WarCraft III gets widescreen support & balance changes, more on the way

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by City 17, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. City 17

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    Not stretched anymore, also:
    • The lobbies now support 24 players
    • 12 new team colors
    • Warcraft 3 ladder has been reset by Blizzard
    • Automated tournaments will resume next week

    Here's Grebby playing it:

    Head over here for the long list of balance changes and bug fixes:

  2. Dlent

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    I might just play through this game again now. Haven't touched it in several years, despite being one of my favorite games ever.
  3. Zeshile

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    Is this what that event a while back was about? I don't really remember hearing anything come out of it.

    Regardless, it's cool that they are supporting it again. My wife and I love to play together so maybe we'll break it back out after this.
  4. Firemind

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    Nerf blademaster please kthx
  5. Dr Wily

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    Are they going to add this to the battle.net launcher, or is it still going to be going to your blizzard account and downloading from the legacy games launchers page?
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    If Blizzard had just released the source code this would have been done over a decade ago.
  7. atbigelow

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    "If Blizzard would just give everyone their IP, someone else would have fixed it!"
  8. Ahhthe90s

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    Grubby is the best player of any game I have ever seen.

    Dude plays the game using math not just point and click. He's able to calculate and then micro at insane levels. I don't know of any other player that can do what he does at the level he does it at.
  9. Brakke

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  10. Lucifonz

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    Remaster, like starcraft, with full custom map support would just be incredible. Please blizz :(
  11. Dr Wily

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    I'd have actually preferred they'd patched SC to work nicely at modern resolutions in widescreen rather than try and sell me a 'remaster'.
  12. Nirolak

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    I suspect they're not going to do that given the amount they're patching the original game.
  13. Lucifonz

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    For me the game is so dated it's tough to go back. But more importantly the userbase. We spent hundreds of hours with custom maps on wc3 back in the day, a remaster would breathe some life back into that. I'm sure the community is still there but I can't imagine it's that big or that the custom map scene is that busy.

    If I'm right the SC one simply runs alongside the base game doesn't it? So it'd make sense to update the game in general.
  14. Elven_Star

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    Grubby is one of the greatest WC3 players ever. For me, Moon remains unsurpassed, though. He's fast, smart and fun.
  15. jackal27

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    Omg I am crying. Can't believe we're getting this in 2018. Definitely know how I'm spending my evening tonight.
  16. Al3x1s

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  17. raketenrolf

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    Feel the urge to play the campaign again.
  18. SuikerBrood

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    The patch is filled with bugs by the way, so let's see how (and when) they'll fix those.
    It's supercool that they're supporting an 'old' game like this. It has been out for 16 years now.
  19. SuikerBrood

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    They did. :D
  20. Mr Swine

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    I hope they retcon WC3 and add Ogres back into the horde fold. Miss the big guys :(
  21. delete12345

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    I guess it's promising that there will be more patches?
  22. Jamix012

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    This would be perfect on Switch.

    Seriously though maybe I'll boot Warcraft 3 up for the first time in probably a decade and play around a bit, I miss it.
  23. SuikerBrood

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    True. They still have lots of work to do. They are also implementing a new Chat API soon.
  24. Chopchop

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    Oooooohkay I feel really old now.
  25. Woorloog

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    Even if they wanted to, it is highly likely they can't. For example, the source code could be dependent on parts that are licensed or are otherwise something that Blizzard cannot release. Going through the source code and modifying it to be free of those probably isn't something they're willing to put time and money.

    This happened with Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast/Academy. Raven Software released the source but pulled it basically right away due to legal requirements (but that was too late in that sense that people had already downloaded it).

    Source code=/=IP!

    The above Jedi Knight series source code is a good example. It has allowed people to improve the engine but assets aren't free, as such people need to own the games and install them first, or build new assets for the engine. Star Wars IP was never part of the release in any way.
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    This is a point of shame that I never finished the SP campaign of WCIII or the expansion. I'll add it back to my list.
  27. Dr Wily

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    I have, but its been long enough that I only have vague memories and would quite enjoy a replay of them both.
    Thanks to my familiarity with MOBAs I might find the hero power and inventory active use less of a hassle than my first playthrough too
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    Yeah I just am at the point of new experiences over replays right now cause I find there is so much to play currently. But I don't think people are wrong for going back to experiences that were previously enjoyable.
  29. Trace

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    Wow the ingame graphics look WAY better. They really should add this to the BattleNet launcher. That previous stretching was horrible.
  30. SuikerBrood

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    To be honest, they need to fix all the bugs and the unfinished parts before they put it in the launcher in my opinion. At this state it wouldn't get much good press.
  31. Arkeband

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    I legit like how they buffed a bunch of heroes but nerfed DH.

    ‘Cause DH is hands-down the best hero in the game.
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    Pretty awesome update. I wonder how many new players this will bring in.
  33. ~Fake

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    I need a different game to update? I still playing Warcraft Frozen Throne via CD.
  34. SuikerBrood

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    Patch 1.29.1 announced: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762097153

  35. nomemorial

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    This makes me really hope my old disc-based license is still active on my current Battle.net account. Would absolutely love to play this again (and in widescreen, at that.)
  36. Al3x1s

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    It should work, my Diablo II and expansion keys worked when they first added those games to the classic range.
  37. Strafer

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    Did they add the games to launcher yet?
  38. nomemorial

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    Thanks for the heads up! Gonna try to install when I get home if that's the case (and maybe try the same with Diablo II, now that you mention it...)
  39. SuikerBrood

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    You just need the cd-key on the booklet. You can download the game from Battle.net if you have the cd-key.

    What do you mean?
  40. Ap3x

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    What a coincedence, I am replaying it right now.

  41. SuikerBrood

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  42. wol93

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    how i can update to 1.29? i'm still at 1.28
  43. wvan13

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    I've never played a Warcraft game. I suppose this patch would be a good time to jump in? To Warcraft 3 anyway.
  44. zeox

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    try connecting to battle.net in-game and it should download 1.29 i think. You might have to redownload the client via the account management page on battle.net if that doesn't work
  45. Cudpug

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    Does battle.net still exist through the WCIII client? Maps like Escape Gay Heaven, old DOTA etc.? This was my favourite game back in the day!
  46. wol93

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    i'm redownloading the client 'cause i can't connecting to battle-net in-game
    thank you :)

    edit: do i need to redownload the fronzen throne 1.29 too? or the patch apply to the base game only?
  47. Elven_Star

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    It is probably going to get a remaster like StarCraft, soon. I would wait for that version.
  48. Kill3r7

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    I haven’t played it since college but boy was it fun. All sorts of interesting community maps, especially helms deep.
  49. SugarNoodles

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    I am having a blast nerding out over these balance changes.

    Nice to see them buffing some heroes/skills that saw very little use, especially with the movement speed. Not entirely sure why they buffed farseer to that extent though.

    Kinda disappointed there are no unit tweaks though.
  50. SuikerBrood

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    Hmm.. I'd wait for it to be on the BNet launcher. That would mean they've 'completed' their patch process I guess.

    But, if you like RTS games you really have to play Warcraft 3. It is one of these essential games, like Age of Empires, Red Alert and StarCraft.

    Unit tweaks are coming. A lot of it was explained in this interview Grubby had with Matt Morris, the lead designer of the classic team: