1. Bhonar


    wat the hell is Unturned???
  2. Ryna


    Just want to point out to anyone upset about the Trails games.

    These games only include people who actually played the game, Not people who have them lying in their backlogs for later. Also Trails games apparently do really well on GOG and SC's all time low was 14.99 on there compared to 19.49 on Steam, So that definitely attracted people.

    also im not sure why people are acting like Cold Steel 2 did bad? Its a 40 dollar game that came out on PC 2 years after console, and is a direct sequel to a huge story driven RPG so the drop off is of course going to be pretty big.

    I'm sure XSEED is happy with Cold Steel's performance on PC.
  3. smisk


    Weird, Street Fighter V doesn't seem to be on the list, it has achievements though.. would've been interested to see how it ended up selling.
  4. Rayge


    That's way better than I though it would be at. I thought it would only sell 50K at most.
  5. Tya


    Yeah. Those numbers have to be very disappointing for them.
  6. Rayge


    I feel like there are a ton of games sitting in people's backlogs that haven't been touched. I wonder if Valve is going to do anything for the pubs/devs that are getting low balled in their numbers and getting negative press from it. I feel a lot of games on here are low because of people not playing them. I already came across 20+ games in this thread that I own but haven't played and I know there are a huge amount of people like me out there.

    For example. I own almost every Ys game but have only played Origins. Same goes for Final Fantasy and Trails in the Sky / Cold Steel. And that's not even close to what I haven't played.

    After all that said. I'd still like to know the Street Fighter V numbers to see how many people at least attempted to play the game.
  7. JahIthBer


    GTAV's numbers confuse me, GTAV sells that much without including Rockstar Club Versions & we don't get RDR2 day one?
    Im starting to wonder if they have a contract with Sony or something to delay the PC version, even one of the top shareholders asked why there wasn't a PC version of RDR2 & i can see why.

    My theory on some sort of contract isn't entirely rubbish, i do believe there is a contract between Sony & Take 2, one of the details we know is Take 2 were not allowed to release GTA4 on 360 before PS3, when the 360 version was finished a few months earlier.
  8. Ryna


    I'm the same way, Trails FC, All 3 Tales games on Steam, Steins;Gate, Zero Escape Trilogy, Both Xanadu games, Zwei 2, YS Seven, and Corpse Party are just a small selection of the games I have in my steam library that I havent even touched.

    I'm even buying Ys Memories of Celceta at launch but im not playing it until after I beat SEVEN. I feel bad every day that I dont make any progress on my backlog.
  9. FiXalaS


    What is Unturned
  10. Hey

    Banned Member

    Damn rocket league only 10m on steam ? So +30 on console alone?? Holy unexpected tbh
  11. kinoki


    Valve should really get into the business of releasing the fifth instalment of their series judging by the sales of Grand Theft Auto, Skyrim and Civilization. Perhaps they can buy a couple of series that ended after their fourth instalment.
  12. Sloane


    I wonder why. Isn't the game arguable better than the first one? Is it the setting? Did people not like the original? Bit weird.
  13. Rayge


    Last number I got was 16.5 million in total sales and over 40 million registered users. Where are you getting your information from?

    They had 10.5 million in sales in March 2017 with 29 million users and at the beginning of this year they had 6 million additional sales and 40 million registered users.

    On another note...

    This thread is really bad with people creating sensationalism with numbers that are lowballed across the bored. But the majority of people here aren't going to use the facts presented to them as to why the numbers are the way they are and they are going to spit their misinformation. Because negativity and drama tastes too good baby.
  14. Nathan.exe


    I was looking for this, thanks !
  15. Madjoki


    Yeah, for whatever reason they didn't. Maybe because CoDs multiplayers don't have store pages. (as it would be pointless). So who ever collected this data, didn't account for special cases like this.

    Barter has both for some games and there's significant difference



    You do get achievements, but can't compare them and games won't show up on profile, expect in recent games list.
  16. Hamchan


    They really should make a bundle of the three Trails in the Sky games.
  17. werezompire

    Zeboyd Games Verafied

    Checked our own game and the results were noticeably less accurate than the old SteamSpy prediction method.
  18. Basileus777


    I've heard this from several places now, enough to be skeptical of these numbers.
  19. Ascheroth


    Well if I understood it correctly it only accounts for people that own a game and started it once. So those numbers would naturally always be lower than the actual owners.
    So at best it's an indicator of "this game has sold at least this much, but I guess there's no way to estimate how much lower than the actual owners this number is.

