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Vic Mignogna Lawsuit |OT| Hold My Beard


Oct 27, 2017
Y'know, the really funny part about this "spin" is that knowing Beard and Rekieta they most likely fully believe their own spin. So Beard is gonna waltz into mediation (with Rekieta tagging along in the back) thinking the judge is shook and on the verge of declaring a mistrial when if anything he's doing the complete opposite and giving them a last chance to walk out peacefully.

The schadenfreude is so deliciously palpable I could eat it for breakfast.
I'll just leave this here again,


Dec 10, 2017
From all appearances, Vic's been pretty detached from the whole case. He handed Beard the keys to the car, so to say, who drove over to Nick's place, drank a six pack or two, and ended up upside-down in a ditch. Now Vic's got a trashed car, Beard's got a throbbing hangover, and decisions have to be made.
This is probably one of the best analogs I read about this case. Bravo.


Oct 27, 2017
Wish they turned on comments for this one.

Really interesting that more places are finally talking about it outside the animeSphere
I mean... there are good reasons why they don't. This is an article about people who do things like send death threats to a judge.

Read some of the answers to that tweet Greg is posting for more background.