Unlocking Everything in Battlefront II Requires 4,528 hours or $2100

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Aokiji, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Aokiji

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    I can't do anything but laugh. This is so hilarious yet so sad all at the same time. Holy shit EA. Really?
    Link to the site of the guy who calculated all the math: http://www.swtorstrategies.com/2017...-or-2100-to-unlock-all-base-game-content.html

    Lock and fine me $2100 worth of SWBF2 credits if old.
  2. Aselith

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    With or without the money you get from challenges and things?
  3. Lopez

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    Who would put that many hours in this game, I don’t even dislike it but holy moly.
  4. Machine Law

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    It's fine to not unlock everything on a game.
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    I wonder what you’d see if you did this for all those constantly updating iOS games. Unfortunately I doubt this will put a large amount of EA’s market off at all.

    I really hope this business model eventually dies a horrible death, but I have doubts.
  6. leng jai

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    At least it's not infinite billion hours.

    JEFFREY GRUBB GamesBeat.com reporter Verified User

    I haven't unlocked all of the skins in Overwatch or the items in Rocket League yet after hundreds of hours, but that is cosmetic bullshit. Locking star cards behind similar kind of progression is so dumb.
  8. Aselith

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    The plan isn't for you to unlock everything, it's for you to keep spending until you wise up and move on so they make the ceiling higher than anyone is likely to jump.
  9. Neurom

    Neurom Member

    Sheesh, I have spent lesser time on the original Destiny and by the end of 3 years had pretty much everything...
  10. Squishy3

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    If you equated the minutes required to one cent, you'd be saving about $600 by spending money.
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    It’s possible someone somewhere will spend that $2100. Lol
  12. Tribal_Cult

    Tribal_Cult Member

    Scary times to be honest
  13. Garou

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    Witty response: Must be a miscalculation, EAs online-servers won’t be up for that long...

    But for real, I kind of miss the days of being able to comfortably 100% a game like that.
  14. Aselith

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    So you're saying crystals are the Best Value?
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    Helpful reminder that they revived the servers for the real Battlefront II with the sick battle mode on the Mos Eisley map.
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    He has a point.

    JEFFREY GRUBB GamesBeat.com reporter Verified User

    Recurrent consumer outrage
  18. Gemüsepizza

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    It's also fine to pass on shitty games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. ASaiyan

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    EA is currently working on a patent for a progression system that does not max out until you put in ∞+1.
  20. Labor

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    MSRP: $2,180

    What an age
  21. RadioJoNES

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  22. Aokiji

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    That's about 189 days for anyone who was wondering. So about 6 1/3 months.
  23. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    Not when those things are vanilla gameplay upgrades in a $60 PVP shooter it isn't.
  24. Seesaw15

    Seesaw15 Member

    That's only 6 months. EA's really giving customers their money's worth.
  25. sponk

    sponk Member

    This game just keeps on giving.


    ...without even spending a dime.
  26. Lopez

    Lopez Member

    Those days aren’t done it’s just that some games are fishing for some fat whales unfortunately. You’re witty response is not even wrong tho, i can guarantee you this game and the original won’t last till the new consoles come out.
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    What would this have been had they not made those changes?
  28. KonFot

    KonFot Member

    You're not supposed to unlock everything. That's how those games are built.
  29. Heatster101

    Heatster101 Member

    Any comparison with similar games that offer the same "pay to win" structure ??

    Would be interesting to see where it sits in the grand scheme of things
  30. Riderz1337

    Riderz1337 Member

    At least I'm getting my money worth by playing the game!

    Right guys?? Who's with me?! Anyone...?
  31. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    These games as in blatant pay to win free to play cash in mobile games?
  32. ps PainTrain

    ps PainTrain Member

    This quote comes straight from the Oblivion Horse Armour discussion thread.
  33. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    They're gonna need to add hundreds more hours and much more cash once the dlc starts dropping lol
  34. Sun_Gaming_YT

    Sun_Gaming_YT Member

    4,528 hours = 0.516895 years(It's a quick Google calculation that doesn't factor in if you only play for a certain number of hours per day), provided that each loot crate/box/whatever gives you only new items and there are no duplicates.

    That is an absurd amount of time, I can't think of one game I ever sunk that much time into, even with multiple playthroughs.

    EDIT: This isn't even counting the content they'll add from DLC and shit.
  35. spekkeh

    spekkeh Member

    And just to be sure, all of this is already on the disc? So it's not necessarily a way to pay for new maps and characters.
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    You nailed it yeah. I guess the writing was on the wall back then, I remember being really annoyed when cosmetic items stopped being cool unlockables and started being income per capita.

    I would say Nintendo are our last refuge, but I wouldn’t like to think how much I’d have to spend to get all the costumes in BotW
  37. Lopez

    Lopez Member

    F2P trash? Definitely, but this game is asking the consumer for 60 to 80 usd. In games like Rainbow six and AC Origins I can 100% them in reasonable time frames if I put the time in.
  38. Moff

    Moff Member

    Thats right. They dont want you to unlock it. They want you to buy it.
  39. oni-link

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    If you play just an hour a day it will take you just over 12 years to play that many hours

    Of course, paying for loot crates is just an option for those who don't have a decade plus to dedicate to one game

    Thanks for being so considerate, EA!
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  41. Birdseye

    Birdseye Member

    I liked it better when you received a complete game after you bought it
  42. robotrock

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    Goddamn, this game got almost 5,000 hours of content? Seems like a steal for $60.
  43. shan780

    shan780 Member

    that's more hours and money than i've spent in tf2 over 8 years
  44. Sei

    Sei Member

    $60 Free To Play game.
  45. Psychoward

    Psychoward Member

    Correct. Maybe now some people who were unsure why people wanted the game to be slammed in the reviews thread understand more. Supporting this shit is completely detrimental to the entire industry.
  46. Crayon

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    This is weird and tacky to us but normal people play free cell phone games and they eat this shit up. It's not weird to them.
  47. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder Member

    No one, it's whale bait.
  48. Crossing Eden

    Crossing Eden Member

    How is the game not complete? How many games offer you all cosmetics, perks, characters etc. right out the gate? The idea is that this game is meant to be played and supported over a time span of at least two years, so I doubt they expect people to unlock literally everything when the game is focused on specialist playstyles. It's the same way games like Overwatch, Rainbow Six, For Honor, Halo 5, etc. operate. In the same vein, I very much doubt that they're expecting a sizable amount of players to purchase exactly $2100 worth of lootboxes.
  49. Coolwhip

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    I remember when unlocking things were a fun side activity, not a way to squeeze money out of kids.
  50. Sun_Gaming_YT

    Sun_Gaming_YT Member

    That's a far better calculation than my quick Google one.