Trump: "TREASON?"

Discussion in 'EtcetEra' started by BWoog, Sep 5, 2018.

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  1. Flabber


    Not sure if you're British, but as a Brit myself this doesn't ring true to me, people like Tommy Robinson, the EDL and Britain First are all about hating Muslims first and foremost.
  2. O-Zips


    Don't play dumb. I know being an idiot is all the rage now for people who support the rise of fascism, but I would at least hope you understand your own words well enough to see what they imply.
  3. Lord British

    Lord British

    Supporting the current administration in the United States of America makes you alt-right, yeah. Standing beside Trump is standing beside transphobia, misogyny, sexual assault and racism, to name a few.

    From what I've observed, in America the distinction between "conservative" and "alt-right" isn't meaningful.
  4. BowieZ


    The problem with your argument is that the only segment of the political right that’s actually “rising” around the world is the far-right/alt-right.

    Not conservatism. But rather, reactionary, regressive ethnic nationalism and dangerous elements of fascism.

    This is not something to gloat about unless you either don’t appreciate the distinction between the two, or you identify strongly yourself with this backwards-thinking blight.
  5. acheron_xl


    So convenient when the people I should want to ignore really announce such.
  6. iapetus


    The moderate right isn't rising. It's being consumed from both ends.
  7. jroc74



    Then the book was supposed to be fabrications. Everything since....sure doesn't seem like it...

    He either doesn't have a PR person, or he's just that stupid. Or maybe the PR person just sucks at their job.
  8. Spine Crawler

    Spine Crawler

    Kellyane and Sarah? Well...
  9. Dirt McGirt

    Dirt McGirt

    We will, as usual, fuck you guys up.

    Violently if necessary. Not because we want to but because you force the world to. Because whenever you people rise up it is followed by violence and despair and needs to be fixed by more violence.
  10. Mercury Fred

    Mercury Fred

    I didn't say you were alt right; I was just laughing at you.
  11. Wonderment


    There doesn't seem to be much left to discuss over a one-word tweet, and people are antagonizing each other. This kind of back and forth needs to come to and end, and thus the topic is now closed. Thank you.
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