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US PoliERA 2019 |OT1| You down wit' NDP? (Yeah you know me!) Who's down wit' AOC? (This whole party!)

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Oct 25, 2017
Ok it's clear Trump wants more than just "border security". No bill is going to be made from this debate.

Don't nobody cry now, but

Ojeda has suspended his campaign.
Why did he even bother? Didn't he have to give up his State Senate Seat? For a WV guy he seemed ok but he had no place on the national stage (voted fro Trump? get the fuck outta here)
Oct 25, 2017
The very fact that Democrats, under the amazing Speaker Pelosi, held firm will only create a positive power feedback loop.

Oct 27, 2017
My apartment management company just announced to all residents across the country that they are waiving any associated penalties and fees associated with furloughed government residents unable to make Feb. rent on time.

Good on them.
Oct 27, 2017
Metro Detriot
It burns, I listened to the whole thing.....gah.

Summery to my husband:

Open government, still has his Emergency Declaration to use, believe it.
Bullshit that government worker were behind him.
3 week til Feb 15th with back pay. Senate to vote immediately. lies about wall being part of solution.
Will let DHS and law force speak to what they need. (Miller did not write this part of speech- too nice).
Still lying about wall working- now talking about Israel wall, blah, blah, blah. Normal wall talk, not medieval - made of STEEL, see through, with drones. Millions of year, natural barriers. No sea to sea. Adding in tech and manpower to focus on protection.
Coyotes. Humanitarian crisis. FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. Women bound, duct tape, children, though desserts. Problem, because of the internet. World problem. FEAR. FEAR.FEAR. MS-13. BLAh,BLah,Blah. Drugs kill. Very sick health crisis.
Oh my- this is his SOTU.
Can't kick out immigrants. Have to keep them. The horror, our ancient laws. Dems won't take these people in their districts, bad dems.
Merit based immigration, not scum.
The farms.
Massive percentage. Nobody would believe.
Build powerful wall or steel barrier.
Second shutdown incoming or Emergency Declaration.
Oct 27, 2017
I love how he put out he owns the next shutdown and/or emergency declaration failure already.

Gimme what I want or I will shoot myself in the foot again.
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