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Trail-blazing Star Trek writer DC Fontana has passed away


Oct 25, 2017
according to memory alpha these are her episode credits:
Mar 5, 2019
I just found this out and I'm kind of bummed that this hasn't had much attention. She's an important part of what made Star Trek great.


Oct 25, 2017
RIP. In may ways she was a real life Peggy Olson, starting out a secretary and finding herself given a chance to write on a whim, and thriving on it.

Though I have to say it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to see the official Roddenberry account mentioned here, considering Gene treated her like complete shit on TNG. He was putting his name on her scripts, and even asking her to rip off TOS episodes without her or the original writer getting credit. When she started speaking up she was punished by having her office moved to a small utility room with a loud fan. She eventually left the show, and had to go through Writer's Guild arbitration to get any credit for her work.