

Meanwhile, my friend already invited like 5 people to The Movie Dragon Ball 超 Super Broly (that's how I read it based on the poster), and considering this is the first time my theater is actually promoting this kinda event (we got that GitS Rise movie, but it didn't seem to do well) since I'm told they don't do well here, it'll be interesting to see how big the audience will be. Always figured a Dragon Ball event would do well since I live in a college town.

Hey, speaking of DB movies & posters, if I were to acquire the poster to the new DBS film, would anyone want it? We can take home movie posters, we just gotta claim them or pay for them & I would imagine I might be able to take home the DB Super one easily if I asked. I'd only ask that shipping be taken care of, but the poster
Oct 25, 2017
i only want posters of good movies & franchises.

Nah, figured one of you guys would want it much more. But let me ask the location manager next time I see him, someone else might've claimed it.
Oct 25, 2017
OG Dragon Ball = actually like it, I feel like Toriyama is a better comedian than he is a story teller
DBZ (Kai) = I'd explain in detail, but it'd take 398 episodes for me to power up then another 238 to fully type it all out how much I don't like the pacing & repetitiveness
Super = Eeeh, it's fine. I'm liking how there's more humor allowed but I'm still not digging how repetitive the fights feel, despite the pacing being much better than Z for the most part.

Bare in mind that I actually never sat down & watched Z until Kai aired on Toonami, so I've already seen/read other shonen like MHA, Jojo, a decent amount of HxH, One Piece, Assassination Classroom, Medaka Box, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Zatch Bell, & what not.
Oct 25, 2017
why not cell

or hell, why not frieza AND cell

like tien is gonna be of any help
The actual reason is that Cell isn’t very popular in Japan.

If you really want a serious answer, Cell might have already been purified and reincarnated. It’s mentioned that the process is taking unusually long with Frieza, because of how insanely stubborn he is.
Oct 25, 2017
This entire arc might be worth it if the last episode consists of everyone returning home & Yamcha is STILL waiting for his invitation, only for them to be all "what? No. Dude, the tournament's over"
Oct 25, 2017
Played the RE2 demo. Skipped cutscenes, because I just wanted to spend time feeling up the controls.

Controls beautifully. The gore tech looks great.

Really looking forward to playing the whole game.
Oct 25, 2017
Frieza does have a pretty fun dynamic with Goku and gang.

There's a couple great character moments coming up.

I'm particularly fond of
Vegeta struggling to tell Trunks Frieza is "good guy."
I'm just ready for a certain scene to be dubbed.
*My hand slipped*
Probably one of my favorite reoccurring Super gags besides Yamcha's being utterly useless and King Kai still being dead.