1. B4mv


    Holy Cow!
    Holy Cow!
    Holy Cow!

    That Rocket League number is insane!
  2. Thimbleweed Park," 98,491 ",569860
    Full Throttle Remastered," 61,757 ",228360
    King's Quest," 166,533 ",345390

    Gemini Rue," 130,615 ",80310
    Technobabylon," 41,216 ",307580
    The Blackwell Legacy," 79,474 ",80330
    Blackwell Unbound," 52,347 ",80340
    Blackwell Convergence," 49,385 ",80350
    Blackwell Deception," 46,844 ",80360
    Blackwell Epiphany," 20,146 ",236930

    Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition," 42,031 ",262000
  3. v_iHuGi

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    Jesus christ Modern Warfare 2 was a juggernaut unbelievable.

    Modern Warfare 4 done right next year with Battle Royal is gonna be legendary.
  4. Durante

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    Given these numbers the Dark Souls franchise is at ~9.7 million units on PC right now. Maybe we'll get official full franchise numbers again at some point.
  5. finalflame


    Edit: Oops.
  6. StereoVSN


    Huh, not sure how I missed them. Not a great number compared to the first game or Divinity series.
  7. I'm amazed Banished managed to crawl its' way to 2 million copies. Really impressive.
  8. Troll


    So evolve sold better than OG left 4 dead? Turtle rock did good.
  9. I wonder if free weekends throw these numbers off somewhat or if they aren't counted in the achievement percentage?
  10. KarmaCow


    IIRC Evolve eventually became free and L4D1 was effectively replaced in a year by L4D2.
  11. Drelkag


    Nice to see a variety of genres find an audience on Steam.
  12. sandboxgod


    Some results are almost surprising- like how Total Warhammer 1 has more players then the sequel. I was curious since I just bought a dlc pack for WH1 during Steam summer sale
  13. Hibiki


    This is truly fascinating. I love analzying this kind of data of different kinds of indie games. I will be using this file a lot!
  14. Ploid 6.0

    Ploid 6.0

    And Warframe has a standalone client that gives Digital Extremes full cut of anything you buy if you never played the steam version.
  15. Virtua Sanus

    Virtua Sanus


    Company of Heroes 2 - 4,654,955
    Empire: Total War - 3,491,439
    Total War: Rome II - 3,350,407
    Napoleon: Total War - 2,178,916
    Total War: WARHAMMER - 2,085,605
    Endless Space - 1,549,005
    Endless Legend - 1,516,227
    SEGA Genesis Classics - 1,514,485
    Total War: Attila - 1,331,963
    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - 1,232,451
    Aliens vs Predator - 1,231,126
    Dungeon of the Endless - 1,080,885
    Total War: WARHAMMER II - 955,731
    Valkyria Chronicles - 767,675
    Endless Space 2 - 750,761
    WARHAMMER 40k: Dawn of War III - 680,572
    Sonic Generations - 647,871
    Jet Set Radio - 533,153
    Aliens: Colonial Marines - 456,851
    Bayonetta - 424,901
    Sonic Adventure 2 - 416,375
    Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit - 415,904
    Motorsport Manager - 330,158
    Binary Domain - 306,463
    Viking: Battle for Asgard - 300,593
    Renegade Ops - 297,463
    Sonic Adventure DX - 291,205 (Also available outside of Steam)
    The Typing of the Dead: Overkill - 244,364
    Sonic CD - 241,011
    Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia - 224,856
    Sonic Mania - 168,633
    Crazy Taxi - 148,830
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I - 144,813
    Vanquish - 143,289
    Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse Remake - 123,527
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II - 83,454
    Sonic Lost World - 72,200
    NiGHTS into Dreams - 63,403
    SEGA Bass Fishing - 58,500
    Space Channel 5 Part 2 - 51,418
    Puyo Puyo Tetris - 47,388
    Sonic Forces - 34,165
    Tembo the Badass Elephant - 30,643
    Rez Infinite - 24,921 (Not published by SEGA on PC)
    Superdimension Neptune vs SEGA Hard Girls - 24,628 (Not a SEGA game technically)

    Not listed: Alpha Protocol, Rome: Total War, Total War: Shogun 2, Alien Isolation, Medieval: Total War games, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Eastside Hockey Manager, The Club, all Football Manager games (many are on the list, I just did not want to put them here), Relic's pre-SEGA games.

