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Trueachievements: Xbox Top 40 Gameplay chart - Apex Legends enters at #1, Shadow of the Tomb Raider re-enters in top 20 because of Gamepass

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Oct 27, 2017

Apex Legends took the chart by storm this week to land comfortably in the top spot, and by "comfortably" we mean more than doubling the amount of players for the #2 title Fortnite. It's the most impressive debut we've ever seen, and is quite unlikely to be matched anytime soon. In fact, the Apex Legends effect even encouraged players to try out the developer's previous title, Titanfall 2, which makes its own debut in the chart in #37.

Most of the titles this week either stayed firm or made small movements in the chart. The more notable movers and shakers can once again be found near the bottom, though. The arrival of crossover content between Monster Hunter: World and The Witcher 3 saw the former climb eight spots to #27. On the other hand, now that players have tried it out and new-game-fever has worn off, Realm Royale drops 13 spots to #24. Mortal Kombat X drops eight spots to #35 now that it's two months since the games introduction on Xbox Game Pass, while For Honor drops seven places to #39 now that players have gotten used to the new content introduced with the Year of the Harbinger.

The only other new entry of the week comes in the form of the second Xbox 360 title to ever feature on the chart: Assassin's Creed Rogue. The game's introduction into Games with Gold means it just clips into the chart at #40. However, Shadow of the Tomb Raider makes an impressive re-entry into the chart at #20 after debuting on Xbox Game Pass last week, while Forza Motorsport 7 re-enters at the bottom of the chart despite only a small change in player numbers. No other Xbox Game Pass titles hit the chart.
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