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US PoliERA 2018 |OT11| The Hunt for Blue November

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Oct 25, 2017
Vaughn Hillyard @VaughnHillyard

#AZSEN is nuts. Just, yeah. There’s some 600k+ ballots outstanding. And that’s an estimate. Not known how many each county has. We should have a good gist come Thursday at 5pm local but if that margin is very slim, we’ve got many days ahead...more details to come.


Does anyone know whom most of those ballots are likely to be for? EDIT: OF COURSE NOT, WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHICH COUNTIES THEY'RE FROM

(Please be mostly from Pima County!)
Oct 25, 2017
Some of ya'll sounding like Trump with this Florida is rigged stuff. Sorry if I am not picking up on sarcasm, but come on folks.
Don't think anyone actually believes this.

I'm just annoyed at the hot takes that we should give up on FL in national and statewide races when we're talking about margins less than 1%
Oct 25, 2017
Boston, MA
If Don Jr. actually is indicted Trump might actually go the rest of the way mad.

Not because he gives a shit about anyone. But even though he's technically protected by the senate that's someone who's just too close to him. He'd be stark raving mad imagining someone will find a way to get to him.
Oct 25, 2017
um what


if Gillum is gaining votes to the point that he's within 15,000 then what does that mean for Nelson?

because Nelson was doing a lot better than Gillum

that suggests Gillum gains about 40,000 votes and Nelson is only behind 34k
Oct 26, 2017
Daniel Dale @ddale8

RIP imaginary middle-class tax cut: Trump says he doesn't have the votes in the Senate for his imaginary middle-class tax cut.
Oct 25, 2017
He also only sleeps four hours a night and doesn't exercise.

The devil is keeping him alive at this point.
Even mystic powers can't save him forever. Strom Thurmond eventually died, after all.

Not before a perp walk plz! Last thing we need is Fox pushing how intense pressure from Libs and Fake News killed our god!
Fox News is gonna Fox News no matter what.

You do have a point about missing out on that perp walk, though...
Oct 25, 2017
Maybe he'll just..stroke out.

Like, the dude lives on Diet Coke and anger. With how riled up he's going to be over the next two years, maybe nature just takes its course.
I’ve always felt this was a strong possibility. He’s under unreal pressure, his marriage is a nightmare, he’s in bad physical shape, doesn’t sleep much, doesn’t exercise. and he eats terribly.
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