1. 4859


    No man. There aren't.

    If theyre still sitting on the fence, it' because they hope Trump culture is going to win, and they'l be free to go full shitstain...

    But are pretending to be a independents or fence sitters, so they can hedge they're bets if it doesn't.
  2. cakely


    This is fucking mental. He has to know how mental this is, right?

  3. MIMIC


  4. jelly


    You know what he think of his son, it was Bannon or another one but his fatherly love when he was showing the new baby off "He is a killer, look at him". I imagine Fred was much the same to Trump and that's why he has no empathy whatsoever, kill or be killed you lazy baby!
  5. Jmdajr


  6. norm9

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    Baby Donnie survived the ordeal with the wolves in 300 and that's why he's unstoppable now.
  7. It's even crazier when you take into account that Donald Jr. exists. The dude is so egotistical that one commemorative name among his children wasn't enough, he had to El Barto that shit too!
  8. Username1198


    Damn the 3 different times I’ve tuned into a news channel, the story is about these tapes. This is hilarious, because you know he is seething over this! These tapes are a direct dick punch to him ahahaha
  9. NinjaScooter


    Even George Costanza wasn't going to do that.
  10. This article is incredible lmao.
    It's hilarious how he basically made such a stink about this to get himself on the forbes 400 list so that he could actually get the ridiculous loans to actually make some of his actual wealth later on.

    On some level when you look at the real numbers it's kind of impressive that he basically bullshitted himself from 5 million to 250 million, while sitting there screaming about how he was worth billions.
  11. Lurkyseas

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    He may have gotten a lot of people fooled before during the 2016 campaign & the election, but he won't be getting away with it so easily in the 2020 election.
  12. Cookie


    He will forever be a President of the United States, that can never be taken away from him. He already won.
  13. Lurkyseas

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    I wouldn't count on that. He only won by a small margin. And one of the very reasons is that 57% of people stayed inside their homes/apartments & didn't go out to vote against Trump.

    That won't be happening within the 2020 election. There are a majority of sane people in this country that wants Trump out & to have a real, normal presidency again.
  14. AndyD


    It's not about him, it'a about the nation. If we can strengthen our democracy over his antics, that's what matters. We've have plenty of imperfect presidents and politicians.
  15. Cookie


    That’s irrelevant. He is and always will be a president of the US. Second term or not.

    That doesn’t matter to him.
  16. Shoeless


    Maybe the next big thing is going to be President Alex Jones. Considering the way Republicans are going, I can see him being a viable candidate in a few years. The right has really gone off the deep end in terms of what's true and what's not.
  17. Version 3.0

    Version 3.0

    If he is impeached and removed, it'll have an asterisk next to it larger than the accomplishment itself. Especially if it is due to trying to rig the election.

    ...too bad that won't happen. :(
  18. SugarNoodles


    Didn’t work out so well for Nixon.
  19. Imperfected


    Still can't tell if he's a legitimate psychopath or a five year old.
  20. NinjaScooter


    He will easily go down in history as the most hated, most incompetent, least respected and least qualified President in history. If he wants to take that as a win (which a guy with his ego? I highly doubt it), he can go right ahead.
  21. MrRob


    Nah man that isn't true. I know it's easier to put people in the neat little boxes but it doesn't make it true. There are plenty of ' life long Republican voters that either couldn't stomach Donnie enough to vote for him or did hold their nose long enough to be able to check his box and are no very regretful of their choice. To say there aren't any independents because you want to believe that they are all racist trash waiting and hoping Donnie's brand of racism takes hold is pretty narrow-minded. By continually reminding these folks that Trump and his cronies are lying criminals it helps continue to drive them away from the Republican party they thought they identified with.

    Same goes with typical Democratic voters that couldn't stomach Hillary. Though they likely need less of a reminder what a shit stain Donnie is.
  22. Tesseract

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    LOL, absolute mad man


    nixon did a lot of great things, and a lot of really bad things

    he'll always be the voice of the resistance
  23. 4859


    And why aren't they capable of doing that on their own?
  24. enzo_gt


    Nah. Mental is the new normal.

