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Trials of Mana PS4/Switch/PC (2020) and Mana Collection Switch announced


Oct 26, 2017
And FYI Dragon Quest sold way better on ps4 and PC than it did on Switch. So the switch isn't gonna save Mana.
On PS4 yes because it launched years earlier. And no, DQXI did far worse on PC than Switch globally.

Meanwhile DQ Builders 2 launch simultaneously on Switch and PS4 and sold more on Switch. As do most Japanese multiplats at this point globally, Trials most likely will as well.

Astro Cat

Mar 29, 2019
Trials looks amazing. I just wish I could finish it in the collection. I’m at the very end but having a helluva time finding those shrines again. It’s times like this I really wish they would’ve included a better map and some QOL improvements.