US forces in Iraq under attack from Iranian cruise missiles. [IMPORTANT STAFF POST]

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    Oh well, what the hell?
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    Oct 25, 2017
    Official Staff Communication
    The situation between the United States and Iran is fast moving and highly charged. In order to try and prevent things from becoming more heated than they need to be, the following rules will be strictly enforced from here on out:
    • There is to be no fearmongering over World War 3​
    • There is to be no warmongering or jingoism​
    • Any trolling, of any kind, will be severely punished​
    • Any racism or Xenophobia will receive stricter bans than usual​
    • ALL SOURCES MUST BE CHECKED BEFORE POSTING, DO NOT POST ANY FAKE LINKS OR NEWS. Please be sure to wait for confirmation from trustworthy news sources before sharing anything new.​

    Violating any of these guidelines will be met with no less than a 1 month ban from the site. These rules will hold for all threads on this conflict until further notice.