1. GhostTrick


    Cold Steel 1 broke a million on PS4 ?
    Wtf are you smoking. It opened at 10k units for its Japanese release.
    Cold Steel 1 broke a million on PS3/Vita combined worldwide with more than 2 years of sales as a BRAND NEW title.
    Cold Steel 1 on Steam is targeted at a a western audience, in which Trails is a niche serie. XSEED gets shit to focus on more-expensive-to-developp-for platforms where said titles makes 90% of their sales in Japan/Asia... In which Falcom self publish their games.
  2. Risev


    So long as we don't have numbers, it's not fair to just say "I'm sure most didn't get it for free because modding" and end it there. Besides, Skyrim SE's initial mod support wasn't great, but most mods are getting ported and it allows for even better mods longer down the road.

    Also, I'm sure the majority of Skyrim's owners didn't really look at the free version and go "You know what, I'm sure the mod support is not as good, so I'm going to pass on the opportunity to get something for nothing". I'm sure those Skyrim SE sales include those who got the game for free. And I'm sure those who got it for free far outweigh those who bought it, even though we don't have the numbers to prove either theory so I'm only assuming here. Those who didn't get the free Skyrim SE probably weren't paying attention for the free offer, or just didn't care anyways (not because of mod support).

    And yes. OG Skyrim sold better than Fallout 4, hence why I talked about how it released 4 years earlier, and I'm confident Fallout 4 is not going to beat it, even though it'll close the gap. Heck if the majority of Skyrim SE's owners paid for it, then that just proves that Fallout 4 is closing the gap, and will continue to close the gap because it sold more, and you can no longer buy regular Skyrim, meaning more people are buying Fallout 4 than Skyrim within the past 2 years.

    Basically, all I'm trying to say is that saying Fallout 4 won't even come close to Skyrim's popularity ain't accurate. We don't even have Console numbers here. For all we know, Fallout 4 completely dominated Skyrim's console numbers.

    Edit: Sorry, just saw that you said Skyrim SE is currently selling more than Fallout 4. However, overall sales for Fallout 4 are higher than SE, so it might be a daily thing (or influenced by recent steam sales, not sure which game went for lower) Also, I think Fallout 4 and Fallout 4 GOTY count as separate sales, so even though Skyrim SE is selling more than either, I think Fallout 4 + Fallout 4 GOTY are selling more combined since they are both very close in ranking on the best seller list.

    Edit2: Not related, but Skyrim SE is currently more expensive than Fallout 4 GOTY in my region. Is this the case for other regions?
  3. Ales34


    Your statement has the same weight as my statement, because you have no proof that the majority of Skyrim's owners upgraded to SE. I'm sure a lot of them did, but it doesn't mean they're the majority of those 4.4 million people who got achievments in SE. AFAIK, old steamspy had a higher amount of owners of Skyrim SE -- 5-6 million-- and it seems likely that the difference is the old Skyrim owners who just downloaded Skyrim SE "for free" without earning a single achievement.

    I mean, Skyrim SE is literally selling well. I don't know why you're talking like the majority of Skyrim SE's owners must be the old skyrim owners when right now Skyrim SE is outselling Fallout 4 on steam.

    For Fallout 4 to catch up it must keep consistently outselling Skyrim by a lot, which doesn't seem likely, especially with the upcoming release of Fallout 76.

    Edit: Yes, Skyrim is also more expensive in my region, for some reason. Weird.
  4. Risev


    Might be wrong on my part, but as I said in my edited post, Skyrim SE is selling more than Fallout 4 GOTY and Fallout 4 separately, but it's very likely that Fallout 4 + Fallout 4 GOTY are selling more combined than Skyrim SE. We don't have accurate weekly numbers but the ranking on the best selling list makes this likely, hence Fallout 4 is closing the gap if so.

    Edit: I'm actually not sure if this is accurate, would love if someone can confirm or correct.
  5. Ryna


    Cold Steel sold 1.3m across all 3 titles. Cold Steel 1 probably only sold like 400-500k
  6. Viale


    Damn. Less than 800 copies for ch 6? I know its niche and came out fairly recently, but still....
  7. Theswweet


    Stardew Valley is a JUGGERNAUT, and it has to be a 1m+ seller on Switch, too.
  8. No, it is far more likely that they just sold like shit because people have never heard of them and/or they are way too expensive with shitty discounts. The "many Falcom game players" doesn't make any sense, since that is such a small group that the data more than likely won't be effected at all by that small group.

    With the more well known games like Trails in the Sky 2 and 3, them selling like shit is far more reflective of most people not even making it out of the prologue of 1 and not caring to buy the others (that and they are way too expensive whose sales prices always suck).

    Not to mention that before Steamspy died, the numbers were just as bad for Falcom sales, which includes not just players, but owners as well. People also have a lot more choices with JRPGs now, which is why some of the dropoffs for Falcom games are so bad.
  9. GhostTrick


    Lol. Even worse than I thought.
    People just dont understand how niche some titles are. Especially in West.
  10. petran79

    Banned Member

    This would also require Steam client to be active. Some games can be launched straight from the game folder without Steam
  11. TheRedSnifit


    Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2 remain the greatest multiplayer shooters ever, only rivaled by Quake and Battlefield 2. It makes sense that they're popular, although those latter two aren't as lucky.

