Turkish strikes on Kurdish areas in Syria have already begun.


Oct 25, 2017
the Netherlands
Turkey keeps threatening US troops

U.S. military sends F-15 fighter jets, Apache gunships in "show of force" to disburse Turkish-backed forces who came "very close" to U.S. troops west of Ain Issa, Syria. Turkish-backed fighters “violated a standing agreement" not to threaten American troops: U.S. official. U.S. lodged formal complaint with the Turkish military after the incident through diplomatic channels. The American Special Operations forces were partnered with Syrian Kurdish allies during the encounter which took place a few hours ago, the official added.


Oct 27, 2017
Turkey keeps threatening US troops
It's going to be amazing to hear Trump talking about "Failing American troops! We need Turkey to save us from those Biden lovers!" and Conservatives on Fox talking about heroic Turkey, while American conservatives try to turn "Turkey" into three syllables so they can scream it at Trump rallies and cheer for the death of the liberal military.
Oct 26, 2017
Well this sounds like it's getting worse by the day.

Odds are in a week and a half, Russian and Turkish forces will attack a. Us base. Then USA will redeploy with support from Assad/kurds


Oct 26, 2017
Well this sounds like it's getting worse by the day.
I disagree. I think the Russian intervention is certainly not the worst thing that could've happened since the US decided to suddenly leave. While I am no fan of Russia, at least it prevents a wipeout of the Kurdish forces and population (for now, you may wonder what Assad will do in the long run). Nevertheless, the SDF and SAA were not really actively fighting eachother like the SAA versus the Al Qaeda rebels in Idlib. If they were, there wouldn't have been SAA areas within SDF controlled territory. Now that Russia has closed the airspace, the battle evens out and suddenly the progress of the repulsive jihadi proxies is halted. Erdogan likes to speak with big words, but he seems to have lost his advantage in this operation and will not be able to spin this in his favour. Most nationalist Turks will never admit they lost this one though.


May 29, 2018
Near London UK
Erdogan has just told a Sky News (UK) journalist that he will only discuss a ceasefire with Trump, and nobody else from the White House. Pretty obvious its because Erdogan knows its easy to get what you want from Trump.

What an embarassment. A dangerous embarassment.


The Fallen
Oct 28, 2017
Re: Last page
I think people should not confuse the EU military skill with their force projection. EU doesn't project force (because why would they?) but multiple European nations have very skilled special forces units. Germany is a really good example of this.

Geez, it's like some of you have never read Rainbow Six :)
Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta GA
Tough situation because I really would like Republicans to learn their fucking lesson here but not at the cost of more innocent lives of civilians and troops. How do they think they can backpedal on this? There's the point of no return and there's 2 weeks later of doing absolutely nothing.


Oct 25, 2017
On Tuesday, Erdogan vowed that he would not declare a cease-fire in northeast Syria.

“They say ‘declare a cease-fire.' We will never declare a cease-fire,” Erdogan told reporters after a visit to Azerbaijan.
“They are pressuring us to stop the operation. They are announcing sanctions. Our goal is clear. We are not worried about any sanctions,” he added.

Earlier, when asked by Sky News about meeting an American delegation, Erdogan said through a translator: "I'm not going to talk to them. They will be talking to their counterparts. When Trump comes here, I'll be talking."

Erdogan's communications director, Fahrettin Altun, said afterward that while Erdogan would not be meeting with a U.S. delegation in Ankara on Wednesday, he would meet Pence and Pompeo on Thursday.(...)"