[Unmarked Spoilers] Devil May Cry 5 - Spoiler Thread (It has begun...)


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Oct 25, 2017




DMC5 E3 Reveal Trailer

DMC5 Gamescom Trailer

DMC5 TGS Trailer

DMC5 TGA Trailer

DMC5 Void Trailer

DMC5 HYDE Collaboration Music Trailer


*Around half of the game has already been showcased in nearly its entirety via press preview event. While not all of the mission and cutscenes have been showcased in these previews, there is enough of it where one can get the general idea of where the game is headed story wise and mechanics wise.

Some of the game previews can be found here:

Maximillion's DMC5 Preview

RPS DMC5 Preview

Gameinformer DMC5 Preview

*NOTE: There are confirmed HIDDEN WEAPONS for Dante within this first half of the game but the press is not allowed to talk about it yet. More on this in Dante's section.

*There are 20 missions in the game PLUS a Prologue and an Epilogue. Itsuno has stated that the game will take roughly 15 hours to finish.


DMC5 takes place some years after the events of DMC4.

*V recruits Dante and his crew to take on Urizen, a new powerful demon who has emerged with a giant demonic tree known as the Qliphoth. Urizen seems to be initiating some form of demon invasion, originating around Redgrave City.

*Dante and his crew fails to take on Urizen, V calls Nero for help but Nero fails as well. While Dante and his crew gets captured by Urizen, Nero and V manage to escape, all of which happens in the Prologue of the game. They regroup and with the help of Nico, build up their strength to challenge Urizen again. This is where most of the first half of the game takes place.

*During the first half of the game, we see some flashbacks of previous events most notably how Nero loses his arm. This entire cutscene can be seen online where a hooded figure appears in Nero's garage, rips off his arm and then creates a portal to escape. The hooded figure is almost assuredly Vergil. While his voice is difficult to decipher, by changing the pitch we can identify that it is in fact Dan Southworth voicing the character.

*We know that near the half point of the game, Nero and V are successful in rescuing Dante but Trish is still captured and in fact held in the armor of a Cavalliere Angelo. This is a boss you fight as Dante in Mission 11, freeing Trish. We currently don't have any idea about the whereabouts of Lady but based on trailers, it is assumed that she gets rescued as well.

*Itsuno has stated that the first half of the game is just the set up, the real emotional beats of the story happen in the second half and thus they haven't really shown anything from the first half aside from a few frames. Some of the events include Dante showing off his new weapons like Faust and Cerberus as soon in the TGA trailer and him unleashing his NEW Devil Trigger form.


*Has lost his Devil Bringer arm from DMC4, is now working with Nico who has replaced his previous arm with a new mechanical known as the Devil Breaker.

*Currently Nero has 8 STANDARD Devil Breakers and 4 "special" Devil Breakers that are Deluxe edition only (or you can purchase separately).

8 Standard Devil Breakers: Overture, Helter Skelter, Punchline, Gerbera, Tomboy, Buster Arm, Ragtime

Showcase of the 8 Standard Devil Breakers

5 Special Devil Breakers: Gerbera GP01 , Pasta Breaker, Sweet Surrender, Megaman Buster Arm

Showcase of the special Devil Breakers

*Nero is CONFIRMED to have a Devil Trigger in the game and will in fact get his Devil Bringer back, as leaked in the Void trailer:

We don't really know how this will work with his current Devil Breaker system though.

V - The Mysterious One

Identity: Unknown

*We don't know much about V at this point aside from his game play. Generally any online preview will give you a good enough breakdown and amount of footage of V to get a general feel for he plays. Storywise he is the character that recruits Dante to take on Urizen, the big villain of DMC5. He also recruits Nero after Dante is unable to take on Urizen with his crew of Lady and Trish.

*V fights alongside Griffon (his ranged attack) and Shadow (melee attacks) as his core attacks, has to use his Cane to finish off enemies which is mapped to the O button. His Devil Trigger causes him to turn his black hair white (because the demons are embedded on him via tattoos, even in his hair) and he summons Nightmare. All of these demons were seen in DMC1, maybe hinting at a relationship of V with Mundus?

*V reads poems out of a book that is actually a collection of poems of William Blake. He can read poems to build his Devil Trigger mid combat. However, there are various influences of William Blake in the whole game including Nico's tatoos, the boss Urizen and more.


*You don't get to play Dante until the half way point in the game. He starts off with the Balrog/Rebellion and E&I/Shotgun. Rebellion gets SHATTERED when fighting Urizen and so he takes the Sparda sword with him to get back to Urizen.

*Dante's weapons and styles so far include;

Melee: Rebellion/Sparda , Cavalliere, King Cerberus, Balrog

Range: Ebony and Ivory, Coyote (Shotgun), Faust Hat, Kalina Ann 2.0

Styles: Swordmaster, Trickster, Gunslinger, Royal Guard

Dante Weapons and Styles Showcase

*Dante is CONFIRMED to have more HIDDEN weapons and a new system. It is speculated that he gains access to legacy weapons like Gilgamesh and Artemis from previous DMC games based on the bosses that are in the game (more on this later). A new system is most probably related to his NEW Devil Trigger form and his new weapon that is seen in some of the promotion.

