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USA government shutdown becomes longest in US history

Oct 25, 2017
Trump had a marvelous day.

Owned the longest and dumbest shutdown in US history

And NYT revealed that a fucking counterintelligence investigation was launched to find out if he's a Russian lapdog.

He is
Oct 27, 2017
I think I know how this is going to end:
Trump declares a state of emergency, The House declares that there is none. By law the Senate has to vote on that within 18 days, and there will be a court challenge. Trump loses at least one of those , probably both (or McConnell refuses to hold a vote and is sued on that and loses at the SC, then loses the vote).

Government opens in the interim, Trump complains about traitors stopping him from building the wall, his base buys his argument whereas Trump hopes low-information voters forget about this in 18 months time.