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Undertale Switch seemingly has hint/tease for Toby Fox's next project

Oct 25, 2017
So how well do you know Undertale? Undertale has a neat little quirk where each run you are given a value that determines if some random npc/events happen. One of these NPCs is known as Clam Girl. When you first talk to her she talks about a currently unknown character named "Suzy". There is no character in UT named this and there is no mention of this character any where else in the game. Here is the original video showcasing the NPC

she basically says you should meet up. Previously if you talked to her post game, all she said that is is a shame that you didn't meet up.

Now on the Switch version talking to her post game apparently does this.

If you can't watch, the NPC basically says "The time to meet her...is fast approaching" while also transforming into some grey NPC that is normally associated with the character Gaster, another hidden NPC/thing in the game.

People datamined the dialog in question before it so there seems to be little reason to believe this is a hoax https://www.reddit.com/r/Underminers/comments/9fzca0/new_dialogue/

So yeah, seems like a blatant hint that a new project is coming. Whether or not it is Undertale related is up for question.
Is Undertale freaky and unsettling? Because that could finally seal the deal for me.
As much as it had heartwarming and hilarious moments, its many metatextual twists and turns veer towards more disturbing and outright intimidating things. Your actions have tangible consequences on the game world and its characters. Definitely think hard about whether to kill or to spare.


Uncle Beerus
Oct 25, 2017
Undertale 2: Gaster's Revenge

But seriously, I'm excited, I was just whining the other day to a friend that we haven't heard anything about a sequel.
Oct 25, 2017
Is Undertale freaky and unsettling? Because that could finally seal the deal for me.
It's equal parts strange, funny, heartwarming, and terrifying. Sometimes all at once. If you like Earthbound's aesthetic and atmosphere you'll dig right into Undertale.