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TV in March 2018 - What are you watching?


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017
New year, new ERA.

I'm trying something new this time around - rather than do a thread that covers 4 months of TV at a time, I'm going to make a new thread each month!

January TV thread
February TV thread

~ Recent Highlights ~

Altered Carbon - Netflix

Queer Eye - Netflix

This Close - Sundance Now

Ugly Delicious - Netflix

Below is a list of new and returning shows for March. I try to cover everything scripted (broadcast, cable, premium, streaming, foreign) as well as some of the more notable unscripted series. If you notice anything missing, just let me know!


Thursday, 1

Section de recherches - TF1 - 21.00

Little Dog - CBC

Gotham - Fox - 8/7c

American Ninja Warrior - NBC - 9/8c

Showtime at the Apollo - Fox - 9/8c

Atlanta Robbin' Season - FX - 10/9c

Friday, 2

B: The Beginning - Netflix

Flint Town - Netflix

Girls Incarcerated - Netflix

MasterChef Junior - Fox - 8/7c

Once Upon a Time - ABC - 8/7c

Saturday, 3

Presten - NRK1

Bad Tutor - Lifetime - 8/7c

Top Gear - BBC America - 10:30/9:30c

Sunday, 4

The Good Fight - CBS All Access

Top Gear - BBC America - 8/7c - Time Period Debut

Mike Tyson Mysteries - Adult Swim - 11:30/10:30c

Monday, 5

Bagani - ABS-CBN

Tuesday, 6

Borderliner - Netflix

Wednesday, 7

Hard Sun - Hulu

Youth & Consequences - YouTube Red

Life Sentence - The CW - 9/8c

Hap and Leonard - Sundance TV - 10/9c

Back - SundanceTV - 11/10c

Thursday, 8

Bad Guys: Vile City - Netflix

Kim Kong - Sundance Now

Marvel's Jessica Jones - Netflix

The Oath - Crackle

Not Going Out - BBC One - 9pm

Still Game - BBC One - 9:30pm

Champions - NBC - 8:30/7:30c

Friday, 9

A.I.C.O. Incarnation - Netflix

Collateral - Netflix

Harrow - ABC Australia

Love - Netflix - Final Season

Nailed It - Netflix

Sneaky Pete - Amazon

The Remix - Amazon

Dynasty - The CW - 8/7c - Time Period Debut

Saturday, 10

Stalked by a Reality Star - Lifetime - 8/7c

Sunday, 11

American Idol - ABC - 8/7c

The Arrangement - E! - 9/8c

The Last Man on Earth - Fox - 9:30/8:30c

Deception - ABC - 10/9c

The Royals - E! - 10/9c

Timeless - NBC - 10/9c

Monday, 12

Nox - Canal+ - 21.00

American Idol - Fox - 8/7c

Mary Kills People - Lifetime - 9/8c

Tuesday, 13

For the People - ABC - 10/9c

Rise - NBC - 10/9c

Thursday, 15

Tabula Rasa - Netflix

Friday, 16

Edha - Netflix

On My Block - Netflix

Wild Wild Country - Netflix

Saturday, 17

Mommy's Little Angel - Lifetime - 8/7c

Sunday, 18

Little Big Shots - NBC - 7/6c

Instinct - CBS - 8/7c

The Midwife's Deception - Lifetime - 8/7c

Genius Junior - NBC - 9/8c

Monday, 19

Epic Warrior Women - Smithsonian - 8/7c

Tuesday, 20

The Standups - Netflix

Shadowhunters - Freeform - 8/7c

Rise - NBC - 9/8c - Time Period Debut

Adam Ruins Everything - Tru TV - 10/9c

Love at First Flight - Lifetime - 10/9c

You Me Her - Audience - 10/9c

The Chris Gethard Show - Tru TV - 11/10c

Wednesday, 21

Face the Wild - Facebook Watch

Krypton - Syfy - 10/9c

Thursday, 22

Innocent - Sundance Now

RuPaul's Drag Race - VH1 - 8/7c

Station 19 - ABC - 9/8c

Friday, 23

Alexa & Katie - Netflix

Requiem - Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

The Mechanism - Netflix

The Rise and the Fall of the Brown Buffalo - PBS - 9/8c

Sunday, 25

Call the Midwife - PBS - 8/7c

My Husband's Secret Life - Lifetime - 8/7c

Billions - Showtime - 10/9c

Silicon Valley - HBO - 10/9c

Trust - FX - 10/9c

Barry - HBO - 10:30/9:30c

Monday, 26

Into the Night - PBS - 9/8c

One Strange Rock - National Geographic - 9/8c

The Terror - AMC - 9/8c

Tuesday, 27

Roseanne - ABC - 8/7c

Independent Lens - PBS - 9/8c

Splitting Up Together - ABC - 9:30/8:30c

Tosh.0 - Comedy Central - 10/9c

The Jim Jefferies Show - Comedy Central - 10:30/9:30c

Wednesday, 28

Empire - Fox - 8/7c

Alex, Inc. - ABC - 8:30/7:30c

Star - Fox - 9/8c

Suits - USA - 9/8c

Ice - Audience - 10/9c

The Americans - FX - 10/9c - Final Season

Thursday, 29

Siren - Freeform - 8/7c

Nobodies - Paramount Network - 10/9c

Scandal - ABC - 10/9c - Time Period Debut

Friday, 30

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Netflix

Rapture - Netflix

The Dangerous Book for Boys - Amazon

Trailer Park Boys - Netflix

Trump: An American Dream - Netflix
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Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017
Little Dog - CBC (March 1)

