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Toonami |MayJun19| Jiren has the sharingan

Oct 25, 2017
Ribrianne is Buu without the subversive strength to contrast against her silly design
Remember when she was going toe to toe with SS Vegeta and then cut her getting destroyed by base Vegeta

She's literally just a nuisance to important characters she doesn't present any real challenges besides them not just going God and blasting her off because Stamina
Reminder: Blue Flag is so damn good & holy shit, I can't believe this is a Shonen Jump series tackling such emotional topics.
still hoping it gets an anime.

Sad it doesnt sell well and continues to show KAITO just seems unable to find an good buying audience to them themselves in the ranks of high selling JUMP affiliated series where it belongs. Where Worlds End Harem on the same JUMP+ platform gets 120K+ a volume, on oricon, BLue Flag struggles to grow beyond a mere 20K. Shameful.