Valkyria Chronicles 4: Battlefields Trailer (Avalanches, Blizzards, Ice Sheets)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Yunyo, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Yunyo

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    Sega uploaded a new trailer for VC4 which releases in Japan in 4 days, showing off a few of the battlefields and their gimmicks. Since roughly half the game takes place in snowy and icy battlefields they showed off some of the environmental changes that can occur.

    From Netto-kun

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    I'm so happy this game exists.
  3. iverdawg

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    I'm on the last chapter of the first game and have loved it. Can't wait to get this one. Just wish they'd bring the Collector's Edition over, but I doubt we'll see it in the West.
  4. TheBaldwin

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    Cannot wait for this, any japenese reviews been released yet? did a search and nothing appeared.
  5. Yunyo

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    Game's not out yet. Famitsu gave a good score but Famitsu reviews are... yeah, worthless. You'd probably get good results after release if you look up Japanese fan blogs.

    I played the demo and I think the game is excellent, though the demo doesn't have a lot of the features of the full game. The only thing I'd really want to ask for after playing is a hard mode! But maybe I'll walk that back after I get further in the game...
  6. BRSxIgnition

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    There's a Dengeki Review out if you're okay with using google translate.

    Ends with:

  7. Dooble

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    Wow, that sounds cool. Like a real sequel..
  8. Doopliss

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    Do I have to play 2 and 3
  9. Icarus

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    Not at all, it’s more of a homage to the first game anyways.
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    Absolutely LOVED the first one. Didn't like the second, never played the third. Never even glanced at the spin off. I'm crazy excited for this one!!!!!!!!! I hope it comes out in the states when there isn't much else to play or fight for attention. I want this one to do extremely well. Looks fantastic!
  11. ~Fake

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    Me too. Great to this support from SEGA.
  12. Aters

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    Welp, street date break in HK, already seeing spoilers.
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    No one tell me which is the Fucked Chapter!
  14. Kaidoi94

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    Lol, someone even streamed this on Twitch and they're up to Chapter 7
  15. Yunyo

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    Dangerous... I will steer clear! It unlocks tomorrow evening anyway.
  16. Chaos2Frozen

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    If only I knew I could be using it to play video games ahead of everyone else I would have put in a greater effort in studying my mother tongue >_>
  17. mindsale

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    Cannot wait for this. Still no NA release date?
  18. Metal B

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    Just notice, that the Switch Version will not release at the same time ... ugh.

    Is there an overview of all the new mechanics. I also want to wish, how the game fixes the flaws of the first game for example: Scout rush, overleveling, too powerfull orders and useless units (aka Lancers).
  19. Minsc

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    October 16th. it appears, (all platforms).
  20. Virtua Sanus

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    I love how it has such a strong focus on spacial awareness. Now I see how SEGA is so certain that this will be the best game in the series.

    I strongly recommend you check out 3. The fan translation is wonky but completely serviceable.
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  22. mute

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    If history repeats itself they will be stuck there a while :P
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    I would absolutely love to if given the chance. Been a long time since I played through a fan translated import haha . Last time I did that was with Shining Force 3 scenario 2 and 3
  24. SecondNature

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    I want this so much. OP gave me a panic when he said it releases in 4 days
  25. Yunyo

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    Oops. "Japanese release in 4 days" would be better lol.
  26. tabris

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    Only issue I had with original VC game was the awful ranking system - where it promoted just scout rushing - no matter who you killed.

    Did they fix it in later games or do we know if it's fixed in 4?
  27. Khanimus

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    Really curious how this will look on Switch. It doesn't look like anything the Switch couldn't do, so if the difference isn't super big, I'd totally get it there. Either way, I'm glad this exists.
  28. IronicSonic

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    Great trailer!, It hurts that the game's launch date is so far away though :/
  29. Aters

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    You can start downloading your digital copy, game is 27G.
  30. Yunyo

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    Strangely enough my download is "split" into two packages, an 8GB one and a 26GB one. Probably some newfangled preload thing.

    The Edy DLC downloaded immediately, so that's definitely just an unlock key. Got my tank sticker and my VC4 home theme.
  31. Yunyo

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  32. Kaidoi94

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    Ranking system is still based on speed, however there’s more variety in mission objectives and more emphasis on using multiple classes instead of a single scout over and over. Additionally multiple missions have a second part to them so if you complete the first phase, you get more CP to use, effectively giving you another turn.

    EDIT: Of course, this only applies to main story missions since skirmishes are just for grinding

    EDIT 2: In regards to the “fix” at least in VC 3 you get rewarded more for killing key enemy units (leaders, tanks, etc). The Gallian Crossfire mod for VC 1 massively reduced rank reward while increasing it for key enemy kills so it’s approximately a 50/25/25 split between base, rank, and key enemy kills (assuming you A rank and kill every key enemy). Don’t know about VC 2 unfortunately.
  33. Encephalon

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    I completed the demo today. It was nice to get a head start on the game; hopefully my copy arrives earlier in the day. Some thoughts:

    - Don't really care for the character drama in the beginning.
    - There ARE new Sakimoto tracks. One of them sounds pretty uncharacteristic of him. Another sounds a bit like the Playstation era classics.
    - There's a low budget feel to the game that really wasn't present in the original, which had some pretty decent CG and more consistent cutscene use in the beginning of the game.
    - It is easy. There appears to be some weird AI going on; in one of the early missions, the game decided to shuffle units around, instead of taking what was a clear shot at my tank.

    Import OT, when?
  34. Netto-kun

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    Thank you Yunyo for making a new thread from my post. I didn't think about doing that when I typed it out.

    Season pass (feature 4 missions) was announced during the livestream. Will cost 4320 yen (it says 4000 in the picture but that's without the additional 8% consumer tax).

    The 4 missions are "Squad E heading to the sea!" (1500 yen), "Squad E without their captain" (1000 yen), "Skirmish Hard-EX" (1000 yen) and "Opposing Valkyria" (1500 yen). All prices do not include consumer tax (so another +8% to the price).
    Also lastly the Memorial Box packaging design.

  35. Hexa

    Hexa Member

    Isn't that really expensive for four missions?
  36. Kaidoi94

    Kaidoi94 Member

    It’s always possible there’s multiple maps? Like in the expert skirmishes DLC?
  37. Netto-kun

    Netto-kun Member

    Standard edition costs 8629 yen while the 10th Anniversary Memorial Box costs 11472 yen. So it's really up to you to decide whether the season pass is expensive or not. Granted we don't really know how much additional story contents the 1st, 2nd and 4th missions will offer.
    Seems possible at least for the skirmish DLC just judging from the screenshot. Can't speak for the other though.
  38. Hexa

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    Thanks. That's more expensive than I thought. I'm guessing that it'll be $30 in the US then, which may be reasonable.
  39. BRSxIgnition

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    Working on getting the import OT to you folks as soon as possible, though we'll likely wait until the Nindies showcase is done and those threads have been posted.
  40. maXer

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    Why is the NA release so far away. :(

    If I download Japanese version on Switch, will there be English menu and subtitle options?
  41. BRSxIgnition

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    The switch version is only coming out in summer 2018 and there's no proof that it will include localization effort not present in the base Japanese version.
  42. Netto-kun

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    Japanese Switch version is scheduled for Summer release so I wouldn't bet on that.
  43. maXer

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    Guess Ill be waiting a long while for this game then. Story is important to me and I absolutely need to understand everything being said. October just seems very far away.

    No date for DQ11 either. Faaarrk.

    Dark Souls remastered will have to hold me.