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US PoliEra 2019 |OT9| I'm really glad I'm not on Twitter nearly enough to understand all the references

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Oct 25, 2017
Kshama Sawant is now leading the Amazon-backed doofus she's against.

It's in recount-territory, so I bet we'll get one.

Sawant sucks and really cares mostly about burgeoning her national profile, but any loss for Amazon is welcome because they're the fucking worst.
Oct 26, 2017
South Carolina
Boy that bus better have monster truck tires for all the bodies going under it this week!

She wants that fabled vp slot.

She knows it's bullshit. I think. Maybe.
When the dignity and self-respect has left, and the place on the board of the company is going thru the shits, who can tell any more?

Fuck Abbott. He's a bitch-ass piece of shit.
Rapid 0-60 turning blue, rapid 0-60 in ratfucking.


Nov 30, 2017
I don't like Sawant but the Council really needs to be an independent voice. Seattle is always to some degree going to be a company town (with the exact company always changing), and having big progressive majorities help counterbalance the corporate pull on the city.


Oct 25, 2017
Sawant is whatever, but it's hilarious that it looks like Bezos is gonna get his shit kicked in.

Especially after the early results looked positive for him.


Oct 27, 2017
Just found out my childhood church is hosting Marianne Williamson in a couple weeks. Kinda want to go just for fun.

Edit: For reference, this church was kinda just into a vague spiritualism. They were way involved in LGBT issues in Nebraska in the early aughts.


Oct 27, 2017
Maddow reading the Fiona Hill deposition. Hill absolutely eviscerated the Republican representatives and their staff lawyers. If next week these witnesses do half of what they did in the depositions, Jordan won't be able to get out so much as a "Mr. Chairman" before being snapped out of existence.
Oct 25, 2017

Lol none of these losers want to win


Oct 27, 2017
Los Angeles, CA

Lol none of these losers want to win
Swalwell's one weak swing-and-a-miss at Uncle Joe spooked the rest of them.


Oct 26, 2017
Ritch people: “Hillary save us!”
Hillary: “Bitch, where were you in ‘16?”

edit: also I’d love to know who Hillary actually likes in the field currently.


Apr 4, 2018
I really really wish that Biden was just a stronger candidate. I know he’s inferior on literally every issue compared to Warren and Bernie but if he was operating at full strength and running a good campaign he’d be the clear cut favorite going into the Primaries and be by far the best match up against Trump. But in his current state he’s of no use to anyone.
Oct 26, 2017
I think the lineup of Democratic candidates are fine and polling shows the majority of the Democratic base seem happy with the field too.

That said, while there are powerhouse candidates in the "progressive" lane, the "moderate" lane is indeed weak. That's where the hand-wringing is coming from. Biden looks like he could croak at any minute and Booty is still unproven and has minuscule black support. Then you have the Moderate/Establishment candidates like Booker, Harris, and Klob who don't seem to be gaining any real traction.

The three frontrunners are two powerhouse progressive candidates and a Moderate on a respirator that could kick at any moment. Yeah you got some billionaires and the donor class who are afraid of Warren but there is a real feeling among moderate/center left Dems and Independents there isn't a (healthy) candidate representing them among the frontrunners. I probably fall into that category. I wanted a left/center/left candidate like Harris and Beto, but they both laid eggs. My hope now is that Warren will tact harder toward the middle, just being slightly to the right of Bernie isn't good enough.

I've said it thousand times but I want a dramatic EC victory and the Senate. Warren is a "hard mode" candidate with likely a narrow EC victory and no Senate. And without the Senate, her "structural change" will be a pipe dream.

Arm Van Dam

Mar 30, 2019
Oh boy, this guy again, this time, considering running for Thornberry's seat

NEWS: Former VA nominee Ronny Jackson eyes run for Congress, per two sources familiar with his plans rollcall.com/news/campaigns/former-va-nominee-ronny-jackson-eyes-run-for-congress …
Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson is considering a run for Congress in Texas, two sources familiar with his plans said Friday.

Jackson was the chief White House physician in 2018, when President Donald Trump nominated him to be Veterans Affairs secretary. But Jackson withdrew his name from consideration amid allegations that he abused alcohol and mishandled prescription drugs, although he said at the time the charges were “completely false and fabricated.”

A Texas native, Jackson is eyeing a run as a Republican in the 13th District, which became an open seat after longtime GOP incumbent Mac Thornberry announced his retirement. Trump won the district by 63 points in 2016 and Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales rates the race Solid Republican.

Jackson was born in Levelland, Texas, which is in the neighboring 19th District.

Jackson is well-liked by Trump and is still employed at the White House, although he is no longer the chief physician. He also served as a physician for Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Candidate filing begins Saturday and ends Dec. 9.

Five Republicans have already filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for the seat, including Amarillo City Councilwoman Elaine Hays, Army veteran Vance Snider, former congressional aide Josh Winegarner, businessman Chris Exstrom, and activist Monique Worthy.
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