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Twitch Punishes White Apex Legends Cosplayer Who Painted Her Face Black (read Staff Post before posting)

Oct 25, 2017
Western Canada
You know the funniest thing about this "I'm not American, so can someone please explain what the issue is here" is that you Europeans who do this shit obviously know what blackface is and why it's offensive if you know enough to identify it as an "American" thing.

But yeah, there are precisely zero places on earth or among the stars where blackface isn't demeaning and offensive to black people. What you meant to say was "I've never met a black person before, so it has never crossed my mind that my mockery of them is offensive. I've lived decades without ever having my racially homogeneous culture confronted or challenged in any way and it's affected my ability to understand why blatant racism is racist." And if you do know a black person who is pretending to be OK with blackface because they just want to go about their day without being hassled in your 99% white country, then really just shame on you.
Jan 20, 2019
I don't know why so many people try to argue that intent matters. Sorry that I don't care about whatever the molecules in your brain organized into a stupid thing.