    It's interesting data, but it's far from providing a comprehensive picture of a game's sales.
  20. Jerykk

    Banned Member

    There's a pretty good chance that RPG fans just don't like pirates. There's precedent for this (Risen 1 vs Risen 2). If another PoE gets made, I expect it will return to the traditional fantasy setting of the first game or attempt some sort of compromise (like Risen 3 did).

    Baby steps. Valve still needs to make it past 2.

    If it's based solely on achievements, then it is most definitely less accurate than SteamSpy's old method. The old method looked at the games that people actually owned. This method looks for games where players have unlocked at least one achievement. This is a more accurate measure of which games people have actually played vs games that people own.
  21. Shao Kahn

    Shao Kahn

    Goes to show how many people have insane backlogs.
  22. Nintendo


    Rainbow Six Siege and other Ubisoft games because they have Uplay achievements instead. They are not included in this list.
  23. nivorae


    The bundle is not the issue, FC's incredibly slow start is.
  24. Gelf


    Jet Set Radio's numbers are greatly inflated by the fact Sega gave it away for free at one point. The numbers were much lower before that promotion.
  25. If we are talking about the first game, yes, there might be people who redeemed it from the bundle without downloading. However, any non-bundle game is unlikely to have been bought and forgotten. The payout for the bundle copies is less than $1 per bundle.

    17k copies for the game is bad, regardless how you spin it. You should contrast Trails sequels with other JPRGs on Steam, then you will understand just how bad 17k copies is compared to the average of what "Tales of" or Hyperdimension.

    Cold Steel 1 broke a million mark on PS4. PC is selling 3-4% of what PS4 other platforms. You can use the mentality that 3%>0%, but XSEED would benefit much more if they focused on PS4, Switch and mobile.
  26. Rygar 8Bit

    Rygar 8Bit

    Old popular Youtubers game.
  27. shark97


    Steam gaming is so weird. It almost smells musty. All these games remind of 1997 or something.

    Team Fortress 2 (kill me of boredom, this game still exists edition)
    Counter Strike (it's 2018 guys)

    All these run on $200 laptops at max settings probably

    so on.

    Such old musty games.
  28. Saty


    Cross-checking this data with the Valve-provided best sellers of 2018 so far (https://store.steampowered.com/sale/2018_so_far_top_sellers/). Both at the start of July so probably pretty good.

    Keep in mind Valve's lists are probably categorized by revenue and includes DLC and MTX revenue. I'm also going to stick with new 2018 releases.

    Platinum Tier:

    Jurassic World Evolution - 481,240
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 827,988
    Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - 1,252,257

    Gold Tier:
    DRAGON BALL FighterZ - 444,795

    Silver Tier:
    Frostpunk -679,334
    RAFT - 810,826

    Bronze Tier:
    House Flipper - 351,645
    Vampyr - 162,765
    Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet- 183,822
    Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - 124,778
    Bless Online - 192,188
    BATTLETECH - 289,619
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR - 99,326
    Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - 203,867
    Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia - 224,856

    There also lists for top VR games this year and top new releases by month, if someone wants to do the work.

  29. Ryna


    First off, Cold Steel wasn’t in a bundle, Sky FC was in a Humble Monthly last year but thats it.

    Cold Steel 1-3 sold 1.3m across PS3,Vita,PS4 and PC as of June. The PS4 version only sold like 13k in Japan while CS2 sold 11k.

    48k people bought and played Cold Steel 1 on Steam. This doesn’t include the GOG users or people who have it lying in their backlogs. For a 40 dollar port of a 2 year old niche game (in the west). Its pretty good.

    It outsold SC and is the 2nd highest selling Trails game on PC. Which I’m sure is more than what XSEED was expecting.

    Cold Steel 2 has been out for a much shorter time frame and raked up 17k players on Steam. Thats not bad. Especially since it came out on PC with little notice and attention.

    Neptunia and Tales are bigger franchises than Trails and Falcom games aren’t the highest budget titles. With XSEED being a smaller studio I highly doubt they didn’t profit off of CS2. Trails has always been really niche in the west and XSEED is well aware.

    Xanadu Next, Zwei 1 and 2, Ys SEVEN didn’t sell very well at all, but XSEED keeps localizing them and releasing them on PC. They wouldn’t be doing this is they were losing money.
  30. Virtua Sanus

    Virtua Sanus

    SEGA's given away a huge amount of the games on the list. It seemingly never helped NiGHTS or SEGA Bass Fishing much, so it has genuinely sold a solid amount for what it is.
  31. Kyougar


    That's me. I tried to finish Pillars 3 times but the Combat always bogs my fun down. Also the XP mechanics.
    In contrast to Divinity Original Sin, where the combat is super fun and the sequel immediately set records.
  32. Nzyme32


    Not true.
    Apparently the guy that worked out this method has subsequently been in touch with Valve. Though he can't say exactly what is happening -

    "I never called it a leak, that's arstechnica calling it that.

