1. Nassudan


    I'll give it a 12.

    I give it a week, at most.
  2. Kurdel


    Yeah, we always say it’s not the job of the oppressed to teach us what is right, this can be a great idea!
  3. The Kree

    The Kree

    This likely isn't going to go the way they probably want it to.
  4. GeoGonzo


    Meh, I can’t really condemn this since I don’t know enough about racism... but it seems far-fetched, doesnt it? This would be for people who check all of these boxes:
    -They are unconfortable around minorities.
    -They are aware of it, and want to fix it.
    -They’d rather not be around minorities while fixing it.

    I mean... err... okay. It isn’t impossible, but it is weird.
  5. Eat My Jorts

    Eat My Jorts

  6. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg


    How about a Feminist Club for Fratboys only while we're at it?
  7. Spectone


    Why does it have to be a safe space? Why can't you just run a normal workshop?
  8. DrROBschiz


    Its true though

    White people apparently are struggling hard to adapt to diversifying communities....which is mind boggling i know

    Culture SHOCK! How do I adapt!?

    The obvious answer to me was to always treat people the way I wanted to be treated.... just like I did before but ya know
  9. Kewlmyc


    I get the idea behind it and support it to some degree, but holy crap, please pick better wording.
  10. Or they're speaking to their audience in terms they'll understand? At face value, they've at least got the right intentions though it remains to be seen if this is the right cause of action. I guess it's supposed to be a mirror to similar groups that represent minorities. If those work well, maybe this could too?

    I just hope this isn't or doesn't become a new-age white power group. That seems like a very serious danger.
  11. Thatonedice1


    I give it 1 meeting before everyone there is convinced black people are to blame for their own problems.
  12. Trojita


    There's too many whistles in the flyer to not disregard the possibility that this group was created for ulterior purposes opposite to what they say the group was meant for.

    The counseling center said this

    There is a possibility that they are really naive and do have good intentions, but whoever came up with the flyer maybe isn't suited to lead the meeting group.
  13. Landy828


    They really blew it on the wording, but it sounds like at least they're trying...haha.
  14. DrROBschiz


    I mean

    Maybe the messaging was designed to get these types of people to actually show up and be reached

    Are closet racists going to show up to a diversity seminar willingly?

    I dunno man this whole things is bizarre. Its well intentioned but damn
  15. The intention may be good but this is one of those things you think about a couple of times before posting and decide, "Nah." I mean, if you're not an idiot.
  16. Mr. Giggles

    Mr. Giggles

    Good idea.

    Needs work on that messaging tho.
  17. Zelenogorsk


    Is it really that hard to just not be racist? Do people need a seminar for that?
  18. Frump


    Of course they're not.
  19. Dali


    I dont think it's such a bad idea. Inevitably, or maybe I should say hopefully, some black people show up so it doesn't turn into a klan meeting.
  20. Powdered Egg

    Powdered Egg

    The only way I'll approve of this is if Tim Wise is running the workshop and he has Lucille leaning against his desk.
  21. ArmsofSleep


    Don't they already have fraternities for that
  22. If that's an environment you grew up in, yes.
    I don't see what's hard to understand. Some people really do need the education. This much should be obvious at this point.
  23. Watchtower


    Reading the ad, it actually seems to have good intentions, and in an ideal scenario I'd support it.

    But we're not, and execution is going to go one of two ways: white boys whinging about minorities, or white boys whinging that they can't whinge about minorities. Latter might at least be entertaining, but neither's gonna be productive.
  24. I’m uncomfortabe with black people so I’m gonna talk about them with some white people.
  25. DrROBschiz


    I mean....

    yeah probably

    We are currently living in an incredibly embarassing reality right now. Clearly we cant trust that people have the common sense and decency to do the basic and correct things
  26. Heromanz


    The whole state is a safe place for white people
  27. acheron_xl


  28. Lead


  29. Jashobeam


    only thing missing is a KKK logo
  30. Kyra

    The Eggplant Queen Member

    Hey, maybe this is dumb.
  31. BlackGoku03


    Maybe they should have addressed that on the flyer too.

    It seems well intentioned. But you have to be very clear about who this is for and why.
  32. Kuro


    I feel like the problem with this whole thing is that it's a place where white people who apparently have an irrational fear of people that look different than they do can go and talk to other white people on how to be less racist when they should just be talking and interacting with minorities instead. I don't know all the details about the group so I could be wrong and maybe it will entail talking to minorities.
  33. Jasnah


    They could've added something along the lines of "We would like to do better." or something to at least address those they're still alienating in the flyer even with their good intentions. Open it up to anyone while keeping their idea in tact.
  34. Parthenios


    I guess I get the idea in theory? Like, people who aren't racist by intent of their actions and want to become more race sensitive but are afraid they may say something offensive out of ignorance so this is like sensitivity training wheels?

    But there's no way this isn't going to go the way they think because bad actors are going to muck it up.
  35. Sounds perfect to me. We need white people to speak up to other white people about racism cause CLEARLY a lot of white folk don't wanna listen to us.
  36. Kill3r7


    So basically a frat without dues.
  37. Nepenthe

    When the music hits, you feel no pain. Moderator

    If your entire cultural reality hinges on a 400-year delusion that you are biologically and morally superior to others based on nothing but skin color, even if you don't consciously agree with that sentiment, and you haven't had enough counteractive socialization to inherently understand that's not true, then yes, you're going to need actual training tools to break from that.

    It's annoying af, but what can you do?
  38. jkm23


    Good idea, shouldn't have called it "white awake" bc anytime I hear "awake" and "white" in the same sentence my mind goes to stormfront and david duke places.
  39. Mahonay


    Can’t have these white folks actually having to face minorities and talk to them directly. We must shelter these already sheltered people.
  40. fuck this .

    100% made by racist students for closest racists.
  41. mrchad


    This is not about not being racist. It's about dealing with racial injustice and being an "ally."

    As a white person, I read about white privilege and racial injustice and I try to understand the perspectives and experiences of people of color. But I'll admit that I don't talk much about race with my white friends. And I also don't always confront scenarios when I see white privilege unchecked. And when an older relative or inlaw makes a joke or comment that's racist, it's often easier to awkwardly change topics than to address it head-on. I'm trying to get better about that, but I can see how a group such as this could help foster discussion around these topics.
  42. JDSpades


    It’s ultimately up to white communities to fix the problems with racism found in those communities. The burden should not be placed on minority groups. At the same time, the best way to fix those problems involves listening to the people affected the most by them.


    Come fellow white supremacists, let's talk about our feelings of hatred.
  44. Trojita


    I'm pretty sure it was called that because it sounds like "Wide Awake" when pronounced. Also going with the whole "woke" meme....
  45. The flyer sucks, but the idea could be useful.

    White people do need to reflect on race, especially if they are finally out of their hometown bubble.

    The guy running it seems to be qualified and I would hope they would bring in some minority voices to share their experiences with the group.
  46. Mr. X

    Mr. X

    Can we get 'teach white people' workshops in areas they're gentrifying?
  47. Barrel Cannon

    Barrel Cannon

    Plot twist: it's hosted by people of color and the students no longer feel safe. The goal is good but the whole execution is all sorts of wrong.
  48. Volimar


    If it helps people learn to get away from their preconceptions I'm for it. College is the first time that a lot of people will interact with other races on the regular so teaching people that might come from less than ideal backgrounds regarding race might make sense. It's worth a shot.
  49. jkm23


    God I hate that meme, "Woke". We're all "woke" bc none of us are sleeping while reading or doing shit during the day. Ugh.

    White people talking to other white people about race and racism is good, I'm in support.