1. NamasteWager


    Wait a second... this is saying Spiral Knights is at ~5mil. What are the criteria for this list? Is this like active player or all time players?
  2. sectionse7en


    Some real investigative, facts based journalism? On my gaming news websites? It's more likely than you think.

    Quite remarkable to see ArmA 3 right next to Fallout 4 with 6 mil sales. That's strong.

    Garry's Mod at 18.5 and Rust at 9.5. Garry needs more money hats.
  3. hobblygobbly


    And Skyrim to this day has 15-20k average daily players on Steam alone, no singleplayer game can pull those numbers so many years later, many multiplayer games can't either.
  4. Conkerkid11


    You say sales, but it's a free game with an optional like $5 DLC.
  5. That is actually pretty good considering the sequel drop off for SC and 3rd are significantly higher. Sequel drop off in general is usually pretty high.
  6. Kyougar


    The power of mods
    and lewd mods
  7. Tya


    Witcher 2 has been on sale for as little as $2.99 on Steam. I imagine a ton of people who loved Witcher 3 but didn't play Witcher 2 bought 2 when it was on an extreme discount.
  8. Saint-14


    Did FFXV get any price cuts yet? It probably will end up the best selling FF game on steam after all is said and done.
  9. collige


    To be clear, Ars didn't do the actual investigation here.
  10. Vivian-Pogo


    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Collection - 1,232,451
    Sonic Generations Collection - 647,871
    Sonic Adventure 2 - 416,375
    Sonic Adventure DX - 291,205
    Sonic CD - 241,011
    Sonic Mania - 168,633
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode I - 144,813
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 - Episode II - 83,454
    Sonic Lost World - 72,200
    Sonic Forces - 34,165
    Team Sonic Racing - 3444 (must be pre-orders?)

    Good job, consumers, for Mania outselling Forces 5 to 1.
  11. kris.


    ...I'm one of those people. I will someday. I SWEAR.
  12. Risev


    Evil Within 2 not even on the list. Means it sold less than 237k on Steam. Damn it must've sold way less that I thought, and I knew it did bad. At least Sebastian's story had a satisfactory ending, so I wouldn't be that sad about it being the final entry (which it probably is).

    Prey on the other hand is at 700k, though I'm not sure how low its price was during sales. Dishonored 2 is at 1.1 million so that's not bad at all, though I could see how Bethesda would be disappointed considering the first one is at 3.7 million.
  13. sibarraz


    Is like the 8 million pubg players in Xbox where 7 million come from guys family sharing with their 30 brothers
  14. Strafer

    The Flagpole is Wider Member

    Skyrim train just wont stop.
  15. Kyougar


    The Evil Within 2," 227,653 ",601430
  16. Dishonored II had a lot of bad press at launch for the performance of the PC version. They should have never switched engines IMO, it did nothing but hurt the game. It's a lot better now after patches, though it still has issues but I think it mainly too little too late for it.

    It's a shame as it's a fantastic game (My personal GOTY that year) and has some of the best level design I've ever seen.
  17. Sesha


    Itsuno's been busy on DMC5.
  18. Mobyduck


    It's the number of people who played the game at least once. Active players is a public number already.

    By the way, can anyone tell me the numbers for Puzzle Pirates? Can't open the list here.
  19. jediyoshi


    In fact, this is probably the baitiest headline I've ever see on Ars.
  20. Risev


    Yeah I know. I also remember AA being horrendous for Dishonored 2. TAA was a blurry mess, and anything else was either too jaggy, or hurt performance immensely. Great game though. Definitely need to do another playthrough. Also bought Death of the Outsider during the sale just a few days ago so I need to get on that as well.
  21. crazyfunster


    Much of that is because SC and 3rd haven't gone on a huge sale yet. Loved those games, but at this point folks are waiting for the 75% off.
  22. Delusibeta


    More Xseed related numbers:
    Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: 120,376
    Senran Kagura Estival Versus: 85,874
    Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash: 40,229
    Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni: 28,801
    Senran Kagura Bon Appetit: 20,860

    Gee, I wonder why the Senran Kagura Burst remake is getting a PC port alongside the English version.

    Also, since I made a post guesstimating sales about this game recently:

    FOX n FORESTS: 1,482.

    Damn, I was basically on the money before I'd released I had forgotten the non-English language reviews.
  23. Risev


    Metal Gear Survive sitting at under 70k sold (at a lesser launch price compared to Phantom Pain) is just sad. Frigging Konami man. Phantom Pain sitting at a great 1.75 million copies sold, Ground Zeroes at almost 900k (though I think it was given for free with Phantom Pain at some point?), and Rising at at almost 700k (that's about 600 thousand more copies than Survive, even though the game released on PC a while after its initial console release).