"Little Dog" is the story of super welterweight boxer Tommy "Little Dog" Ross, and his haphazard quest for redemption. One fateful night five years ago, Tommy betrayed the boxer's code of conduct during a championship bout against Rico "Havoc" St. George – he dropped his gloves in the middle of a round and quit the fight, dumping a promising career down the drain. Tommy has had to live with the fallout of this decision ever since.

Now Tommy has the chance for a rematch and his family isn’t sure what to think. Sure, they all loved lapping up the glory of Tommy’s spotlight – but living in the shadow of his humiliating defeat was more than they could bear. If he fights again, will it bring shame or glory? Tommy’s mother Sylvia, a failed lounge singer, will prove yet again to be Tommy’s true nemesis in his not-quite heroic return to the ruthless world of boxing. Tommy is a broken, would-be champion, trying to survive within an outrageously dysfunctional family. If the training doesn’t break him, his scheming relatives certainly will do their damnedest to finish the job.

B: The Beginning - Netflix (March 2)

In a world powered by advanced technology, crime and action unfold in the archipelagic nation of Cremona. Koku, the protagonist. Keith, the legendary investigator of the royal police force RIS. A mysterious criminal organization. A wide variety of characters race through the fortified city as it is beset by the serial killer, Killer B, and a chain of crimes in this suspense drama by director Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G.

Flint Town - Netflix (March 2)

In the aftermath of the Flint water crisis, Flint Town takes an intimate look at the state of policing in America through the lens of the Flint Police Department. Flint, Mich. is consistently named one of the most violent cities in America and the community is still grappling with the coverup of a citywide water contamination, leading to a massive distrust in law enforcement officials. Over the course of eight episodes, filmmakers embed with the police officers faced with infrastructure issues and decreasing resources as they risk their lives to protect and serve the community, while simultaneously struggling to gain their support.

Girls Incarcerated (March 2)

Fights, friendships, dating, rules. Teenage life is full of drama. But behind bars, the stakes are so much higher.

Bad Tutor - Lifetime (March 3)

Single mom Karen is focused on getting daughter Emily graduated and off to college. But when she hires Devin to boost Emily's grades, the tutor becomes obsessed: Emily is the spitting image of the girl he left behind -- at the bottom of a cliff!

A Lifetime Channel Original Movie.

Bagani - ABS-CBN (March 5)

"Bagani" revolves around the struggle and conflict of five groups: Taga-Patag (farmers), Taga-Laot (fishermen), Taga-Kalakal (traders), Taga-Gubat (forest people), Taga-Disyerto (desert people) in a fantasy world called the Sansinukob.

Borderliner - Netflix (March 6)

To protect his family, a police detective covers up a murder case. But when his partner suspects foul play, he is trapped in a dangerous game on duty.

Hard Sun - Hulu (March 7)

Robert Hicks is a family man and a great, committed copper. He’s also profoundly corrupt. Elaine Renko is difficult and damaged… and utterly incorruptible. Hicks and Renko stand on different ends of the social and moral spectrum. They also seriously distrust one other - and for good reason. But they must somehow learn to work together if they’re going to survive until the end of the world.

From Neil Cross, creator of Luther.

Youth & Consequences - YouTube Red (March 7)

In this new original series from YouTube Red, Anna Akana plays powerful trendsetter Farrah Cutney, the queen of Central Rochester High. But as her rivals rise, Farrah learns that the only thing harder than obtaining absolute power is keeping it.

Life Sentence - The CW (March 7)

The series follows Stella, a girl who has spent the last eight years living like she was dying (because she was). Just like the "manic pixie dream girl" heroines in her favorite sappy cancer movies, Stella traveled the world, faced her darkest fears and found true love on a whirlwind trip to Paris. But when Stella finds out that her cancer has been cured, she is suddenly forced to face the long-term consequences of the "live in the moment" decisions she made, including marrying a total stranger.

Heathers - Paramount (March 7)

"Heathers" is a pitch-black comedy anthology series based on the 80s cult classic film of the same name.

