Two Point Hospital |OT| Single-player Healthcare

Oct 30, 2017
Two Point Hospital is free to play this weekend and is discounted 33%, new DLC will arrive soon as well and we got some new free stuff:

Oct 25, 2017
So anyone else take advantage the free weekend?Sunk a ton of time into it and decided to buy it. Really fun game. It’s funny though because I’ll 3 star a level, dread having to start all over in the next one, and an hour will disappear just like that. I can’t imagine the game before the Copy room function was added. That’s an important QoL feature.
Oct 25, 2017
Just got into this. My biggest problem is that when the hospital really starts going, all I hear is the dead patient sound. I can’t keep my cure rate up. The only way I 3 stared the 90% cure rate hospital is by sending all my low health patients home.