    Sad but true.
  12. Parsnip


    Valve leaks? Come on Ars, that's not even remotely true.
  13. Qassim


    And still the best competitive shooter around.
  14. danGlokta


    Wait, in what bundle was Cold Steel 1?

    Anyways, people buying a non-bunled game and not playing it does happen. I've done it with some games, you purchase them because they're on sale and and you might want to play them soon and they won't be on sale then, but then life happens and they end up a bit forgotten.
  15. Kyougar


    Just remember, that people don't need to play these games to get achievements (Steam acievement manager) or get counted as having been played the game (idlemaster) Both count for this "method"
  16. Absolutely. They mentioned major paperwork hurdles last time the subject really got brought up to them, so I hope this won't be as much of an issue if they push for it again.

    Switching to bold within quote for the next one

    Ain't gonna let you finish because this is bullshit. SteamSpy had considerably higher owners estimates for Falcom games on Steam before the initial death. For example: Trails FC sits at almost 258k players according to these recent numbers, but the old owners number hovered around 300k. We've preserved some of these estimates via periodic SteamSpy threads in the past.

    Judging by comments from Steam developers in this thread who question the accuracy of these numbers wrt actual sales, your assumption is flawed:

    Even back then, XSEED employees mentioned briefly that SteamSpy numbers lowballed how much the games actually sold, partly because of the private profiles caveat and partly because of GOG sales not factoring in. The divide between players and owners seems large enough to matter, even for really niche games like Xanadu Next.
  17. Aaron D.

    Aaron D.

    How is it that RimWorld isn't even on the list and it moved over a million copies?
  18. Shantom


    The 'leak' is via achievement data. Rimworld has no achievements.
  19. Mobyduck


    The article says they fixed the "leak", but I'm pretty sure you can still get the achievements information from their API, up to the 16th decimal, iirc. Am I missing something?
  20. Aaron D.

    Aaron D.

    Ahh, got it.

  21. tuxfool


    Shouldn't have to, but I install stuff on my PC all the time, so it isn't the most onerous thing.

    It would be terrible if it didn't exist though.
  22. CrichtonKicks


    For games with free SE/EE like Skyrim or D:OS it may not count If the EEs haven’t been installed or started.

    This is interesting data but it isn’t showing actual sales so there is a bit much “the sky is falling” in here.
  23. nynt9


    I mean tons of gamers fawn over way older basic ass NES games

    It's almost like some games are timeless
  24. Schlorgan


    Or that a lot of people that spend a lot of time playing games on Steam don't have a lot of disposable income but a lot of time, so they just play the older games instead of buying new ones.
  25. SPRidley


    Realy happy for Frontier for the 1600000 copies of Planet Coaster. And thats was without really major discounts.
  26. Paganmoon


    You get an achievement pretty much as soon as you leave Helgen. another caveat is that as soon as you use a mod, you don't get achievements (until you mod Achievements back in), so it's really tough to suss out Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, and their VR counterparts sales, though it should be a good indicator.

    Another thing to note on Skyrim SE is that not all Skyrim owners got it, had to have both DLC's iirc.
  27. PC-tan


    Can you give an example of games that people begged for?
  28. PC-tan


    I'm guessing that with in a year Yakuza 0 will do over 300k+, VC4 I can see also doing about 300k+ or so, Shenmue will likely be closer to 200k, and Shining may only see 100k+
  29. Madjoki



    You might see something like this:


    which appears to have more than one decimal.
    But it still has precision of one decimal.

    It simply error from floating point representation.

    You can try it here

    There is no need to earn achievement to be counted. Simply having playtime is enough.
  30. Basileus777


    These are some real bullish estimates. Shining hitting a 100k would take a miracle. I doubt Shenmue goes anywhere near 200k either without big price cuts.
  31. Paganmoon


    See, I'm not too sure about this, H3VR (Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades) has an achievement, it's a "secret" one, which apparently very few have achieved, it's counted as having 9766 sold, but it's on the "platinum level" in the Top sellers so far this year for VR:

    The other games on that list are around 100k each.

    Could be it's only incorrect for that game though I suppose.
  32. Madjoki


    Could be mistake on that list?

    https://barter.vg/i/20360/a/ has it at ~500k using same method.
  33. RionaaM


    Today I finished the first Call of Duty (released in 2003) for the first time. The beauty of PC gaming is being able to play whatever you want whenever you feel like it, no matter how old.
  34. Derrick01


    Pillars 2 doing that bad is sad but not unexpected given that its peak concurrent number was like half or less than what Pillars 1 did.

    Also the game kind of sucks and feels like they ran out of money midway through the game so that's not doing it any favors either.

