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Trump is speaking in Atlanta this afternoon; launching "Black Voices For Trump" coalition


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
As a resident of Atlanta I feel like this doesn't represent the people here.

Just sayin.


Community Resettler
Oct 25, 2017
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Trump and his campaign is delusional if both can think they can get a lot of black Americans to vote for Trump in 2020:

Carl Dix, of the group Refuse Fascism, said he thought the launch was aimed at trying to send a message to Trump’s white supporters that he’s “not a racist. ‘I’ve got black friends.’”

In 2016, 6% of black voters supported Trump, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of people who participated in its polls and were confirmed to have voted. There is no indication his support is growing. Polling shows that African Americans continue to be overwhelmingly negative in their assessments of the president’s performance, with his approval hovering around 1 in 10 over the course of his presidency, according to Gallup.

Yet Trump’s campaign dismissed the numbers, insisting the campaign has seen favorable movement and arguing the president can increase his margins with black voters
by bringing new people into the fold.

“The polls have never been favorable for Trump, and the only poll that matters is on Election Day,” said senior campaign adviser Katrina Pierson.

Trump also worked to demonize the Democratic Party.

“For decades, the Democrats have taken African American voters totally for granted,” Trump said claiming, “They didn’t do anything for you.”

“The betrayal of the black community” by Democrats is “unbelievable,” he told them, adding, “It’s amazing you’ve stayed so long, to be honest.”

Trump also tried to pit the black community against immigrants, saying Democrats care more for people who have entered the U.S. illegally than African Americans. He wrongly claimed that Democrats had shut down the government last year to secure benefits for illegal immigrants and said they have never done anything similar for the African American community.

A September AP-NORC poll found that only roughly 3 in 10 Americans say the things Trump has done as president have been good for African Americans. And just 4% of African Americans said they think Trump’s actions have had a positive impact on African Americans in general, while 81% said they think they’ve been bad.

¡ B 0 0 P !

Apr 4, 2019
Greater Toronto Area
This isn't about getting Black people to vote for him. It's about persuading moderates of other races, especially White people, that Trump isn't a racist. That's it's all exaggerations from the mean Democrats. That it's okay to vote for him. No one has to know.

I doubt it will work considering the 2018 midterms and many by elections and state elections have shown how widespread Trump is hated. Even among moderate suburban types. The Karens of the world are not impressed with Trump. The only way Trump and the GOP can turn things around is if Trump transformed into a completely different person.


Oct 25, 2017
Not only is that audience small but most of it is white people/press.

Also I think that’s the Blacks for Trump literal cult group.
yup yup, that's Michael the Black Man and his buddies. The lady next to him in OP's first pic is wearing a hat embroidered with Yahweh ben Yahweh, who was the leader of their murder cult



Oct 25, 2017
so my photographer's mind is telling me that those people in the first picture were probably the largest group of black people present?

and they're all part of that previously known 'Blacks for Trump' group anyway?


Oct 25, 2017
Trump and his campaign is delusional if both can think they can get a lot of black Americans to vote for Trump in 2020:
Reminder that Trump has been firing pollsters who bring him bad news.

Romney did the same thing in 2012. Bought into the “unskewed polls” narrative hook, line and sinker and found pollsters who would cook the results for him so he could brag on Election Day that he was ahead in Minnesota and shit.


Oct 25, 2017
This fucking POS made me sit in even worse than normal horrible ATL traffic for nearly 3 hours.

Get the fuck out of our city. No one wants you here.


Oct 25, 2017
These pictures of white people wearing "blacks for trump" shirts weirdly reminded me of when I was a little kid. My parents were explaining to me that I'm white and I was just looking at my crayons confused and kept saying "but I'm not white, I'm French vanilla".


Oct 30, 2017
tbh trying to pit African Americans versus new arrivals isn’t the worst strat

It’s pure evil but it’s better than pretending the GOP is worth a damn to them.


Nov 15, 2017
ATL-Era, gonna be a fun time for us getting home from work.

Starts in about an hour at the Georgia World Congress Center

So far shaping up as you'd expect

Onion flipping a table seeing this... What timeline is this....

Looking forward seeing them at the upcoming "Trans for Trump" rally.
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Nov 14, 2017
Kind of telling that he would start a "Blacks for Trump" group instead of a "GOP black outreach" group.

It's not about what he can do for any citizen, it's about what we can do for him.