    I've been chatting with valve about it/their replacement these past few days. I cannot speak on their behalf for their reasoning in doing so, but I don't think their decision to remove it involved any malice or spite towards steamspy."

    While this does make sense since prior to this Valve had always been supportive and even recommended SteamSpy as a utility for developers, I still don't believe the GDPR reasoning or understand the full motivation yet
  33. Brian Damage

    Brian Damage

    Glad to see Vermintide and Frostpunk doing so well. Especially the latter clearly outselling some pretty hefty releases.
  34. Shodan14


    Finally some real numbers. Based TF2 hatlords.
  35. Shodan14


    Actual fake news.
  36. mrmickfran


    Nice numbers for Binary Domain and Jet Set Radio. Though one has to wonder if it counts the times those games were given for free (I got both for free so I'm guilty.)

    Nice number for Bayonetta, Vanquish should be higher :(
  37. Ryukishi07 stuff

  38. dodo021


    Now I understand why VALVe is not focused on Half Life 3 =(
  39. Durante

    Dark Souls Man Member

    If you are going to make up numbers, at least make them a bit less ludicrous would you?

    The last official numbers from Falcom (as of June) put the entire series (that is, ToCS Vita, ToCS PS3, ToCS2 Vita, ToCS2 PS3, ToCS1 PC, ToCS2 PC, ToCS3 PS4) together at 1.3 million sold. In total.

    (Edit: I just saw that someone already corrected you -- the number was off by such a ridiculous degree that I replied immediately)
  40. low-G


    I wonder if this suggests some factoring errors. Like Jurassic World Evolution sold 4x that. Can’t be Platinum when Silver sold that much, unless the criteria are very capricious.

    Frostpunk is cheaper and has no DLC, but FFXV is as expensive. The lines between tiers would have to be extremely narrow.

    They’re focusing a lot of VR. That’s not why they aren’t doing HL3.
  41. StereoVSN


    SE was free for anyone with regular edition. I would think that majority of SE numbers come from owners of vanilla legendary.

    Edit: In regards to Cold Steel, I am really puzzled by lack of popularity. Setting, JRPG genre, large cast of characters that should appeal to Steam audience, good story, etc... are all good. And the port itself is great. Why is this not selling? It is just weird to me.

    Edit 2: PoE 2 sales are a shame as well. I actually enjoyed 2nd game quite a bit. That said main storyline had issues in the game but I doubt this is why it is not selling. Maybe people do hate pirates.
  42. Unless you mean D:OS 2 out sold the original D:OS 1, it didn't. There are two versions of D:OS listed there, Enhanced Edition and Classic. When combines is more than D:OS 2.
  43. Ales34


    Sure, but keep in mind that most of old skyrim owners didn't even bother to "upgrade" to Skyrim SE because of poor mod support (compared to OldRim). Not to mention that these are the numbers of people that actually played enough of Skyrim SE to earn achievements, not just redownloaded it.

    Also, Skyrim SE sells very well to this day (at this moment it's #10 in RPG top sellers on Steam; for comparison: TW3 is #13 and Fallout 4 is #16), so some of those millions are surely new sales.
  44. zery


    Unturned is popular with kids. My bro has 2000+ hours with it.
  45. Kyougar


    That's not how this works. enhanced was free for every classic buyer.
  46. Risev


    Not accurate. Pretty sure Skyrim Special Edition was given for free for anyone who owned Skyrim and its DLC. I know I got it for free.

    Besides, Fallout 4 released 4 years after Skyrim. That's 4 entire years of Skyrim repeatedly going on sale before Fallout 4 released. I don't expect Fallout 4 to reach Skyrim's numbers, but I've also no doubt Fallout 4 will eventually close the gap as it drops further in price.
  47. shoptroll


    True. Wadjet Eye seems to be doing fine financially but they're a very small outfit. However, it does put some context into why most of the big publishers abandoned the genre long ago. The audience just doesn't seem to be there to support bigger productions so resources are better spent in other genres.
  48. Paraside


    Portal! Holy shit!

    Same, I just had to google it. Bizarre. Looks like it's probably pretty fun and, of course, free

  49. Ales34


    See my post above. I'm sure some of the old Skyrim's owners got it for free, but a lot of them didn't bother because of the poor mod support compared to Oldrim. If you got it for free, it doesn't mean all of those 4.4 million of people did. Actually, right now Skyrim SE is #6 in Top selling RPGs, above Fallout 4, so it's still selling very well.