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Unannounced Nintendo Direct |OTter control|

What was the best game of 2017?

  • Super Mario Otterssey

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath otter Wild

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Oct 27, 2017
If people here are starved for new games, why not consider switching over to PS4?
I don't play in non-switch systems anymore

the damn thing is too convenient for doing otherwise. We will normally visit my mother in law the weekends, so I can sneak an hour of play there, or carry it to my job to play during the lunch when I am obsessed with a game

if I played on PS4, well, I'd lose those chances. I started La-Mulana 2 on PC but lost track of it once Dead Cells came out. Gonna start over once it is launched on Switch

planning on getting Spider-man there...eventually. Maybe the new AssCreed. But gotta be honest with myself and admit I am gonna abandon them halfway once something shiny comes out on Switch
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