videogamedunkey: Kingdom Hearts 3 (dunkview)

Oct 28, 2017
The video is really funny. It's overly critical and nitpicky, but that's dunkey for you. While I do enjoy the game, It's beyond my wildest imagination how anyone can actually like KH's plot and how the story is delivered.
Jun 17, 2018
I watched his KH3 stream lol. He went way worse into it on stream haha. Leffen is great.

I like KH3 but I can appreciate the ribbing. He seems to hating on the design in general. He expected a more open world game.
The stream was awesome haha, in fairness I only kept watching for his takes on it; the gameplay was pretty boring.
Oct 27, 2017
For me, gameplay being shockingly easy is a reason to wait for the future Final Mix edition, with the added difficulty. I don't care about the game being smooth, a joy to watch or quick, if i will never feel i have to push more than just a couple of buttons, it's not good.

I read that it's quite a lot easier than KH2 first version too, and that game i played it at max difficulty because it was already too easy.

I honestly don't care about dialogue quality, i already knew Kingdom Hearts III was going to play it safe and be more of the same but with modern technology and that's ok for me, it's part of the Kingdom Hearts charm and nostalgia plays a big role in the way i easily accept such shortcomings. I was just curious about the ending of the story. After the first few days i forced myself to not watch streams (i was really tempted) i'm less and less interested in buying it, as it is right now, with this difficulty balance.