Set in the present day, "good girl" Veronica Sawyer deals with a very different but equally vicious group of 'Heathers.' Heather Chandler is the unconventional leader of this popular high school clique and rules Westerburg High through fear, intimidation and amazing fashion sense. Heather Duke is Heather C's #1 sidekick and harnesses the Heather's power to destroy whoever he views as a total discount hobgoblin. Heather McNamara is considered the nicest Heather in the group who lives in the shadow of the others. She's hiding a dark secret that she doesn't want to be exposed. JD Dean is the new boy in town with a dark side and sets out on a reckless path of destruction proving that no one, even his girlfriend Veronica is safe.

Bad Guys: Vile City - Netflix (March 8)

Woo Je-Moon is a prosecutor at the Seowon District Public Prosecutors' Office. He uses drastic measures to dispense his brand of justice. The chief prosecutor orders him to arrest Jo Young-Kook. Jo Young-Kook is the CEO of Hyunseung Company and a powerful figure in the city. Woo Je-Moon puts together a team to take down Jo Young-Kook. The team consists of Heo Il-Hoo, Jang Sung-Cheol, No Jin-Pyeong and Han Gang-Joo. These men all have their own different reasons in taking part in the team.

Kim Kong - Sundance Now (March 8)

Inspired by a true story, this Sundance Now exclusive three-episode comedic miniseries follows bored French film director Mathieu Stannis, who while filming his latest mindless action movie, is abducted by an Asian dictatorship. The brief from the regime’s Great Leader is simple: shoot his movie – a unique reimagining of King Kong, written by the dictator himself – or they shoot him. Hampered by an inept crew, Cold War-era kit, and the erratic demands of the all-powerful tyrant, Mathieu’s very life now hinges on the success of the film. And what a film it is – a giant gorilla, awakened by the US Government, is turned to the People’s cause by a simple farm girl and the undying flame of socialism.

The Oath - Crackle (March 8)

The 10-episode series explores a world of gangs made up of those sworn to protect and defend and sheds light on corrupt and secret societies that are nearly impossible to join - only a select few make the cut-but once inside, members will do what they must to protect each other from enemies on the outside and from within their own ranks.

Created by Joe Halpin ("Hawaii Five-O," "Secrets and Lies"), who worked as a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputy in South Central for 17 years, 12 of which as an undercover officer, the series takes ?an unforgiving look at the complicated dynamics in these organizations and documents the lives of those willing to risk it all, to have it all.

Champions - NBC (March 8)

Vince, a charismatic gym owner with no ambition, lives with his younger brother Michael, a gorgeous idiot. Their simple life of women and working out is put on hold when the teenage son of Vince is dropped off on their doorstep by Priya, one of his old high school flings.

A.I.C.O. Incarnation (March 9)

In Japan in the year 2035, an accident known as the "Burst" occurs during a research project, spawning an out-of-control artificial life form called "Matter" that has spread throughout the Kurobe Gorge. The research city that was once hailed as the hope for humanity is cordoned off by the government. Two years later, 15-year-old Aiko Tachibana, who lost her family in the Burst, learns something unbelievable from Yuya Kanzaki, a new student at her school. A secret is hidden within her body, and the answer to the puzzle lies at the "Primary Point" that was the center of the Burst. Aiko resolves to infiltrate the restricted area, escorted by a team of divers and with Yuya as her guide. When boy meets girl with the fate of humanity in their hands, what new truth will come to light?

Collateral - Netflix (March 9)

Investigating the murder of a pizza delivery man, a London detective uncovers a tangled conspiracy involving drug dealers, smugglers and spies.

Harrow - ABC Australia (March 9)

"Harrow" tells the story of Dr. Daniel Harrow, a forensic pathologist with a total disregard for authority. He has an unfailing empathy for the dead which helps him solve even the most bizarre of cases. He is determined to give victims a voice and bends every rule to get to reveal the truth behind what happened to them. Meanwhile, a terrible secret from his past threatens him, his family and his career.

Nailed It - Netflix (March 9)

Home bakers with a terrible track record take a crack at re-creating edible masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. It's part reality contest, part hot mess.

The Remix - Amazon (March 9)

"The Remix" is a music challenge where popular singers and DJs come together to give their unique spin to your favourite Bollywood numbers. It's a multi-sensory treat that brings together, top Bollywood songs remixed with unique acts, stunning choreography and cutting edge visual design, we bet you've never seen before. The result? Breathtaking performances that will get your heart pumping and feet tapping.

But wait! Who picks the ultimate Remix Jodi? Celebrated singer Sunidhi Chauhan; National Award winning music composer, Amit Trivedi; and the Master of the DJ console, Nucleya. The show is hosted by none other than Karan Tacker.

Are you ready for the new sound of Indian music?

