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WaPo: Trump pushed staff to deal with NOAA tweet that contradicted his Alabama Sharpie claim


The Fallen
Jul 14, 2018
I wish that just once our legal system would bring the accountability.

How’s the “Emperor wears no clothes” end? With him being laughed at and humiliated? Is that the best we can hope for?
Everyone realizes he's full of shit but continues being king and pretending he sees his new outfit.


Oct 27, 2017
Not that I know of. The (weak af) official narrative seems to be:

A. Alabama was mentioned (days before Trump's tweet).
B. The left won't let this go.

Both of which are blatantly contradicted by Trump's Sharpie map.
Hunh. I'm actually quite surprised that they're not fighting tooth and nail insisting the sharpie was a natural part of that map, and not added in later by Trump.


Oct 25, 2017
Lol it's the same shit that always comes up. It's all implied what he wants. He doesn't have to say it outright. Like a bad caricature of a mob boss.

Trump thinks he's Fat Tony from the Simpsons


Nov 1, 2017
You know, maybe we should just try to savor the utter stupidity and flagrant law breaking done by a Republican President while we can. We’re just overflowing with ammunition to use against their party on a constant basis. No other president could EVER be as bad as Trump. We get another Bush or Reagan type President in the future and we’re gonna look back on these days and say “At least this guy isn’t as bad as Trump. Remember when we used to have at least 3 threads a day on ERA because of that guy.”

Version 3.0

Oct 27, 2017
Hunh. I'm actually quite surprised that they're not fighting tooth and nail insisting the sharpie was a natural part of that map, and not added in later by Trump.
Oh, they're claiming that some other maps included Alabama, which is true(ish), but the sharpie thing is too stupid even for them.

That's the dumbest part, really. All Trump had to say was "outdated info, Alabama is safe". Could've blamed anyone he wanted for it. His original mistake was totally understandable.

But he's such a moron and narcissist that he didn't think of that. He'd rather go to war with reality.


Oct 29, 2017
Yeah, this really is insane to me. Like, literally insane.

I've always thought Trump was a moron, but this is an entirely new level. He knows that no one dwells on any one of his scandals since there are so many. He knows his base doesn't give a shit what he does so long as he continues "telling it like it is" or whatever. Why the hell did he perseverate on something that everyone else would have forgotten about the next day? Why leave so much evidence that you lied to cover something up?

It's really concerning that some people see behavior like this and instead of coming to the conclusion that the man in incompetent, instead think "Well, he must just be strategizing on a whole other level!"
Part of this may be because they think the Democrats, George Soros, The Clinton's and Obama are all apart of some government super coup. That's definitely a theory of theirs that gets thrown around and I think the "Trump is playing 4d chess/the master strategist" comes from that paranoia.

But nah, he's just a fucking baffoon.