    A recent tweet that summarized Trump-era phenomena quite well, I feel:

  25. SupremeWu


    I read this this morning and in the back of my head I kept thinking this is Bezos shooting back where it hurts most, in the ego.

    (I dont actually think Bezos would use WaPo that way but it was a fun thought)
  26. Crimson-Death


    It's true that he has inherited everything in his selfish, sinful life, the power, the money, the connections. It helped him start out and weather out his failures and bankruptcies without paying a price, but instead having others pay it for him. But I am thinking of the overall picture now.
    He finagled and hoodwinked his way into the Presidency, his shtick and lying served him well enough to have enough voters in the right places to win the electorate. We didn't think it was going to work, but it did on the wrong kinds of people. And now we have to put up with his shtick everyday until the day he dies.
  27. MrRob


    Why shouldn't we recruit new Democrats capable of critical thought? I agree and have even posted in this very thread that most and like ALL GOP voters are beyond reaching and reasoning with wand we need to quit trying or caring abt what they think but those that are disenfranchised with the GOP can be won.
  28. Angry Grimace

    Angry Grimace

    I mean Trump was famous even back then. How did he not see through it?
  29. louiedog


    In the early 80s he may have been much more read about than heard and seen so his voice and mannerisms weren't yet burned into people's brains. A NYC businessman probably wasn't on CNN all day and there were no internet clips.
  30. Just wanted to say this was a fantastic post. You describe him and his die-hard supporters to a tee.
  31. Phonomezer


    • User Banned (3 Weeks): Calling for assassination, trolling hangout threads, long history of infractions.
    How has this obese ogre not been eliminated yet. Do the world a favour America, you love guns so put them to use.
  32. Marvie


    Trump is such a fucking joke
  33. I would edit that shit reaaaallll quick.
  34. Bleepey

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    He expressed reticence to name a child after himself lest his child be "a loser". I'll let you decide if indeed that bit up
  35. Slappy White

    Slappy White

    I wonder if deep down inside Donald even has the slightest idea what is true about himself or the world around him or is everything such a lie that it’s just impossible to tell. I don’t know that there is anyone who’s ever lived that is quite like Trump.
  36. 4859


    Guy, if they were capable of critical thought, they wouldn't still be sitting on the fence. They are either shit their own pants stupid or pretending to be stupid.

    Anyone disenfranchised with the gop who could be won, already turned against this shit of their own accord.
  37. Llazy

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    ok I know ya'll hate trump on here but really this is a bit much
  38. Strike


    He was always like this. New York and Jersey tried to warn us.
  39. Khanimus


    One for the history books...
  40. Aselith


    Well, of course he's going to name his kid after the man that got him on the Forbes 400
  41. Bluelote


    and he lies denying it's him... this and the John Miller one are extremely obvious that is him...
  42. Haunted



    Another embarrassing L.
  43. Jzeero


    What a sad piece of shitty human
  44. It's kind of sad really I pity him. Everything he does is "the best", everything he has is bigger and better, his whole family are geniuses, every women wants to sleep with him. He clearly has issues, maybe his parents treated him like shit and told him he was nothing, that kind of stuff can scar a kid for life. At 36 I still have issues that were caused by shitty parenting.
  45. Razorrin


    it would be depressing if he wasn't so blatantly dangerous, and hadn't ruined so many lives.

    Check out the two parter episode on him from the Dollop, it illuminates a bunch of the reasons for his behavior, and has a lot of funny jokes!

    "Are you doing it to his Knushk!?"
  46. El-Suave


    So judging from the recycled code name might we find his secret child if we look for "David Denni" since he used "David Dennison" for the Stormy hush money?
  47. Coyote Starrk

    Coyote Starrk

    I am not even fucking kidding you right now my real life name is John Miller.

    I shit you not.
  48. TheEnd


    Mentally ill people tend to be oblivious to their mental illness most of the time.
  49. phantomx

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    cree pee tape is real
  50. Spiritual_Chaos

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    How can a person be this much of a cartoon character.