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US PoliERA 2019 |OT1| You down wit' NDP? (Yeah you know me!) Who's down wit' AOC? (This whole party!)

Oct 25, 2017
Aaron Sorkin: Dems are not just about transgender bathrooms, we also haven't forgotten the economic anxiety of the middle class

get these people the fuck out of here, jesus
Oct 25, 2017

Unredacted text in a new Mueller court filing suggest that in Feb. 2018 — months after he was first charged — Manafort still appears to have been working on a peace initiative for Ukraine. And may have been doing so in concert with Konstantin Kilimnik.
In concert with Konstantin Kilimnik sure rolls off the tongue.
Oct 25, 2017
Yesterday I stumbled about this quote by one of the Russian Orthodox Churches spokespersons:
multi-confessionality, multiparty systems, separation of powers, competition, administrative conflicts—all that the present political system takes such pride in—are symptoms of spiritual unhealthiness. The very existence of a pluralistic democracy is none other than a direct result of sin
In combination with a quote of Moscow Patriarch Kirill:
the fundamental contradiction of our epoch...is the opposition of liberal civilised standards on the one hand, and the values of national, cultural and religious identity on the other
The Russian orthodox church has formed a very warm relationship with the Kremlin over the past 20 years (coming from complete suppression of the church and basically state sanctioned atheism in the soviet union, thats quite a feat).

What happened is that Putin recognized the church as a useful tool. Not only can it give legitimacy to the political elite, but its nationalist and "identitarian" message is also clearly anti-western. It basically refutes the notion that "all men are created equal" and instead puts interests of national, cultural and religious identity above individualist rights.

This sounds rather extremist, but I'd say that the American religious right shows the very same ideological tendencies in their arguments and actions.

Putin is exploiting that hard. He is trying to push this alternative world view, thats ideological deeply anti-western, and sells it to people in the US and Europe as different forms of nationalism and/or a cultural/religious fight for survival. (against, individualism, pluralism, secularism etc.)
This way nobody notices that whats actually under attack here is the western value system of the past 80 years, and instead everyone thinks they, as in their national/cultural/religious identity, are under attack.

I think during all this trouble its important to keep in mind why Russia is involving itself in international politics again and what their goals are.
Oct 27, 2017
This whole thread is great.



Let’s dig into “gravitas,” bc it’s an ambiguous word, selectively applied. Ever wonder how expression that’s feminine, working-class, queer, or poc isn’t deemed as having “gravitas,” but talking like an Aaron Sorkin character does? Men have “gravitas,” women get “likeable.”

This has deeper consequences, bc as we’ve seen w/ narratives advanced by the right, they have trouble recognizing intelligence in people they disagree with. This is what bias looks like: for some ppl, small mistakes mean they’re not “serious,” yet others are forgiven for worse.

If you notice, on the right they’ll flatly call people blanket terms, and even make things up. And I don’t mean trolls - I mean their biggest commentators + TV figures. This is different from criticizing a specific take you disagree with, or pointing out discriminatory patterns.

Just look at the marginal tax rate discussion. The right’s biggest strategy against my marginal tax rate proposal isn’t to argue against it - it‘s to lie about it, and imply that it’s a tax on all income, bc that helps their characterization of me as a “crazy/dumb“ Latina woman.

This stuff infects some Democrats, too. Because in our overall discourse, nonviolent protest somehow gets deemed as not “civil,” yet stripping women’s rights or incarcerating children on the border doesn’t receive the same characterization. What’s up with that?