Stalked by a Reality Star - Lifetime (March 10)

When teenager Kendra lies about her age to get into a Hollywood party, she meets handsome reality TV star, Brad. But when she discovers that Brad is not as charming as he seems, Kendra rejects him, only to realize that he has become obsessed with her and will stop at nothing--including dating her widowed mother--to be near her.

A Lifetime Channel Original Movie.

American Idol - ABC (March 11)

The iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre returns to airwaves at its new home on ABC. Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Ryan Seacrest will return as host of the beloved series.

Deception - ABC (March 11)

When his career is ruined by scandal, superstar magician Cameron Black has only one place to turn to practice his art of deception, influence and illusion - the FBI. Using every trick in the book and inventing new ones, he will help the government catch the world's most elusive criminals while staging the biggest illusions of his career.

The series hails from writer/executive producer Chris Fedak ("Chuck").

Nox - Canal+ (March 12)

When her daughter Julie disappears in the vast underground tunnels of Paris without leaving a trace, Catherine Suzini is convinced that she alone can find her. A former cop, forced out because of her rebellious personality, she will have to resolve to team up with Raphael, the colleague of her daughter. Together, they will leave the surface and sink into the depths of Paris to embark on a terrifying and frenzied race to the descent into hell.

For the People - ABC (March 13)

Set in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (a.k.a. "The Mother Court"), the new Shondaland series show follows six talented young lawyers working on opposite sides of the law and handling the most high-profile and high-stakes federal cases in the country.


Pesky Therizinosaurus
Oct 25, 2017
Rise - NBC (March 13)

From Jason Katims ("Friday Night Lights" and "Parenthood") comes a heartening new drama about finding inspiration in unexpected places. When dedicated teacher and family man Lou Mazzuchelli sheds his own self-doubt and takes over the school's lackluster theater department, he galvanizes not only the faculty and students but the entire working-class town.
Inspired by a true story.

Tabula Rasa - Netflix (March 15)

A young woman with amnesia becomes a key figure in a dissapearence case.

Edha - Netflix

A dramatic series set in the fashion-conscious city of Buenos Aires, as seen through the eyes of a trendsetting designer, Edha, whose untraditional male model, Teo, becomes her muse. Their chemistry inspires Edha to create a stunning new fashion line, but Teo's hidden agenda will set in motion a series of betrayals that cause their worlds to unravel.

On My Block - Netflix (March 16)

"On My Block," co-created by Lauren Iungerich (creator of Awkward) and Eddie Gonzalez & Jeremy Haft, is a coming-of-age comedy about four bright and street-savvy friends navigating their way through the triumph, pain and the newness of high school set in the rough inner city.

Wild Wild Country - Netflix (March 16)

When the world's most controversial guru builds a utopian city in the Oregon desert, a massive conflict with local ranchers ensues; producing the first bioterror attack in US history, the largest case of illegal wiretapping ever recorded, and the world's biggest collection of Rolls-Royce automobiles. Over six episodes, Directors Chapman Way and Maclain Way ("The Battered Bastards of Baseball") and executive producers Mark and Jay Duplass take viewers back to this pivotal, yet largely forgotten moment in American cultural history, one in which our national tolerance for the separation of church and state was sorely tested. "Wild Wild Country" is historical filmmaking brought to life on an epic scale. It's a tale so wild that seeing means barely believing.

Mommy's Little Angel - Lifetime (March 17)

Twelve-year-old Katie has had a short but rough life. When her mother dies from an apparent suicide, her cousin Nikki and her husband Luke, decide to adopt her. Katie adores her new family and will not let anyone, including her abusive and mentally deranged father, take her away from them.

A Lifetime Channel Original Movie.

Instinct - CBS (March 18)

A former CIA operative, who has since built a "normal" life as a gifted professor and writer, is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer on the loose.

The Midwife's Deception - Lifetime (March 18)

Jina, a midwife, is a dream come true for seven-month pregnant Sara until secrets unfold and Jina may want more than only delivering the baby.

A Lifetime Channel Original Movie.

Genius Junior - NBC (March 18)

No stranger to young geniuses, Neil Patrick Harris hosts an exciting new game show that celebrates the smartest kids in America. These talented "genius juniors" will team up in threes to take on mind-blowing tests of logic, math, memory, spelling and more. Through escalating rounds leading to semifinals and a big finale, they will be tested in each area of the brain, culminating in an ultimate challenge to be crowned the smartest and brightest. The winning team will take home a life-changing prize - setting the stage for a big, bright future ahead.

Epic Warrior Women - Smithsonian (March 19)

Narrated by Lynda Carter, the series highlights the women who fought just as courageously, skillfully and fiercely as male warriors of their time. With stunning re-enactments, original costumes, historic locations and CG animation, the three-part series chronicles the military achievements of the original Amazon horse warriors of the Steppe, probes the highly-trained female gladiators of Ancient Rome and concludes with the feared all-female regiments of Dahomey that shaped African history. Interviews with historians and archaeologists provide the background of the courageous and autonomous female fighters whose ferocity, physical prowess and bravery defy historical representations of women of their time.

