US PoliERA 2019 |OT4| Folded like a DOG

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Midnight Jon

Oct 25, 2017
Two facts about the last two weeks:
1) Bill Barr is absolutely not, in any capacity, qualified to be Attorney General of the United States.
2) His 4-page summary of the Mueller report is absolutely not a completely factual summary of the Special Counsel's findings.

The 2020 hellcycle continues. Presidential primary stuff can be found here, and I absolutely refuse to recap where any candidates are right now on account of it's fuckin' April 2019.

We've otherwise got 11 state (and 2 territorial) gubernatorial elections to contest, every House seat, and all of the Class 2 seats plus Arizona's Class 3 seat in the Senate (in addition to a very large number of state legislative seats).

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Oct 27, 2017
My wife and I are having our first child, we find out the "gender" tomorrow. So now shit like this pisses me off to the point of headaches:

Will Florida legislators make it easier to ban books in schools? We’ll soon find out.
Members of the conservative Florida Citizens Alliance have been appalled with what they’ve seen in the books being handed to students in the public schools.

“Pornographic” scenes in novels. Religious “indoctrination” boosting Islam over others in the social studies books. “Unbalanced propaganda” promoting climate change in science texts.
When mounting challenges to novels and textbooks in Collier County, among others, the Florida Citizens Alliance ran into hurdles it did not expect. It previously had convinced lawmakers to allow all residents, not just parents, to object to school materials, and to have outside hearing officers review the complaints.

But the hearing officers weren’t independent, said Hill, and because the school boards were more likely to listen to the officers they controlled, they were also likely to reject the complaints. He also said that boards, rather than consider each individual complaints, were instead bundling them together in broad-brush reviews that disappointed those making the complaints.

The legislation aims to change such details, preventing school boards from choosing hearing officers, for instance, and granting appeals beyond the local level. It also would make it a felony to buy any books that contain content deemed pornographic under state obscenity statutes, or otherwise determined “not acceptable.”
These fucks need to be put in their place, quickly, otherwise you might need to bail my ass out when these fuck-nuggets show up to my kids schools.

Mr. X

Oct 25, 2017
Hannity doing a job interview with Kobach for the DHS role

Can't wait to see him on job next month.


Oct 25, 2017
By 2024, the GOP will be, if it still exists, a white nationalist rump state party. Calling it.

Israel needs him to take an L with how emboldened that sack of shit is now.
as the votes have come in, it's gotten worse for the Center-Left coalition and the exits have been updated accordingly. It's not over, but it's not a very hopeful situation imo.


Oct 27, 2017

“There’s always someone who went to college and graduated and they have this idea of, ‘Oh, this could be so beautiful on this side of town,’” Odom said. “But they never think about the consequences. They don’t think about the people they’re hurting. And I think that the mayor, he didn’t have all of the people he needed in his ear giving him the guidance to do it the right way.”

Williams-Preston, who has developed a working relationship with Buttigieg, said the mayor has learned to call such guidance “healthy pressure.”

“You very well could be president of the United States one day,” she recalled telling Buttigieg. “And I feel like it’s the responsibility of the people of South Bend to make sure you’re prepared for that. So we are going to have to give you some battle scars.”
Not necessarily new, but if you're not familiar with the backstory of the city's redevelopment this is a good piece. I think it's a healthy sign that when Pete's constituents raised legitimate concerns he listened and made changes accordingly. Valuable lesson!


Oct 25, 2017
Wait, she was the ACTING deputy secretary? Do they fill any of these jobs?


Oct 25, 2017
Ain’t no one gonna be perfect, so best to aim towards who moves us closer to that guiding light.


Oct 25, 2017
It was pointed out that Trump couldn't actually appoint the person he wanted because of the way the statutes interact. So he fired that person too! The purge continues!

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