    Some of these seem quite low, but I imagine the only ports they are actively disappointed with the sales of are Sonic Lost World and Sonic Forces. 3D platformers in general seem to do quite poorly on Steam though for some reason. NiGHTS and Rez being so low bums me out, though.

    I have high hopes for Yakuza 0 and Valkyria Chronicles 4 on PC. Not sure where to expect Shenmue or Shining Resonance Refrain to land.
  16. Lucario


    Did not expect Undertale to be above the entire Dark Souls series.
  17. WillyFive


    The reaction this forum had and has to learning about the success of games like Minecraft, Roblox, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Unturned always entertains me; mostly because I normally expect this community to be so on top of games.
  18. Sei


  19. ZeroX


    GAF/ERA has never been a good judge of what's popular with the mainstream. It's a hardcore enthusiast community and that's reflected in opinions and discussions. We're not a good reflection of the market at all.
  20. Taco_Human


    140K for Vanquish? That kinda bums me out. Half a million for Jet Set Radio though? Gimme Future on PC please Sega.
  21. Higher than I thought
  22. Sei


    Those strategy games really carry them at this point.
  23. I love the game as much as the next person but its PC port is atrocious and barely functional.
  24. Nimby


    So these numbers are basically total sales?
  25. Virtua Sanus

    Virtua Sanus

    Those Vanquish numbers are honestly pretty good. They probably made their money back on the port after just 3,000 sales or so.

    Jet Set Radio Future will absolutely happen in the future, but I do worry about how much of the licensed music would remain.
  26. Falk

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    Contextually, MW2 was the first CoD game that needed to be bought on Steam. You could get and play CoD4 and WaW completely independent of the platform. It was also the first CoD game to basically wear its console-centric direction even on the PC port, with everything from the cessation of mod tools/support, removal of uncurated dedicated servers (where you just ran the server executables yourself on your machine) to minor gameplay things like lean, physics logic framerate, etc.

    This was met with a rather overwhelmingly poor response among the PC CoD community (insert meme boycott picture here) and it pretty much was also where CoD started losing its mindshare among PC enthusiasts from year to year, although some entries did achieve local maximums, like Black Ops 3.

    I do agree with you that the Modern Warfare branding is strong, and battle royale as a gametype probably isn't going away in popularity any time soon. I just feel that PC might not be the place it explodes.
  27. RevenantAxe

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    All Gaas games. Skyrim only SP game in top 20 and that's coz of mods but still very impressive
  28. Sou Da

    Sou Da

    Goddamn Tyranny is doing better than Deadfire?
  29. linko9


    Civ V still killin it. As it should be
    civ 6 is trash
  30. RionaaM


    Because that's a screenshot of their library seen within the Steam client, which includes both their owned games and those shared with them through Family Sharing. The shared games don't appear in their profile, only in the library.
  31. ethomaz


    How this player count is calculated?
  32. Jerykk

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    Yeah, it's surprising how badly Deadfire bombed. Maybe the majority of RPG players just hate pirates? I know they were pissed when Risen 2 went full pirate. Could be the same case here. Or maybe the Pillars IP just doesn't have legs. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if their next game was an all-new IP as neither Tyranny nor Deadfire performed particularly well.

    They use achievement statistics. Of course, there are problems with that approach:
    - Not all games have achievements.
    - F2P games don't give you achievements unless you've spent money on their DLC/microtransactions.
    - Some games have very few achievements that are hard to obtain.
    - If you own a game but have never played it, you won't be included in these stats.
  33. Corsick


    After the ending of Tyranny, I want a higher budget and meatier sequel. I know it's not popular enough to warrant it, but for some reason the choices in that game felt much more immediately impactful then Pillars. It was just lacking a good bit of budget to flesh out a lot of the world.
  34. Jerykk

    Banned Member

    Yeah, I really liked the premise and setting of Tyranny and thought the choice & consequence were great. I'd love to see a sequel but sadly, I doubt that's ever going to happen.
  35. Ales34


    Not to mention that it's just old Skyrim. If you add Skyrim SE, its numbers just on PC are insane. It must have sold close to 50 million overall at this point.
  36. Sinatar


    Look at the achievement stats for POE1, not a lot of people made it past the first act let alone finished the game. They marketed the sequel as a direct follow up to the first that picks up right where 1 ended and allows you to import your character with all your choices and whatnot from the first game. I think they shot themselves in the foot with this approach as now anyone interested in playing 2 would want to finish 1 first.
  37. Jerykk

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    Not really. Adventure game publishers/developers just need to budget accordingly. A game's profit is entirely based on its budget. Budget accordingly and you'll do fine.