    In some ways but worse in others. The companions in 2 have so little to say compared to 1 and they seemed to stop commenting on new developments or having anything new to say at all about halfway through the game. The pen and paper style ship combat was pretty awful too but once you get strong enough you can just rush forward and board ships for an easy win. I also didn't really like how the story ended, the whole last part of the game felt a bit rushed and ended abruptly.
  35. Shodan14


    Almost like different genres of games appeal to people on specific platforms

  36. Almighty


    It is also a direct sequel and it is not uncommon for them to do worse than the previous game.

    I found the companions to be about on par with the first game. In the first game some of them were chatty Kathy's, Durance for example, but many of them didn't feel noticeably more robust in than the ones in Deadfire.
  37. Paganmoon


    That on the other hand seems way too high. The biggest VR title on the list (that costs money) is Job Simulator, and that was bundled with the Vive for a long time, and it's at 200k, both in the CSV and the barter.vg site, so H3VR selling 500k would be, whilst amazing, pretty headscratching too. I'm just going to chalk it down to H3VR's weird handling of achievements.
  38. Taruranto


    I don't think it's that surprising given it's the 6th episode of a niche game. It would be interesting to compare it to the original Higurashi's release by MG.

    The lack of recent anime + the episodic structure really hurt R07's stuff.

    Companions' personal quests are worse, but the companions themselves are waaay more reactive than PoE1's companions, some of them even leave if they disagree with your choices.

    Main story is indeed awful, but I don't think it's rushed and the game isn't lacking in content.
  39. Derrick01


    Yeah avellone's two characters were very talkative and explored different themes as is common with him. It was great and I missed it in 2.

    2's character quests were also very half baked in most cases and ended very abruptly. It really feels like they had to cut corners due to money running out.
  40. Chairmanchuck


    I mean why should I buy Higurashi 6 now, when its still 2 episodes from being done. I mean Umineko was released with the question arc and answer arc seperately and its done...

    I can just wait till Higurashi is finished and then maybe get the missing chapters in another Humble Bundle or buy the Steambundle and get the remaining chapters far cheaper than right now.
  41. Almighty


    I will agree with that. I was not impressed with most of the companions quests in Deadfire. I don't know if it was a lack of money or what, but Deafire as a whole felt like Obsidian played it way too conservative to the detriment of the final product. I hope the game Cain and Boyarsky are working on doesn't follow the pattern and is more like their Troika days.
  42. The_Land


    and the 8 million on xbox is really just 4 people game sharing
  43. PC-tan


    I feel like a lot of it has to do with the series itself, I remember that Falcom said that each of the Ys games sell typically over 100k each in the west, which is pretty bad when you think about how other JRPGs that have been around as long as Ys has will easily do over 1 million in the US alone (this mainly applies to Final Fantasy) and 100k is a rather standard number for JRPGs on Steam that are not Falcom games.

    From the looks of it, Jurassic World Evo has done over $10 million sales on Steam in one month, wow that is impressive. using that info I guess that if your games makes over $10 million USD that it is part of the Plat club. In case you are wondering where I am getting my numbers from, the game at it's cheapest could average to about $30 USD, and seeing how there is 450k+ people that makes $13.5 million, and if then after the 30% cut, you are looking at $9.5 million (I used the lowest possible numbers so it is likely a lot higher than this.)

    Gold I would imagine is over $5 million (assuming that FFXV is being sold for $20 a pop when MSRP is $50) it should be at around $7 million, I'm sure this will be in the Plat ranking come the next time they show what the best selling games of Steam were and by then it may have sold close to 700k units if not already 1 million units.

    I know bronze should be 1 million which I guess leaves silver to maybe $3 million? If raft is sold at $5 a pop and it has sold over 800k that means that it is looking at close to $3 million
  44. hows those 2 year old musty switch delayed ports that run at sub 720p like wolfie
  45. PC-tan


    Isn't that what typically happens with some of these older SEGA ports? Or actually you are right I did not take into consideration that Shining and Shenmue are being released along side the console version and thus using the same discounts, okay Shining at 70k+ and Shenmue at 100k+ assuming that 30% off is the max discount that they get. I will be back in 1 year to check if I was wrong
  46. floridaguy954


    Glad to see Borderlands 2 in the top 20. It is a prime example of a dev respecting the advantages of a PC release and it shows.
  47. Aureon


    Most FFXIV pc players aren't on steam.

    Same about Fortnite, Hearthstone, WoW, and other games ya'll are asking about.
  48. Shinjuku 4x4

    Shinjuku 4x4

    The problem with Fallout 4 is that it is no where near as good as Skyrim. Skyrim was easy to start and play until I felt like stopping at 100 hours. I'm on my second failed attempt with fallout 4, this time pushing through to 20 hours.
  49. Ryna


    XIV doesn’t have achievements so its not on the list. It most likely has more owners than XI.

    Some non achievement games are still on the list some how though. XI being one of them.
  50. Durante

    Dark Souls Man Member

    Remind me to never listen to you again.
    (Seriously, PoE2 is one of my favourite games this decade -- but then, so is PoE1)