Trump admins new report to Congress about Soleimani killing contradicts the previously used "imminent attack" assertion


Oct 26, 2017
whats the point at this stage, hemight as well go out executing people, nobody cares (in the Republican party) and nobody will stop him! i'm honesty sure Romney will be arrested along with Democrats in the next month or so and nobody will give a shit because their party is winning!

At this stage the nly hope is that a democrat wins the election and then just uses the new set of rules drawn up by McConnell and the Reps and just arrests a shit load of them (and deports them past their wall)

Its just depressing now whats going on with the world

Lord of Ostia

Oct 27, 2017
As a matter of fact, that wasn't my opinion and you are reading way more into it in a very different sense than I had intended. Which may be my fault, in part, but I will give you the gist of the argument for clarity's sake.

I believe comparing atrocities can become a no-win scenario, because the victims of one culprit will not feel any better upon pointing out that someone else was responsible for another set of suffering.

The United States has been involved in many terrible events that deserve their own condemnations and consequences. That is fair to say. It doesn't take anything away from the responsibilities attributed to this person, who also hurt people that were neither American nor European, so the ethnocentric reading you've criticized was never part of my reaction.
Fair enough.