    Eh, I'm not really convinced in that reasoning. A lot of games have offered persistence between games: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Witcher, Telltale's games, etc. Overall, the persistence ends up being relatively trivial and I'm pretty sure the majority of players don't really care.

    Sadly, history has shown that the majority of RPG players don't really like atypical settings. If you make anything that isn't traditional fantasy or sci-fi, you probably aren't going to sell a lot of copies.
  38. Grim Patron

    Grim Patron
    Banned Member

    All that begging for some of these games and barely anyone even bought. Sad.

    Good to see some doing well though.
  39. SaberVS7


    Looks like Valve was bullshitting about GDPR. Just as I was saying back when that change was made. They're just overtly trying to kill SteamSpy.

    If them Forcing people's libraries to Private was merely about GDPR, why did they move so quickly to obfuscate achievement decimal places the moment people realized they could extrapolate playercounts from it?

    Trails in the Sky Syndrome STRIKES AGAIN!
  40. Ales34


    That's not correct. 13.2M is just the original Skyrim numbers. Skyrim SE has another 4.4M. Fallout 4's popularity is nowhere close to Skyrim's and will never be.
  41. nicoga3000


    Without reading this whole thread...

    Why is this a big deal? Genuinely curious!
  42. Silver-Streak


    I'm so happy that Warframe is in the top 20. Good on Digital Extremes.
  43. Sou Da

    Sou Da

    I highly doubt this was Deadfire's problem. Tyranny's, maybe but not PoE II's.
  44. smisk


    Dang, kinda insane that D:OS 2 has already sold more than the first game.
  45. GhostTrick


    Dont worry, I know it bothers you, but ports on PC will keep happening regardless. :-)
  46. Jerykk

    Banned Member

    Why do you say that? I remember when Piranha Bytes made Risen and their fans loved it. It was pretty standard fantasy with a slightly tropical vibe. Then they made Risen 2 and went full pirate and the fans hated it.

    The PoE situation is extremely similar. PoE1 comes out with a traditional fantasy setting, fans love it. Sequel comes out with a drastically different pirate setting, fans apparently don't love it.

    Steam's sales of BG1 and BG2 are in no way representative of their actual lifetime sales. BG2 definitely outsold BG1 by a pretty large margin before Steam was even created. And sequels selling worse than their predecessors is definitely not the norm. If it was, nobody would make sequels. When someone makes a sequel, the expectation is that it sells better than its predecessors. There's a reason why HBS made Battletech after Hong Kong's underwhelming sales.
  47. CrichtonKicks


    Damn, Tyranny's had some really good legs. Especially considering that it only predated Torment by 4 months but has over double the sales.

    IIRC, Tyranny wasn't at 200k two months after release. If Pillars 2 can have remotely the same legs as Tyranny then it will probably end up doing pretty decently in the long run.
    Whether it's persistence or something else there is no doubt that a lot of sequels see pretty huge dropoffs. Just in the above list you've got big drops going from BG1 to BG2 and Shadowrun: Dragonfall to Hong Kong.

    Cases like D:OS2 are very much the exception now, not the norm.
  48. Lucumo


    Nope. Games that have been bought but not (really) played aren't counted. Same with games that are lacking any achievements whatsoever.

    But Civ V is bad too.
  49. MysticGon


    What a treasure trove! 'Tales of' doing pretty decent. People love Naruto and Dragon Ball. Can't be bothered with One Piece though lol.

    That drop for Project CARS tho!!!!!! RIP
  50. Landford


    Deadfire is so, so, so low. I didnt play much of it yet, but I think its safe to say Obsidian will abandon the IP in the future.