Love at First Flight - Lifetime (March 20)

Nothing tests a budding relationship like travel and the new series “Love at First Flight” takes it a step further, matching new couples to embark on a romantic (and stressful) journey across North America — with the chance to get married at the airport immediately after their final flight lands. Meeting for the first time in New York, the couples criss-cross the country towards Los Angeles, as their compatibility is tested not only by the unpredictable pressures of travel but also by a series of uniquely crafted travel-based challenges.

Face the Wild - Facebook Watch (March 21)

Answering thousands of requests from Facebook followers across the nation, for the first time Bear Grylls will surprise 10 of his most inspiring fans by inviting them on one-on-one adventures of a lifetime: joining him in facing the wild.

Krypton - Syfy (March 21)

Set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel's home planet, "Krypton" follows Superman's grandfather - whose House of El was ostracized and shamed - as he fights to redeem his family's honor and save his beloved world from chaos.

Station 19 - ABC (March 22)

The series follows a group of heroic firefighters at Seattle Fire Station 19 - from captain to newest recruit - as they risk their lives and hearts both in the line of duty and off the clock. These brave men and women are like family, literally and figuratively, and together they put their own lives in jeopardy as first responders to save the lives of others.

Alexa & Katie - Netflix (March 23)

"Alexa & Katie" is a funny and heartwarming show about two best friends eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school. Despite the fact that Alexa is undergoing cancer treatment, her outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life never falter, especially with her loyal, quirky, and awkwardly adorable best friend Katie by her side.

At times they’re left feeling like outsiders, during a period when what seems to matter most is fitting in.

Requiem - Netflix (March 23)

What if you want to find out who you really are - but you don't like the answer? In 1994 a toddler disappears from a small Welsh town, never to be seen again. Twenty-three years later, talented young cellist Matilda, played by Lydia Wilson, has her life turned upside down by her mother's inexplicable suicide. In the wake of the tragedy Matilda begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself, embarking on a quest that leads her to that Welsh village - a place haunted by its own past, where the secrets she uncovers threaten to unravel her very identity.

The Mechanism - Netflix (March 23)

Created by José Padilha (Narcos) and Elena Soarez (Filhos do Carnaval), "The Mechanism" is a fictional drama series loosely inspired by the investigation about allegations of corruption of state and private owned oil and construction companies in Brazil.

My Husband's Secret Life - Lifetime (March 25)

After suffering a miscarriage, Jennifer Jones begins to question her marriage and catches her husband in a few unassuming lies. When a sudden accident throws him into a coma, Jennifer is left to pick up the pieces - prompting her to question if she ever really knew him.

A Lifetime Channel Original Movie.

Trust - FX (March 25)

Inspired by actual events, "Trust" delves into the trials and triumphs of one of America's wealthiest and unhappiest families, the Gettys. Equal parts family history, dynastic saga and an examination of the corrosive power of money, "Trust" explores the complexities at the heart of every family, rich or poor.

Told over multiple seasons and spanning the twentieth century, the series begins in 1973 with the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III, an heir to the Getty oil fortune, by the Italian mafia in Rome. His captors banked on a multi-million-dollar ransom. After all, what rich family wouldn't pay for the return of a loved one? Paul's grandfather, J. Paul Getty Sr., an enigmatic oil tycoon and possibly the richest man in the world, is marooned in a Tudor mansion in the English countryside surrounded by a harem of mistresses and a pet lion. He's busy. Paul's father, J. Paul Getty Jr., is lost in a daze in London and refuses to answer the phone. Only Paul's mother, Gail Getty, is left to negotiate with the increasingly desperate kidnappers. Unfortunately, she's broke.

"Trust" charts the teenage grandson's nightmare ordeal at the hands of kidnappers who cannot understand why nobody seems to want their captive back.

Barry - HBO (March 25)

This dark comedy stars Bill Hader as a depressed, low-rent hitman from the Midwest. Lonely and dissatisfied in his life, he reluctantly travels to Los Angeles to execute a hit on an aspiring actor. "Barry" follows his 'mark' into an acting class and ends up finding an accepting community in a group of eager hopefuls within the LA theater scene. Barry wants to start a new life as an actor but his criminal past won't let him walk away - can he find a way to balance both worlds?

One Strange Rock - National Geographic (March 26)

Darren Aronofsky and Jane Root join forces on an epic, cinematic event series that will redefine natural history filmmaking. Hosted by Will Smith, "One Strange Rock" promises to be a mind-bending, thrilling journey that explores the fragility and wonder of planet Earth, one of the most peculiar, unique places in the entire universe. It's the extraordinary story of why life as we know it exists on Earth, brought into perspective by the only people to have left it behind: astronauts.

