1. Maxime

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  2. James Bartholomeou

    James Bartholomeou
    Community Manager for Focus Home Verafied

    Hi all!

    I try and stick my nose out in threads about our games - let me know if you have any questions here, and I'll do my best to answer them :)
  3. I don’t remember when was the last time I saw a game looks this interesting, I’ve fallen in love with it since the first reveal :-)
  4. JammerLammy


    What fps is the game running on X1X/PS4pro
  5. Bucket


    The game looks right up my alley even if the combat is not the most polished thing out there. I love the atmosphere man
  6. John Bender

    John Bender

    Gonna buy this day 1. I really like everything I saw from this game. Hope it's good =)
  7. Sir Guts

    Sir Guts

    Yesterday I was wondering why there isn't a new gameplay video! Wow this trailer is so good! Also the game visuals got waaaaaay better
    I also like the smoothness in the animation
  8. kami_sama


    Looking great!
  9. Theorry


    Focus Home is my favorite publisher atm.
  10. Blablurn


    Game is looking really good
  11. Be proud of Vampyr... be very proud of it, the game looks very unique and interesting and have my support day 1 :-)))
  12. Khanimus


    Combat looks... ehhh. But I atleast give them credit that with this and Remember Me, they atleast seem to try and be creative with their approach to combat systems.

    Hopefully the rest carries the weight of the game's appeal.
  13. Kolx


    That looked... much better than I though it was gonna be. Consider me interested.
  14. ianpm31


    Definitely getting this. Hope I can turn off the enemy hp bars
  15. SmokingBun


    Were you inspired by Bloodborne in terms of aesthetics or combat?
    Or did you feel it was more important to feel powerful rather than vulnerable?
  16. germuso


    I would like to play a demo mmmh.
  17. I'm loving the actual game, but I'm still so undecided about the combat. It looks so stiff and clunky, or something?

    It's a day one purchase regardless, just not too hopefull about the combat.
  18. JetSetRadio


    Looking forward to the reviews.
  19. Truant


    Looks great, besides the terribad health bars. You guys should really take a look at how they're done in GoW. They feel "lore appropriate" while still being unobtrusive.
  20. Artdayne


    I'm definitely liking the general tone and atmosphere based on some of these trailers. Combat looks like there are some interesting abilities but it does also look a bit floaty.
  21. Jasper


    Hi! Do you know if it's possible to completely disable the HUD, or even better..bind a key to toggle all HUD elements off? Seems like this would be a great game to play HUD-less for extra immersion. (And screenshots!)
  22. Etc.

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    Hi, what happened with Cédric Lagarrigue?
  23. There has been 0 information as to PS4 Pro or One X enhancements, so anything on that front would be welcomed.
  24. MrH


    I've been looking forward to this since it was first previewed, hoping it's good.
  25. KORNdog


    i'll be picking this up and playing it straight after god of war, and i'm not entirely sure that's going to do the game any favours. lol

    i hope it turns out well though, but i can't shake the feeling we're looking at a huge commercial failure, regardless of how it reviews.
  26. DarkFlame92


    I see this becoming a cult hit
  27. Aztechnology

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    There aren't enough Gothic horror titles, much less those set in Victorian England. So you guys have my thanks! Really looking forward to this.

    When we are fighting people, does that contribute towards staving off the hunger when we feed in combat? Assuming there's a hunger mechanic.
  28. Bernkastel


    Day One
  29. Bansai


    I wish the enemy indicators were more elegant and in style with the game, but other than that, day one. NEED. MORE. VAMPIRE. GAMES!
  30. Stygr


    Some fast questions if you can answer:

    - Are there some unique side quest?
    - The game word is HUB-based or a small map a la Arkham City?
    - Lenght of the main campaign?
    - Moral choices?

    Thanks and i'm looking forward to the game.
  31. Hella


    After Nilin and Max, Generic White Man is a massive step down in the protagonist department. I really hope they do something interesting beyond "bwah! he's a vampire with a soul!" because... that's kinda the ur-story of vampiric protagonists. There just has to be some other story to tell.

    Like, I am excited for Vampyr, but that part does bum me out.
    Some questions:

    1) There are multiple outfits in the game, but what about hair or beard styles for the good doctor? The way the Witcher (or even Deadly Premonition) did it, complete with a beard-growing mechanic, was really cool.

    2) How is daytime (or just the passage of time) handled? Perpetually night or...?

    3) Are there vampire slayers? You know... "Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world; a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer."
  32. I want to know if:
    a) Can you finish the game doing a 100% non-lethal run
    b) Does going non-lethal make the game much harder/annoying
  33. Vishmarx


    Can you unlock the ability to sparkle under bright lights?
  34. Its looking good, they seem to have improved some things.
  35. Zeno


    Combat seems fine. Not necessarily good, but decent enough for a good story and other mechanics.
  36. JoeNut


    He looks OP as fuck.

    Cool idea though, will keep an eye on this
  37. Kufkah

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    Werewolves and vampires in 1800s Europe! This what the Order should have been, lol. Looking forward to this.
  38. Kilgore


    Vampyr looks sick, I'm very hyped.
  39. Mifec


    Semi open world with 4 districts as hubs of activity.

    Moral choices are to kill and to drink blood which affects the districts. You can do a pacifist run. 4 endings are available.
  40. Stygr


    Cool, thanks.
  41. Chibs


    Looks like a good time over the summer! Definitely interested in this game and, honestly, most of the other games that Focus Home is working on. This and Cthulhu look right up my alley. Speaking of the latter, really hoping we get more info on that one soon...
  42. Mifec


    Those are just a different type of vampires. There's like Aristocrats, Sewer Vamps, the beast looking ones and I think 1 more type.
  43. MasterVampire


    Does the sun play any role in this game?
  44. X1 Two

    X1 Two
    Banned Member

    I didn't follow this game at all, I just thought it would be an adventure game. This … is not that. Pretty disappointed. :(
  45. FallenGrace


    Its not Victorian though aesthetically it is pretty close. Victorian era stops in 1901 with the death of queen Victoria, then you have Edwardian until around 1910 and Vampyr is set after that during the Spanish flu in 1919 as I recall.

    I totally agree however that the setting and era are fantastic, the game stands out wonderfully.
  46. Mirage


    I'm very excited about playing a new vampire game.
  47. The combat still looks to be the least interesting thing about the game frankly, but I hope it plays well.
  48. Aniki


    That looked pretty good. Can't wait to sink my teeth into this game.
  49. Aztechnology

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    Ah right you are, I thought this was based in the late 1800's for some reason.
  50. James Bartholomeou

    James Bartholomeou
    Community Manager for Focus Home Verafied

    This is a question more for Philippe Moreau, the game director. I've sent him an email to ask :)

    This is something I'm not really at liberty to talk about, sadly.

    There isn't a hunger mechanic, perse, but you will be able to fill up your blood meter during combat, which allows you to use more special moves. You could say your hunger is handled through your exp, which, as you kill people, will rise. Famished vampires are very weak, and easy to take down.

    1) Yes, there are unique side-quests.

    2) The game has four districts, which can be explored freely. These are Whitechapel, The East Docks, The Hosptial and The City, which is still be be properly revealed.

    3) The main quest we expect to take players fifteen to twenty hours to complete.

    4) There are definitely moral choices, the foremost being whether or not you choose to kill to level up.

    1) The hair and beard styles for Jonathan will stay the same through out the game.

    2) Vampyr is perpetually set at night, aside from specific narrative moments

    3) There are, but not in the same manner as Buffy :)

    You can't :)