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Oct 24, 2017
Hi all,

Yesterday we announced that we’d be rolling out a program where members of the games industry such as developers, community representatives and press could earn a “Verified status” on their account. We’re now happy to announce that we’ll be moving forward with this plan today and have put together an FAQ to help everyone understand more about what verification entails.

Why should I verify my account?

At ResetEra, we’re looking to help foster deep relationships between those who consume games and those that develop, write about and publish them. A verified account is an additional layer of trust and authenticity to your account. It adds weight to your posts and helps to strengthen the notion that you’re a real human being that has passion for the work you do.

We think that being verified can help to create a stronger relationship with your audience and gives you an opportunity to step into discussions about your work as a valuable source of authority. We believe having an identifiable voice on one of the fastest-growing video game forums on the internet is important.

Please note that verified status will not entitle you to preferential treatment from the staff and you will still be expected to adhere to the same forum rules as any other member.

What does verification look like?

Once you have verified your account you will have a verified icon placed under your username and you will also have the ability to add a descriptive custom tag under your profile picture to explain your current role in the industry.

The verified Icon looks like this:

How do I become verified?

If you are interested please reach out by email at [email protected]

In the email you'll need to provide

- Your ResetEra account name (!)
- Your name
- Your job title and company
- Your work email address or any other means of proving your identity
- A description of why you wish to verify your account
- A custom tag (E.G. Developer at X or Community Manager at Y)

We’d like to note that becoming a verified member is completely optional. It is something you would opt in to. We fully understand that many industry members will wish to remain anonymous and we respect that. Please note that not all accounts that request verification will be verified.
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