"One Strange Rock" guides viewers through our vulnerable, tiny speck of a planet among the vast, harsh cosmic arena, revealing the magical twists of fate that have allowed life to emerge, survive and thrive only on Earth.

The Terror - AMC (March 26)

Inspired by a true story, "The Terror" centers on the Royal Navy's perilous voyage into uncharted territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear of the unknown, the crew is pushed to the brink of extinction. Frozen, isolated and stuck at the end of the earth, "The Terror" highlights all that can go wrong when a group of men, desperate to survive, struggle not only with the elements, but with each other.

Roseanne - ABC (March 27)

The timeless sitcom that broke new ground and dominated ratings in its original run returns to ABC with all-new episodes. Featuring the complete original cast, new series regulars and notable returning guest stars, the revival will explore life, death and everything in between through the relatable, hilarious and brutally honest lens of the Conner household.

Splitting Up Together - ABC (March 27)

Lena and Martin were once madly in love. But, like many marriages, time and circumstance eventually took their toll, and they decide that everyone's lives would be better if they got a divorce. Facing a daunting real estate market, the couple decide not to sell their house and to "Bird Nest" instead. The 'on-duty' parent will live in the house while the 'off-duty' parent will live in the detached garage. As Lena begins to dip her toes into the dating waters, Martin begins to see his own culpability in his marriage falling apart.

Alex, Inc. - ABC (March 28)

Based on Alex Blumberg's successful podcast "StartUp," comedy series "Alex, Inc." is all about the things that happen - the good, the bad and the ugly - when a journalist and family man quits his job to start his own company.

Siren - Freeform (March 29)

In Freeform's next epic tale, "Siren," the coastal town of Bristol Cove, known for its legend of once being home to mermaids, is turned upside down when a mysterious girl appears and begins wreaking havoc upon the small fishing town. Using their resources, marine biologists Ben and Maddie must work together to find out who and what drove this primal hunter of the deep sea to land, and are there more like her out there?

Rapture - Netflix (March 30)

"Rapture" stares directly into the bright light that hip hop culture shines on the world and doesn't blink.

Throughout 8 episodes and featuring a diverse swath of artists -- Nas and Dave East, T.I., Rapsody, Logic, G-Eazy, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, 2 Chainz and Just Blaze - "Rapture" dives into the artists' lives with their families and friends, to sitting front row in the studio and grinding on tour, to experiencing the ecstatic power of moving the crowd.

The Dangerous Book for Boys - Amazon (March 30)

The series follows the McKenna family, as they cope with the untimely passing of Patrick, their patriarch and a whimsical inventor who touched the lives of everyone who knew him. His death has left the family reeling, but hope appears in the form of a book called The Dangerous Book for Boys that Patrick created as a handbook to help his three sons. The book is a how-to guide for childhood that inspires fantasies for his youngest son, Wyatt.

While in his fantasy world, Wyatt reconnects with his father and learns life skills that help him navigate the real world.

The book, on which the series is based, is a guide on how to navigate childhood, offering advice to boys on a wide variety of topics including fishing, building a tree house, histories of famous battles and other childhood touchstones.

Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad") and Greg Mottola ("Superbad") created the series inspired by the British best-selling novel of the same name.

Trump: An American Dream - Netflix (March 30)

An epic exploration of Donald Trump's extraordinary life: a story of audacious deals, enormous gambles, catastrophic misjudgements, wives, mistresses, ego, dynastic ambitions, politics and celebrity.
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Oct 27, 2017
Bruh that's so many shows. I'm glad you switch lol.

I'm in on Jessica Jones, Bad Guys (maybe), AICO (maybe), and that's probably it if only because the new anime season starts in April and I won't have time for all this lol.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Toronto, Canada
I won't bother listing my returning shows but these are the new ones I'll at least check out. There may be a couple of more but I don't know right now.

Rise - Giving it a chance because of Jason Katims, even after the straight-washing controversy.
On My Block - I'm a sucker for coming of age stories of less than cool kids.
Krypton - I can't help myself.
Barry - Giving it a shot because of Hader. May be a little too close to Grosse Pointe Blank though.
Roseanne - It can't be worse than the end of the original run, right?

I actually did a double take at buff Forrest Gump in the picture for Love at First Flight while I was going through the thread. lol

dead souls

Oct 25, 2017
What I'm watching:

Hap and Leonard and some other stuff. Hap and motherfucking Leonard. I wish I had remembered to put it in my top 10 for 2017. What an amazing show.


Oct 25, 2017
I love the thread Rats!