    Konami done fucked it up. Doubt they care unfortunately.
  24. Wintermute


    just for clarity, from my reading of the data, this doesn't necessarily suggest that these games currently have those totals of players, just that a given title has been bought and played at least once by its owner. someone please correct me of wrong. seeing people expressing surprise that pubg currently has such *current* numbers, but imo there's no way to estimate the current active playerbase from these values.
  25. eot


    Original Counter-Strike
  26. Delusibeta


    So, on the one hand, you're correct, these are the number of Steam licences for each game that's in the world, so for stuff that's been given away for free (e.g. Payday 2, Unturned) it doesn't necessarily represent sales.

    On the other hand, active playerbases would be more easily be identified through how many people are playing each game concurrently, and that remains public knowledge.
  27. NamasteWager


    Ahh i see, thank you. Puzzle Pirates is at 469,196
  28. lexony


    Wow Cities Skylines at 6 Million? In march they said that they are at 5 Million. This is not bad for a 3 years old game. (when this table is more or less accurate.)
  29. devSin


    FF13 on top, where it belongs.

    Probably lots of reasons. It's a sequel of a niche game. The future of the series is uncertain. It's long and requires some investment in earlier (equally long) games.

    XSEED prices their games so that they don't have to move so many copies (because they know they won't). Sky FC is the cheapest (and oldest) of all those, which is why its numbers are so high (it goes on sale for sub-$10, which is impulse territory for a lot of people).

    But Ys 8 and Xanadu show what happens when you go too high, especially when you turn out a boring (Xanadu) or absolute garbage (Ys) port.

    It was already 50% off in the summer sale, which is the maximum discount any FF game has ever received on Steam.

    I doubt it will get up that high (maybe another 100-150K), unless the modding scene goes crazy and/or they reduce the base price later on.
  30. GuitarGuruu


    Why isn't this more available? Its fascinating.
  31. What thell is unturned
  32. Zero-ELEC


    RE6 still the king:

  33. caff!!!


    HL2 was free as a part of an ATi promo
  34. CrichtonKicks


    Again, this is players, not sales. It won't count anyone who hasn't installed/launched the game and, correct me if I'm wrong, it may not count if if you haven't played to the first achievement.
  35. Gbraga


    Forgotton Anne 5,198

    Damn. That sucks. They really deserve a lot more.
  36. qa_engineer


    Vermintide 2 at 1.2, not bad at all.
  37. Those are good sales for a company as small as XSEED (now at 20 employees according to one of their editors). Falcom's basically getting free money and incentive to do more of these ports so long as XSEED's profiting from these releases, building up a stronger fanbase every year.

    Nothing strange about this. 3rd came out just before CS PC and can turn off some players who beat SC but see the game as more of a fandisk-type experience than something essential. What's strange is the lack of bundle deals after all this time. That's something we need to remind XSEED to hunker down and get done, assuming that getting some done ASAP will make future bundles easier to submit.

    To clarify, you mean Tokyo Xanadu? I'm nitpicking because I hate to see people now refer to that as the main "Xanadu" game of note when it bears no relation to Xanadu Next aside from the name. Xanadu Next should have done much better, too, but a bumpy launch and poor release timing/marketing hurt it.
  38. Sei


    Title | Players | Steam Ap ID

    Square Enix



  39. Saint-14


    It’s definitely going over a million, just wait till clearance bin price.
  40. ASaiyan


    It's amazing to think that after all these years TF2 is still the #1 game on Steam. L4D2 is higher up than I thought as well. Guess Valve really doesn't need to count to three, lol.

    EDIT: Looking down the full list, we have confirmation Undertale has sold over 3.5 million on Steam alone. Damn Toby! Boy is definitely a millionaire now.
  41. I expect FF15 to good huge bumps when all the proper mod support comes around.
  42. okay


    L4D2 had a promo where it was free to own a couple Christmas's ago. Payday 2 did the same thing not too long ago.
  43. Grimminski


    F2P DayZ that was made by a 16 year old
  44. Adam_Roman


    So these are numbers tracked just by which accounts have at least 1 achievement unlocked from a game, right? If so, I wonder if it factors steam family sharing or if that's an insignificant enough number of users.
  45. Aters


    50% off during summer sales
  46. Aters


    THhe thing is Final Fantasy games never go to clearance bin price. 50% off is all they will ever get.
  47. Risev


    Yeah, but that applies to all games, no? And compared to Evil Within 1, it must have sold way less. For all we know, maybe the difference in sales between EW 1 and 2 may be larger than what is shown.

    Either way, even if it sold way more than 200k, would a game really be successful enough for a sequel if only that many people even played a few minutes of it compared to the first?
  48. FieldofE


  49. Pancoar


    To bad it's practically dead now. :(
  50. Gbraga


    FFXV has the benefit of still having DLC released for it, so there will be reasons for people to continue buying it, even though it's not getting any cheaper.

    People like me who already played it on console, but would rather play all of the DLC on PC when everything is out.