UK sales: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sales 1/3 higher than Chronicles X, other miscellany

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Zedark, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Zedark

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    Courtesy of Christopher Dring, journalist over at

    To put this into perspective, here's our own BrunoMB with the numbers for previous entries:

    XBCX did 10,500 and XBC2 is about 1/3 over that, so sales should be about 14,000 units.

    In other news, SMO overtook BOTW YTD, and is closing in on MK8D. Also, GTS seems poised to be the biggest selling exclusive of the year on PS4:

    It seems likely GTS has passed, or is close to passing, 300k units in the UK (physical only, so it might be way more than that).

    Edit: One more tidbit on MK8D sales:

  2. Kenzodielocke

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    Well, that's at least a consistent growth of the series.
  3. Vishmarx

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  4. Ossom

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    Helped by Argos pricing it at £29.99! I was planning to wait to get this but jumped on it at that price.

    Hope it keeps selling well.
  5. mrmickfran

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    That's still terrible lol
  6. Cookie

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    I want to get this on Switch but is it a sequel or is it like Final Fantasy where the story is self contained? If it’s a sequel I think they need to put the first on Switch.
  7. FiXalaS

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    Growth is always a good thing =D
  8. Raijinto

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    Very good to hear. As I posted int the other thread its performance digitally is surely respectful too, getting to I'm 99.9% sure the no2 spot, definitely no3 last time I checked. The ridiculously expensive version also got in the top 15 I think.

    Good showing.
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    Yeah I grabbed it at that price too, picked it up yesterday! :)
  10. Kenzodielocke

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    Final Fantasy style.
  11. lordlad

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    damn...the UK love'em cars.
  12. Zedark

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    It's like Final Fantasy, very much self-contained.
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    Shame JRPGS aren't more mainstream. A lot of people seem happy to miss out on great titles just because they're perceived as niche.
  14. Cookie

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    Oh shit I need to jump on this then. Switch has had so many games I haven’t been able to keep up.
  15. Guymelef

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    From awful to bad.
  16. Stuart

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    The story is self-contained.
  17. sfortunato

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    Not bad for the franchise, given small Switch installed base and the fact that the jRPG audience is still not present on the platform. Given early product lifecycle, Xenoblade 2 can do well over time. It got good WOM and this should help.
  18. cw_sasuke

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    Nice result, outselling X this early in the system life cycle.
    It should have better legs thanks to the Switch hardware sales and the upcoming DLC as well.

    PS. I would assume it outperformed X in other European countries as well.
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    Not actually surprising?
  20. Vault

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    This games artsyle is pretty cancerous to the Uk market
  21. sugarless

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    Whaaat I missed that deal! That's a steal given you'd probably get it more or less back by selling on to CEX when you're done if you want.
  22. Majora85

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    Apart from the Final Fantasy series, JRPGs are super niche in the UK. Not sure what kind of result people were expecting here.
  23. Vishmarx

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    I heard it was going out for 30-35gbp at launch at argos . true?
  24. Stuart

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    How so? Lots of us enjoy big boobies in the UK, we're not all afraid of some harmless fanservice.
  25. Ossom

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    It seemed to be the case last Friday only. Must have been a pricing error due to it now going up to £49.99.

    From what I read online most stores got cleared out pretty quickly.

    Cex pay around £30 for it and so there is a free play through on offer depending how long that price holds. Will take me a few months to get through so will likely go down a little by that point.
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    bunch of bad things comes with things getting mainstream so i'm good with jrpgs being niche.
    good to know it's doing "okay"
  27. Vault

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    What anime games have sold really well in the UK apart from Pokemon and Final Fantasy?
  28. Ossom

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    Yes, £29.99
  29. Pooroomoo

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    If you add that digital % is very probably higher for Switch than it ever was for a Nintendo device, and you get an even higher rise than that.
  30. Stuart

    Stuart Banned Member

    Ni no Kuni, Dragon Quest, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Atelier, there are lots of popular JRPGs
  31. Vault

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    I wonder what it sold on the South African Eshop it was £36 well worth it
  32. Kromeo

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    With a few exceptions the UK has never been big on anything anime styled
  33. Shiggy

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    This bolds well for the game given how similar the major Switch games have performed in the UK and the rest of Europe so far.
  34. Bonejack

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    Well, at least it's a growth. Just hoping it does at least better than the earlier Xenoblade games in other regions too.

    While it's a numbered sequel, it's basically it's own game, just like mainline FF games. Funny enough, it even has it's own Cid/Biggs/Wedge shenanigans, and with the Nopon it's own Mog/Mogry thing, where these are somehow present in all games without being connected to the previous games.
  35. chusetto

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    UK should not be a meaningful sample for Nintendo software but okay...
  36. kami_sama

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    Yeah, I forgot about digital.
    Still, not that great.
    In Spain, at least around me, it was pretty difficult finding a copy. Don't know if it was the demand, or a low shipment tho.
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    An improvement sales wise and glad to see the series is slowly growing more.
    Really hate how people constantly call things cancer on the internet, much less this site it is very insensitive considering.
  38. cw_sasuke

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    These games sold well in the UK ? News to me.
  39. Zedark

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    That's true, but it's still sales data, and we can discuss the UK sales here, even if we can't extrapolate it reliably to worldwide numbers.
  40. KillerMan91

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    Well Ni No Kuni did (reason why second one was greenlighted was the good performance in west). Rest of that list? Ehh....
  41. Psycho_Mantis

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    Can we have a separate thread for GTS?
  42. Gotdatmoney

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    They didn't lol.
  43. Mory Dunz

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    it's not. It's just the first line of info we get so it gets attention

    also UK tends to be similar to the US in some regards. So in a way it can be a precursor for what to expect.

    NPD will be the big story for Xenoblade 2. (And Japan)
  44. Ferrs

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    did any Neptunia game even chart in the UK? Seriously asking.
  45. Stuart

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  46. Acquiescence

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    And then you look at the launch week sales for the previous two games and ehhhhh... it's not much of an achievement.

    Still, one of those sales is mine. Thanks Argos for the £30 misprice.

    Ni no Kuni hit the top of the charts the week it came out, so yeah, it did well for itself.
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    Glad to see sales are up on this one, when a lot of game sales have been down lately.
  48. Symphony

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    Should probably note that GT Sport was bundled with pretty much every PS4 over Black Friday and many stores were flooded with sealed "used" copies (our one had like half a drawer full at one point), so the sales figures may not particularly paint an accurate picture of consumer interest in it at this point.
  49. Stygr

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    I don't think so.
    Maybe Ni No Kuni.
  50. Kromeo

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