Top 20 Most Played Switch Games of 2017 in North America (according to Nintendo)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Neoxon, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Neoxon

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    Nintendo just put up a newsletter on the Switch's News section talking about the most played games of 2017 in North America. For reference, they are...
    1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    2. Super Mario Odyssey
    3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    4. Splatoon 2
    5. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition
    6. Stardew Valley
    7. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
    8. ARMS
    9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    10. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
    11. NBA 2K18
    12. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switch
    13. Fire Emblem Warriors
    14. Lego City Undercover
    15. Sonic Mania
    16. Pokkén Tournament DX
    17. 1-2-Switch
    18. FIFA 18
    19. Disgaea 5 Complete
    20. Rocket League
    And of course, here are the images.
    Source: Nintendo News (via the Switch's News section)
  2. bmdubya

    bmdubya Member

    It's awesome to see Stardew up that high!
  3. #3
    How many parties are people going to where they're taking 1, 2 Switch out?
  4. Snake Eater

    Snake Eater Member

    Seems right, when I do see a switch in public it’s usually Zelda I see being played
  5. Mr Swine

    Mr Swine Member

    Sad to see no Doom on that list but i’m glad that Skyrim made it!
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    I suspect Minecraft to be always top 10 seller on the systems
  7. Ridley327

    Ridley327 Member

    Seeing BoI so high confirms that Nicalis was really damn smart for getting in on the Switch so early on.
  8. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    I feel like I alone caused Skyrim and Binding of Isaac to be that high (closing in on 200h for both).
  9. psychowave

    psychowave Member

    Interesting, I would've expected Binding of Isaac to be lower and Rocket League to be higher. Very happy to see Stardew Valley up there with 1st party games and Minecraft.
  10. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    It's interesting to compare this to the best-sellers list they released a few weeks ago.
  11. Ex-Actarus

    Ex-Actarus Member

    No surprise there. Maybe NBA 2K18, I didn’t expect it that high.

    Also the lack of Doom is not a good sign saleswise.
  12. Toxi

    Toxi Member

    Shocked at Rocket League being so low.
    Doom is a 20 hour linear single-player one-and-done campaign. So it's gonna rank lower on this sort of list.
  13. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

    Rocket League is 20? What?
  14. Donizetty

    Donizetty Member

    It's sad that Xenoblade 2 isn't there :(
    I'm happy for FEW tho.
  15. TripaSeca

    TripaSeca Member

    Oh FIFA lost that 17th place to 1,2 Switch.
    So much for the "greatest portable FIFA ever"
    I hope that won't discourage the announcement of my sweet PES 2019 Switch
  16. brambles13

    brambles13 Member

    Awesome to see Stardew doing so well. Sonic being top 20 is nice too.
  17. Escalario

    Escalario Member

    Nice seeing Disgaea 5 on there. I hope NIS ports 1-4 for Switch in the next couple of years.
  18. PCPace

    PCPace Member

    Rocket league came out later in the year
  19. foxuzamaki

    foxuzamaki Member

    Looking over and try I f to find Xenoblade
  20. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    Keep in mind this is for the full year, and RL just launched a month and a half ago. Skyrim is just up there because it's Skyrim. Enormous game.
  21. Zalman

    Zalman Member

    The biggest surprise to me here is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 being so high.
  22. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member Original Poster

    To be fair, Xenoblade 2 came out near the end of 2017.
  23. linkman26

    linkman26 Member

    Surprised not to see DOOM on there.

    Been playing multi-player every day since release and always find people online.
  24. TripaSeca

    TripaSeca Member

    I guess this list is of hours played so Rocket league has the disadvantage of being more recent...
  25. skullwaker

    skullwaker Member

    It's really interesting to see the inclusion of FE Warriors, Disgaea 5 and Dragon Ball XV2 considering their absence from the best sellers list released a couple weeks ago.

    Skyrim already being that high is pretty damn impressive considering it's the most recent game to release, at least I think so.
  26. Enforced

    Enforced Member

    I expected Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being the top. Nice to see ARMS is on 8.
  27. Garf02

    Garf02 Member

    >Above FIFA 18
    and everything is right in the world
  28. Wamb0wneD

    Wamb0wneD Member

    Even then the game is addicting and multiplayer with a strong fanbase. Well, let's see how it pans out.
  29. psychowave

    psychowave Member

    I suppose the people who buy those games are the kind of "core" gamers who would play them for many, many hours.
  30. Kangi

    Kangi Member

    Surprised people managed to clock that many hours into 1-2-Switch. Unsurprised by Stardew Valley.
  31. Lunar15

    Lunar15 Member

    Very curious to see the actual numbers: What's the dropoff?
  32. Burdmayn

    Burdmayn Member

    I'm really surprised to see Mario Odyssey so high on the list! I put 45 hours in to complete everything, but I wouldn't think that'd mean so much in the long run. Especially compared to an "evergreen" game like MK8D that came out much earlier in the year.

    I guess a ton of people got a Switch with Mario for the holiday!
  33. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member Original Poster

    Yeah, it's good to see ARMS in the Top 10.
  34. Donizetty

    Donizetty Member

    I know, but Rocket League is in the same situation and it did rank
  35. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member Original Poster

    Yeah, at the very bottom. If you couple that with the fact that JRPGs are a niche genre in general, you can understand how Xenoblade 2 didn't rank in the Top 20 for 2017.
  36. Zedark

    Zedark Member

    Can't say doom missing is that big of a surprise to me: it released only a month and a half ago, compared to other games being out for multiple months, and it also is a short experience for the most part, so that limits it in this list ranking.
    Rocket League is 40 million unit franchise, though. It has probably a lot more units.
  37. skittzo0413

    skittzo0413 Member

    It likely sold a lot, lot more than Xenoblade 2. Skyrim also probably sold way more.
  38. Papaya

    Papaya Member

    Not surprised at all to see Splatoon and Zelda so high. I have atleast 6 friends with +200 hours in either. 1 of each has 400 plus :0
  39. Zedark

    Zedark Member

    ARMS number is probably quite good, but I'm positive half of that number comes from GoreMagala
  40. Heartskips

    Heartskips Member

    Puyo Puyo Tetris demo was robbed.
  41. Aigis

    Aigis Member

    1-2-switch is criminally low
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    Binding of Isaac up there. Great timing getting it out early.
  43. Kangi

    Kangi Member

    I'm pretty sure that's actually my #3 behind Stardew and Zelda.
  44. Neoxon

    Neoxon Community Resettler Member Original Poster

    I'm not gonna lie, I actually did play the shit out of that demo early in the Switch's life.
  45. IrishNinja

    IrishNinja Member

  46. skullwaker

    skullwaker Member


    Also curious that Bomberman isn't listed here, despite being a launch title (and one that sold quite well last we heard).
  47. Gotdatmoney

    Gotdatmoney Member

    If you looked at their best seller list Xenoblade 2 was on it. That basically says it didn't have enough time to accumulate hours. Which is to say it came out too late. Lots of games on that list sold less than it.
  48. Mediking

    Mediking Member

    All great games.

    Xenoverse 2 on Switch was so addicting. Lol
  49. Argot

    Argot Member

    Couple of thoughts:
    -Pretty good results for NBA. Wonder if the disparity between it and FIFA is just based of success of both franchises in NA + release timing or whether it indicates Switch owners are willing to take a hit on performance to maintain feature parity.
    -Very good result for Sonic Mania considering it isn't going to be a 100+ hour timesink for most people like a lot of the examples provided
  50. LegendofLex

    LegendofLex Member

    It's an incredibly good thing that the two high-profile sports games on Switch both charted here.