Will watch:

The Good Fight - Not only as good as The Good Wife, maybe even better. Can't wait for it.
Hap and Leonard - When it gets on HBO Nordic later this year, but dammit it's such a fun show.
Collateral - David Hare's previous Worricker trilogy was one of my favourite shows, and I adore Carey Mulligan. This is a no brainer (doesn't hurt that it's been getting positive reviews in the UK)
Trust - I like Danny Boyle, and this looks to be worth all the money in the world.
The Terror - I like the actors, I like the setting, and it's been getting good buzz. I'm in.
A Series of Unfortunate Events - The first season was an unexpected delight, so glad for more.

Might watch:
Heathers - pls don't be terrible.
Marvel's Jessica Jones - the first season was meh, and the Netflix Marvel shows have been on a losing streak since Daredevil season 1.
Instinct - Look, I know it looks like a Castle rip off, I know it looks like a not even above Average CBS show, I just like Alan Cumming alright?
The Mechanism - Narcos is pretty decent so I hope for the same here.


Bite Club


Oct 25, 2017
A Series of Unfortunate Events
The Americans
The Terror
Jessica Jones
Krypton (not expecting anything good from this)
Trust (if word of mouth is good)

Pretty standard, nothing too craz....oh shit. Siren!



Oct 25, 2017
I rarely watch new shows anymore, too many, cancelled too soon, and season 1 quality tends to be very uneven. It has to either be a subject i love or get a LOT of buzz and positive feedback for me to jump in early - Altered Carbon, Good Place for example.

Its sad but out of that entire list Ratsky posted the only ones I kinda find interesting are Bad Guys: Vile City, Oath, and maybe Barry. Will watch Americans although I thought last season was pretty disappointing.

Otherwise I'll be catching up on my 2 seasons of Hawaii 5-0, and watching Happy, Big Mouth, MST3K season 11, Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams, and Into the Badlands. Wife wants to watch The Crown and This is Us as well although we've been saying that for months.


Oct 27, 2017
Haven't dug into the newcomers, but this month is all about The Americans and Atlanta for me. Are the other Fox Sunday night shows not coming back with Last Man? Seems odd. Also will I have issues jumping into S2 of Jessica Jones if I skipped Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders? I've seen all the rest.

Thursday, 1
Gotham - Fox - 8/7c
Atlanta Robbin' Season - FX - 10/9c

Sunday, 4
Mike Tyson Mysteries - Adult Swim - 11:30/10:30c

Thursday, 8
Marvel's Jessica Jones - Netflix

Sunday, 11
The Last Man on Earth - Fox - 9:30/8:30c

Wednesday, 21
(Krypton - Syfy - 10/9c)

Sunday, 25
Silicon Valley - HBO - 10/9c
Trust - FX - 10/9c
Barry - HBO - 10:30/9:30c

Tuesday, 27
Roseanne - ABC - 8/7c
The Jim Jefferies Show - Comedy Central - 10:30/9:30c

Wednesday, 28
The Americans - FX - 10/9c - Final Season


Nov 1, 2017
Northen Beaches
Love these threads.

Timeless is back! We did it. Well. I didn't do shit. Doesn't air in my county. Maybe I used the hashtag once?

Atlanta. On free to air here, that's nice. No region spoofing hoops to jump through.

Will give Flint and Wild Wild Country a go due to Netflix ease of access. Maybe Rapture, but three Netflix docos seems a bit overkill.

Kyrpton - I need to see what they end up with here. Imagine if it's actually good.

Jessica Jones on the radar but no rush. Also The Terror if Amazon sort their content out. Even with this it's still not worth the US$3/month

Big month.


The Abominable Showman
Oct 25, 2017
I'm watching...

The Magicians
Legends of Tomorrow
Black Lightning
The Flash
Series of Unfortunate Events S2 (when it's out)

And maybe Timeless S2. Past that, nothing really. I'll watch Jessica Jones for a few episodes but if it bores me I'm out. The Marvel Netflix shows are really hard to get through these days.


Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta and the Americans with motherfucking bells on.

As for new shows definitely rapture, trust, Barry cause I love hader and the terror because it looks amazing and I recall people really liking the book


Oct 25, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
Well I finished watching the punisher a few days ago, God that show was AWESOME. I'm sad I don't have more episodes to watch right now! :(

Currently watching :

Supernatural season 13 - AUS air dates
altered carbon - up to episode 5/6

In my backlog I gave stranger things

And I want to do a re-watch of LOST + Heroes


Oct 25, 2017
There is a trailer for future Emmy, Peabody, Oscar, Nobel award winning Bite Club at the bottom of this page (but you can't embed/link to it directly)
Someone should let Brian Grubb know.

Also, I really hope this is Zoo (season 2 onwards) levels of insanity and not just standard police procedural with splashes of insanity every once in a while. I fear it will be the latter.
Oh man, that trailer really soured me on the whole thing, it looks so normal.


Oct 25, 2017
Netflix's growth is unreal. It seems like they are putting out new shows at an exponentially increasing rate.


Oct 27, 2017
Atlanta and The Americans are the big ones for me, but I'm also interested in The Terror and Trust (though its trailer was sort of a turn off).


