Twitch paid $90 Million to be the exclusive home for the Overwatch League

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by jbug617, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. jbug617

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  2. ManaByte

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    That Amazon money.
  3. Randdalf

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    What are the chances some random PUBG or LoL streamer has a higher viewer count?

    Although I guess with all this money being thrown into it, it does make me curious to watch.
  4. HeyImNewHere

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    Seems like a steal TBH.
  5. Cybersai

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    Absolutely crazy how much money people pay just to watch people play videogames online. It's inconceivable.

    I feel like I was born in the wrong decade, 80's kids like myself just don't get it.
  6. ZeroGravity

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    Glad they did. Would have hated having to watch it anywhere else.
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    That's a lot of money.

    I would have thought Activision would have done more considering they bought MLG.

    But for that price you can buy my mum off of me.
  8. ASaiyan

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    I wonder if Blizzard even cares how successful this league is when they've already collected these ridiculous amounts of money upfront.
    I'm kidding, but also kinda not, lol.
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    we expecting it to be that big?
  10. Kirblar

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    I want to be an Overwatch League when I grow up.

    Holy crap.
  11. HeyImNewHere

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    It's only a two year deal. I thought it was more.

    I don't think it'll be worth $45 mil/year.

    Anyone got viewership #s of the last few major events?
  12. Rudolph

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    To be honest I'm thinking the same thing but I'm pretty sure they care. They are a company so they always want more money.
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    90 Million for how many years?
  14. capitalCORN

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    Activision's acquisition of MLG is becoming increasingly a case of dead weight, even at the bargain basement price they bought it for.

    Two years.
  15. Stygr

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    Are they serious?
    They are throwing a lot of money on OW eSport scene without a huge fanbase in viewers. Ow World Cup numbers are embarassing.
  16. PogChamp

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    Its incredible how much money OWL is already making since OW has been quite boring to watch as an esport for some time. Here's hoping the spectator improvements are truly impactful.
  17. Maneil99

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    ...Where else was it going to be broadcast? Youtube LOL?
  18. cmdrshepard

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    That is ridiculous... like that is close to half of some sport codes tv rights in Australia...

    Can’t believe it. Don’t see how twitch will get there money back from this as I know overwatch is popular but surely not that popular...

    Blizzard/Activison must be laughing - Overwatch is the gift that keeps on giving
  19. bluexy

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    That's definitely enough money to justify the exclusivity, I'd bet. But at the same time I wonder how much more value Blizzard could have gotten if it shared some of those rights with TV. I think the Overwatch League's greatest hurdle will be growing an audience. But time will tell.
  20. Ada

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    Huge waste of money. 90 million to watch mercy meta.
  21. finalflame

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  22. ReginOfFire

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    Atleast it isnt a piece of shit player that buffers every 5second like twitch
  23. Bhonar

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    Umm I'm sure Twitch is smarter than me, but wouldn't it have been on Twitch anyway?

    Even if it wasn't exclusive, the vast majority of people would not watch it elsewhere anyway.
  24. Stygr

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    They wont get money back, no OW League game will have more than a Dota 2 TI or CSGO major viewers.
  25. ShadowSwordmaster

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    I see.

    I just...I guess to me, you throw that kind of money at a game with an established eSports fanbase rather than one just starting up for the very first time. I don't give a shit how good it looks on paper, Twitch is too organic to be predictable enough for $45 million/year. I would understand if this was money being thrown at League of Legends, Dota, CSGo, shit like that.

    But...I'm sure they have access to analytics data that makes them believe this to be an easy ROI, so I won't question it too much yet. I me Boromir. For I do not believe.
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    Don't get it personally...twitch is still the most viewed streaming platform atm. Sure mixer and youtube is there but, I don't think much would watch it on those platforms, feel like it's a waste of money. Oh well.
  28. smurfx

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    damn they could probably buy the rights to stream capcom games for a pallet of spagettios.
  29. xeons

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    90 mil... twitch sweety... lmao today’s the first day of the OWL, let’s see how many viewers they pull ‍
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    My only hope is that Amazon/Twitch and Blizzard drop all kinds of loot for watching official league sanctioned games.
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    In my opinion, Overwatch has never been a good spectator esport.

    I don't think it ever will be. The league stuff feels kind of late to the party but Blizzard seems pretty optimistic so who knows!
  32. capitalCORN

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    Reminds me of Empire Arcadia and the Chef Boyardee debacle.
  33. kennyamr

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    *Amazon paid.
  34. RecRoulette

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    Some stats from last year's Overwatch World Cup since I was curious. From here.

    Average concurrent viewers: 206,513 viewers (405,730 if you include China)
    Peak viewers: 840,812 viewers (France vs China),
  35. mas8705

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    At least you can say that the Overwtch World Cup's streaming options are in good hands. Probably would be much more concerning if another streaming service was able to outbid Twitch for the Overwatch League.
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    I know what you mean. I guess it is new form entertainment spawned off the backs of competitive sports and reality shows.

    Then again, we did have The Wizard. ;)
  37. SteveWinwood

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    you wouldn't want to see how one season went before putting that much down? jeez talk about having too much money
  38. Crucible

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    I see the appeal, depends on the game.

    In terms of Overwatch,

    I can understand whats going on while following one player, but in tournament settings constantly switching viewpoints is too confusing.

    This doesn't seem like a game that can be viewed casually which could explain the lower then expected numbers.
  39. Falchion

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    Oh wow, I thought this would be on MLG too. That's a big investment but it makes sense to make Twitch THE esports home.
  40. JoeInky

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    I don't get it, where else would it have streamed? Twitch would have already been the largest wouldn't it?
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    So Twitch will stream and broadcast the OWL and not Blizzard. That's kinda interesting.
    Or did they pay just $90m to have Blizzard broadcast on their platform.
    That would be a huge overpay imho
  42. TheMan

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    very curious to see if they make back their investment. i'm guessing this is gonna be a fail, i mean with the numbers above (peak viewers less than a million) I just don't see it.
  43. KarmaCow

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    Everything about the Overwatch League seems insane. I don't get why seemingly everyone thinks it will be huge, the Blizzcon tournaments weren't blowing out records for viewership.
  44. Khezu

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    It's crazy how much money is being pushed into Overwatch Esports.

    I'm not really into watching competitive FPS's, so I don't really have any perspective of this, but is there even an audience for this? Outside of some characters, Overwatch just seemed like the most bland competitive game ever made.
  45. cmdrshepard

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    Scratch what I said earlier about tv rights - I thought it was $90 million over at least 5 years but $90 million over two years only is ridiculous... Like that is literally more then some sport codes TV rights per year.

    As said above I don’t think overwqtch is popular enough an e-sport to justify this amount of money being laid out and I am sure even if twitch didn’t stream it would have ended up on their service anyway because it wasn’t going to go to anywhere else...
  46. Charsace

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    Overwatch is boring to watch.

    I think Quake Champions will be the FPS to watch.
  47. HamCormier

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    That's a looooot of moolahs. But then it keeps Twitch even more relevant. There's competition out there, and live streaming is getting more and more popular by the day!
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    They probably have an out clause if it XFL’s.
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    I really do think Amazon/Twitch are angling for live viewing lootbox drops as the draw for the Prime service.
  50. 5taquitos

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    I got out of eSports organizing way too early...