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Trump minimizes assassination attempts against Democratic figures, puts "quotes" around bomb

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Oct 28, 2017
Terrible over-reaction with that ban. Give him a warn or a couple of days at most. Unless he has previous, nothing is served by a permaban for a bit of an overstep on the comedy/frustration front.

It’s okay to be seen to row back, mods. No shame in doing the right thing.
Oct 25, 2017
it is for the best to err on the side of caution when it comes to threats

there might be false positives, but it us better to be safe then possibly end up like those right-wing communities that keep letting more and more slide as they degrade to toxicity - we're better than that

a perma-ban might be a bit much, but it's not my place to decide that

i am furious too! i think the media is far too lenient with these terrorist-cultivating bastards too! but there are some lines to be careful about


Don't worry I'm on the case
Oct 24, 2017

Since this thing has had a colossal derail and doesn't seem like it can recover, we're locking this.

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