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
The Americans, of course.
Maybe Sneaky Pete. I thought the first season was decent, but it would have been better as a miniseries.
Nox sounds kind of up my alley.
The Terror sounds fun and bleak.

Hap & Leonard won't be for awhile because I just watched Season 2 recently.


Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Jessica Jones for me. Looking forward to ASOUE the most tbh, I was a big fan of the books as a kid and S1 was great.


Oct 30, 2017
The Terror looks so good. Jared Harris is an international treasure. I wish that AMC/Amazon Prime deal existed in the US.

Also, please watch Babylon Berlin on Netflix. That is all.


Oct 25, 2017
The Terror looks so good. Jared Harris is an international treasure. I wish that AMC/Amazon Prime deal existed in the US.

Also, please watch Babylon Berlin on Netflix. That is all.
Babylon has been great so far. It actually made me look up the Weimer republic because I couldn't believe all this sex and drug use was a thing in 1920's Germany but it's true. They were some crazy fucking decadent people
Oct 25, 2017
Atlanta and The Americans are dominating my month.

Here’s some Atlanta S2 reviews. It has a 100 on MC.

MC: 100
Sepinwall - 100
Glover and friends seem to have hit on a new way to surprise the audience: by making Atlanta, at least for a while, into a more conventional TV show. The three episodes given to critics are by far the most consistent in terms of story and tone of any comparable stretch from season one. ... Atlanta can be great because you never expect what it might do next. But that’s far from the only reason it’s great, as the start of season two so potently demonstrates.
Slant Mag - 100
Robbin' Season is cloaked in a heavy yet strangely exhilarating veil of dread. ... Yet there are moments of wonder within the brutally and beautifully pragmatic Robbin' Season.
RogerEbert.com - 100
What I find most remarkable about Atlanta is the tonal balance and the confidence, something Glover has always displayed as an artist. Earn Marks may not be that confident in his life, but it takes an amazingly assured creative voice to calibrate comedy, drama, and social satire to such perfect degrees on shows like this one. In just three episodes, there is a typical season’s worth of character, commentary, and humor. I can’t wait to see more.


Oct 25, 2017
Definitely Jessica Jones, and probably Roseanne and The Terror. The Terror especially looks really interesting.


Oct 30, 2017
Babylon has been great so far. It actually made me look up the Weimer republic because I couldn't believe all this sex and drug use was a thing in 1920's Germany but it's true. They were some crazy fucking decadent people
I don't know how far into it you are but I can say with complete confidence that the best is yet to come.

I can't remember the last time I watched a show that is completely of a piece yet each episode seems engineered to top the one before in the most thrilling way possible.
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Resettlement Advisor
Oct 25, 2017
USA notes that Colony S3 will premiere this Spring. Doesn't look like any new footage in the teaser.

Jan 18, 2018
I started HIMYM for the first time last month, currently half way through season 4 and I'm loving it.

New: Agents of SHIELD, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Jessica Jones, The Americans (whenever that airs in UK) ; finally the final season of Episodes comes back at the end of the month
Continuing: iZombie,Arrowverse, The X-Files, Homeland; Ash vs Evil Dead

USA notes that Colony S3 will premiere this Spring. Doesn't look like any new footage in the teaser.
ngl, I forgot Colony existed.

Cosmic Bus

Oct 27, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
Drag Race, Roseanne, hoping Champions is good, and almost begrudgingly doing season 2 of Sneaky Pete. Really liked the first one, but there's no reason for this to exist (just like Stranger Things and Big Little Lies). Wish the US tv market could function more like the UK and allow for more self-contained series that don't unnecessarily extend beyond the completed story.


Resettlement Advisor
Oct 25, 2017
‘Archer: Danger Island’: FXX Sets Premiere Date For Season 9 Of Toon Spy Comedy
Season 9 of Archer is landing on FXX in the spring. The cable net said today that Archer: Danger Island will shove off at 10 PM Wendesday, April 25.

This season of the animated spy comedy finds Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) as a semi-functioning alcoholic seaplane pilot — a lush on the lush South Pacific island of Mitimotu. It’s 1939, and while the rest of the world is concerned about the looming Second World War, Archer is concerned only with who’s buying his next drink. Along with his trusty co-pilot/sidekick Pam (Amber Nash), Archer must navigate quicksand, cannibals, super-intelligent monkeys, poison darts and pirates in this dangerous and mysterious land.


Oct 28, 2017
Just for the ones starting/returning in March:

Hap and Leonard
Jessica Jones
Sneaky Pete
Santa Clarita Diet
Silicon Valley
The Terror
Lemony Snicket


Oct 27, 2017
Bad Guys: Vile City
The Oath
On My Block
Wild Wild Country
The Mechanism
The Terror

Lol, I'm watching everything