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Nov 7, 2017
I think that's the part we disagree on.

If door A is passing the public option, a universal child allowance, severely expanding the EITC, decent parental leave, etc., all fairly easily because those are all incredibly good things that even moderates like Bennett are for, and door B is passing M4A barely after a fight that makes the ACA looks pleasant and easy, I'm going to pick option A.

Also, sometimes when you go for a revolutionary plan that turns out to be unpopular, politicians don't respond by going, "let's do something a little smaller instead," they go, "let's not touch that at all." See how George W. Bush didn't pass anything related to Social Security at all after his privatization plan died at launch.
Are you actually implying that -- after months publicly campaigning for and negotiating around principles of expanding Medicare -- Bernie will give up and say "welp, let's try infrastructure"??

If Bernie has a Dem House and a Senate and his own party still refuses to coalesce behind some variance of a medicare-for-all plan, because it's "too expensive", despite the widespread support for it, and the fact that finally Dems have carte-blanche for only the third year since 1994... look, so be it.

Is it not worth trying?? If it fails, then we can talk centrist compromise.


Oct 29, 2017
Reagan made this country horrified of taxation for a straight half century. He's evilly smiling from the grave.
Reagan was just the deliverer:
The Republicans got what they wanted from Wanniski's work. They held power for thirty years, made themselves trillions of dollars, cut organized labor's representation in the workplace from around 25 percent when Reagan came into office to around 8 of the non-governmental workforce today, and left such a massive deficit that some misguided "conservative" Democrats are again clamoring to shoot Santa with working-class tax hikes and entitlement program cuts.

And now Boehner, McCain, Brooks, and the whole crowd are again clamoring to be recognized as the ones who will out-Santa Claus the Democrats. You'd think after all the damage they've done that David Gregory would have simply laughed Boehner off the program – much as the American people did to the Republicans in the last election – although Gregory is far too much a gentleman for that. Instead, he merely looked incredulous; it was enough.

The Two Santa Claus theory isn't dead, as we can see from today's Republican rhetoric. Hopefully, though, reality will continue to sink in with the American people and the massive fraud perpetrated by Wanniski, Reagan, Laffer, Graham, Bush(s), and all their "conservative" enablers will be seen for what it was and is. And the Obama administration can get about the business of repairing the damage and recovering the stolen assets of these cheap hustlers.
*spoilers* It's now the last 40 years and counting. There's a way to truly break out of the rut, but the slow, methodical incremental way a lot of Dems have favored over those same 40 years is no longer valid given the fleeting amount of time we have left on this rock to mitigate the future climate shitstorm and its wide-ranging societal impacts, where we need to be as far away from the Two Santa Claus Theory as possible.

We are already running behind schedule by a good 20 years. We won't have another 20 (closer to 10) to get our shit together before the bottom falls out.


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Oct 26, 2017
Is anyone else kinda put off by a white guy with a black avi posting black reaction gifs or is that just me?

And with that, I'm off. I'm tired and going to sleep. Sorry I couldn't get to all of your questions. I'll be back tomorrow!
Literally dropping a bucket of water on a grease fire and running away laughing, rofl


Oct 25, 2017
People here have an extremely distorted view of this country. I wonder if they grew up in Democratic strongholds or just spend a majority of their time on the internet. The truth is that the country is currently FAR more conservative than people give it credit for. That's why incremental change is more realistic than attempting to upend the whole system. If the issue is described as trying to force a tax on people (and that's exactly how it will be described) than people will enthusiastically reject it.
Are we more conservative or does our broken system just give conservatives disproportionately more power?


Nov 6, 2017
Those PA numbers are pretty bad for Scranton Joe. Establishment should get behind Warren if they want to stop Bernie. It's their only hope.

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Oct 25, 2017
United States
New Franklin & Marshall Pennsylvania poll: Biden: 22% (-8 from Oct.) Sanders: 15% (+3) Warren: 14% (-4) Bloomberg: 7% Buttigieg: 6% (-2) Yang: 5% (+4) Klobuchar: 5% (+3)
Big drop for Biden, but it's a bigger bummer for Warren. :\

Sanders still had a ton of ground to make up. Doesn't look like he benefited much from the others losing ground.


Nov 7, 2017
I wish I could say I was surprised that Bloomberg has been so successful at purchasing his way into the top ~4.
Oct 28, 2017
Right, but these things aren’t static or wholly representative. The CIO contemporaneously to AFL, held a more inclusive position on immigrants and today the AFL-CIO supports reforms to stop the exploitation of immigrant labor. The exclusion act can’t be taken to characterize “solidarity“ as a monolithic racist dog whistle.
Nonetheless, organized labor is almost by definition a highly exclusionary movement, since its goal is to maximize the utility of individuals who belong the insider group, i.e. its due-paying members. The welfare of the (potential) workforce is not what they are intended to care about. So whether its fighting to keep labor laws that make it almost impossible to fire currently employed workers and in turn cause massive youth unemployment like in Europe over the last decade, or being very skeptical potential increases in the labor pool (regardless if by quantity or quality) through immigrants, labor unions by design extend solidarity only to a narrow and well-defined group of individuals. Everyone who is currently outside their group is therefore automatically a threat to the group.
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