The new Devil Trigger form is very similar to a concept art of his true DT form from DMC4 as well as his majin Devil Trigger or Desperate Devil Trigger form in DMC2.


*Trish and Lady are seen fighting alongside Dante during his confrontation against Urizen. They are easily defeated just like Dante and Nero while being captured to be used inside demons. Trish is seen carrying the Sparda sword while Lady fights with her guns and Kalina Ann.

*Morrison gives Dante V's mission as he is his handler.

*We hear Patty from the DMC anime call Dante to tell him of her 18th Birthday, Dante is not interested at all...



The big bad guy of DMC5, said to be more powerful than even Mundus. Fights everyone on a throne because he is so damn powerful and he looks bored while he is decimating the heroes! Uses attacks from other bosses in the game, as if he has mastery over them. We don't have any solid information on what his motivations and goals are in the game as of yet, just speculation.


*This is not a complete list! It's mostly from content seen in the first half of the game!

*The flying mermaid boss is named Artemis and the giant stalker type enemy is called Gilgamesh. There is also a Cavalliere riding on top of a Geryon which is called the Elder Geryon Knight. The Hydra looking boss that V fights is called Nidhogg. Some of these boss names are names of older DMC bosses or even weapons, maybe related to how Dante's hidden weapons/systems feature.


*Bloody Palace - To be released as an update in April

*Void mode - Training mode

*Cameo system - Asynchronous online co-op system in certain missions with certain characters

*Photo Mode



And... what 90% of you guys came in here for



I will keep updating this OP/thread as new information starts getting leaked.
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Nov 8, 2017
Ooooh, didn't know that the DB was leaked. Thought that was just wishful thinking.

Reached 1M orbs in the demo. On the hunt for copies in the wild.
Oct 27, 2017
RE2 had some physical copies pop up about a week-ish before launch.

At least it's not a KH3 scenario.
Yeah KH3 leaking so early was pretty unfortunate. I stayed far away from that thread. Hopefully my local store gets this relatively early although these Friday release games don't help with getting copies earlier than 1 to 2 days.
Oct 27, 2017
I can't take it. I want to see everything but the game's less than two weeks away and I know I'll enjoy the hype so much more if I wait and let it all hit me at once. I'm going to be reading this thread with my hands over my eyes, peeking out from between my fingers.

I just need a little taste. Just a little blurry, off-screen shot of Daddy.
Oct 26, 2017
Friend responded. Said he was playing the demo but PSN said he was playing the game. I call shenanigans.

He did say they would be playing for sure this Friday when it arrives at retail.


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Oct 25, 2017
Guys, I just finished the game. I got a review copy cause of my highly successful youtube reaction video channel.

I couldn't believe it at the end when Urizen turned out to be...

Nico's van all along, and Dante and his bike BOTH needed to go to majin Devil Trigger form to defeat him.
Oct 25, 2017
Las Vegas
Guys I too have the final copy. (No, I don't)

It's cool you do combos and stuff. And there are like, boss fights - really cool. V also summons familiars to fight for him, I don't know if you know, but I do - I'm an expert I have the game early you see that's how I know.



Tirsh and Lady are in.

In all seriousness, spoiler and leak threads are the worst because it turns into a literal witch hunt of who's telling the truth. If you have a copy of the game, then just enjoy it. No need to talk about things if you don't want to. Game is coming out so soon anyway.


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Oct 25, 2017
I remember that DMC4 had pretty wild bosses and finishers

Any info on that with this one? Haha
DMC4 was pretty tame on the bosses (few bosses and they were repeated). DMC5 has more bosses and no repeated as confirmed by Itsuno.

And yes there are boss finishers, both by Nero (using Buster arm) and by V:

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Oct 25, 2017
^Aclaration, you don't fight the same boss with different characters in the main game. But you do in Bloody Palace which is a free DLC in April tho.


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Oct 25, 2017
Yeah those V sequences are from Bloody Palace as confirmed by Itsuno.

But this just tells you that they made UNIQUE animations and finishers for every boss EVEN if you don't fight them in the campaign PER character!
Oct 27, 2017
Hey guys I'd post some spoilers about this early copy of the game I totally have and am definitely playing right now, except when I got to the Vergil reveal scene my PS4 exploded and my TV was incinerated and also my very eyeballs were burnt out of my skull in a white-hot reckoning fire of purest hype.

Maybe I need to wait for the day one patch?
Dec 4, 2017
Hey guys I'd post some spoilers about this early copy of the game I totally have and am definitely playing right now, except when I got to the Vergil reveal scene my PS4 exploded and my TV was incinerated and also my very eyeballs were burnt out of my skull in a white-hot reckoning fire of purest hype.

Maybe I need to wait for the day one patch?
sounds like some day one eye-patches are the place to start