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Tuesday, November 5th Election Results: Virginia, Kentucky and Mississippi


May 16, 2019
So was this an excellent night for Dems across the country? A good sign for the upcoming presidential and congressional election?
It certainly isn't a bad night. What it means for the Presidential election is harder to know. But not everything is Presidential, winning locally is super important in and of itself.


Oct 28, 2017
Oh boy was wonder how big these elections were and they were a lot bigger than I imagined and I see Kentucky and Virginia flipped blue.

Impressive ERAs of the respective states. Most impressive!

Eat shit, Trump!


Apr 1, 2019
According to the results for Virginia here:

House of Delegates:

Wendy Gooditis (D) wins House District 10.
Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D) wins House District 21.
Josh Cole (D) wins House District 28.
Dan Helmer (D) wins House District 40.
Lee Carter (D) wins House District 50.
Clinton Jenkins (D) wins House District 76.
Shelly Simonds (D) wins House District 94.
Kirk Cox (R) wins House District 66.

Senate Districts:

Jen Kiggans (R) wins Senate District 7.
William DeSteph (R) wins Senate District 8.
Amanda Chase (R) wins Senate District 11.
Bryce Reeves (R) wins Senate District 17.
Richard Stuart (R) wind Senate District 28.
Ghazala Hashmi (D) wins Senate District 10.
John Bell (D) wins Senate District 13.
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Oct 27, 2017

Tim Fullerton @TimFullerton

Chris Hurst’s girlfriend Allison Parker was the reporter shot and killed on live TV in 2015. He was moved to run for office to enact stronger gun laws.

With Democrats close to taking control in Virginia tonight - he will most likely see his wish come true. https://twitter.com/chaznuttycombe/status/1191897829784064001 …

9:23 PM - Nov 5, 2019 · Brooklyn, NY
I still remember when this happened. Glad he was able to channel his emotions into working for the people and helping keep these things from happening again.


The Fallen
Oct 26, 2017

Daniel Desrochers @drdesrochers

Bevin: "Would it be a Bevin race if it wasn't a squeaker? This is a close, close race. We are not conceding."

"We know for a fact that there have been a few irregularities." Says they will be determined by law that has been established.

"We want the process to be followed, the process will be followed and in the end we will have the governor chosen by the people of Kentucky.... no matter who it is, the people will know with confidence who was chosen."

"This isn't a political issue as much as it's an integrity issue, a following of the process issue."

"Whoever your next governor is, and we truly don't know who it is right now."

Bevin has said process like 10 times.

10:03 PM - Nov 5, 2019


Oct 25, 2017
your last location.
MS is extremely rural. Can throw a rock down the road at any city and it would land in the countryside. Probably going to be the last state to go red.

If my family business was not here I would move somewhere more blue.

GoldenEye 007

Roll Tide, Y'all!
Oct 25, 2017
Eh.... ERA seems extremely shaky with a lot of the legislatures including dates in their ratification that have long passed.


Oct 25, 2017
Ok so moving on, MS is pretty much a guaranteed loss or who knows?
Yes. Since MS has an electoral college-like rule where you also have to win the majority of districts so unless most of the remaining votes go all Hood, it probably isn't enough to turn over enough districts. It could certainly swing the other way, but it isn't likely. For a court challenge (on that rule), he'd need a significant lead over Reeves

Edit: Misread the washington post page and thought a lot more of it was done.
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