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Now that I'm further in the game, I do have some questions that maybe someone knows the answers to:
1. What's inspect for? It's on D-Pad left.
2. What's the button "cycle power right" for? It's on D-Pad right.
3. What's channeling? If I have melee mode on and I press ZL, I just glow a bit and make a nice FX sound, but how do you use it?
4. There's a button mapping for Sprint/Roll. I don't see how that combines. Does anyone know if there's a good use for this, or is it mostly for PC players? I was personally looking for a way to always have sprint on, but unfortunately I'm kind of forced to always press that L-stick once because that setting doesn't exist.
5. Any reason to keep Mag if I have Mag Prime now?
1. Inspect means 'interact' with basically. Interact with the consoles, with various hackables in the levels.
2. Change which power you've got set up to with with your L, or it might be to change your weapon to your secondary and hold to primary.
3. When you have just your melee out you can channel energy into it, doing more damage. This is an energy drain, and it's not often used.
4. There is a setting under Options > Controls, I believe, to toggle sprint to always on. I know the Mrs. totally has it on.
5. Nope, feel free to sell her. Maybe kiss her on the cheek for being a good starter.
Oct 25, 2017
Inspect is for viewing other players profiles in public areas.

Cycle powers lets you cycle Warframe powers (1-4) though IIRC it's only one way. I actually might unmap this and use it as recenter for gyro aiming, maybe, now that I think about it. Dunno what would be a better keybind now that I'm used to all the controls.

Channeling I believe is a way for you to use energy to power up melee attacks. Check for melee weapon stats, channeling cost and multiplier.

You can set toggle to stuff like sprint, crouch, aim. Means you aren't clicking LS all the time.

As for Mag Prime I believe she is basically an upgrade from Mag on all base stats.
Oct 27, 2017
It's kinda weird that you can stuff a harvest drone on Earth without kicking the butt of the Level 20-ish Endboss. The unlock for those drones seems rather random, I still have some unplayed levels on Venus and yet I'm harvesting there as well.

More boss whining: Currently tackling Excalibur blueprints because I gotta catch them all and seem to have a masochistic tendency. Bleh.
He's so small, and immobile, and his arena is simply flooded with adds. Feels more like a bugged mob, to be honest... his various states/stages are hard to discern in handheld mode (and the fight is not at all intuitive without initial external guidance; seriously, I doubt I could've figured it out on my own without wiki). Booh. So far I have to say Jackal of all bosses feels the most boss-like. Even Vor ist just a dude that occasionally pops a shield and spawns some dudes.

Also, dammit, amassing those Fieldron things for the Helios sentinel is a huge pain in the ass. I'll print myself a Carrier or dethcube and delay the glorious scanning bonanza until later.
Nov 27, 2017
So many times I've had moments where I have no clue how to ever get a certain resource. You wiki it and rush to the planet in the hope to get some. Then you drown in them and worry about the next resource. Orokin Cells, then Neural Sensors, then Argon Crystal and now Nano Spores. Just went to a random map on a treasure hunt and noticed "ah... so nano spores are not rare, I just have to unlock a map where it drops this regularly".
Dec 20, 2018
So many times I've had moments where I have no clue how to ever get a certain resource. You wiki it and rush to the planet in the hope to get some. Then you drown in them and worry about the next resource. Orokin Cells, then Neural Sensors, then Argon Crystal and now Nano Spores. Just went to a random map on a treasure hunt and noticed "ah... so nano spores are not rare, I just have to unlock a map where it drops this regularly".
Argon is still a pain due to the decay timer.
This week's Baro Breakdown is going to be formatted a little weird since I'm on my phone and it's just faster to do it this way than my usual in depth stuff.

All primeds are worth getting this visit. Point Blank and Target Cracker are a must, Morohic Transformer is a hard upgrade and important if archwing deveops further, fast hands is really useful on a handful of rifles with dumb reload times.

Prisma Obex and Cleavers are great melee weapons, worth noting that Cleavers have a 100% damage augment from Steel Meridian and they are quite well statted. Obex can ragdoll enemies like no other and is just fun to use.

Domus Syndana is great, why wouldn't you want a tiny liset on your back?

Kiteer Atmos mask is for all your Bane cosplay needs, but I sort of hate it otherwise.

Kiteer armor is generally too bulky and angular to look good on most Warframe other than Vauban. However the chest piece actually blends on pretty well and has some nice metallics.

Kiteer color set is a sure buy. Free colors and they're a really good array of blues and browns.

The beacons are really useful items if you're looking to fight those guys. Uusally on Baro weekends there will be beaconshares in recruiting so you don't have to buy a ton to hunt for those drops. Zenuka is probably the one that is hardest to get to appear.
Glitches has a job so I'm here to stink up his computer and computer chair and his robe and do the in-depth Baro stuff lmao

Axi A5- buy 'em. the vasto's vaulted, and akvasto is a beautiful thing. πŸ‘

Primed Point Blank- BUY IT. It's the prime version of the shotgun damage mod, hella recommend. Hella insist.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Primed Pistol Gambit- increases the crit chance on your pistols, pairs beautifully with the Axi A5 surprise inside.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Primed Fast Hands- i mean you reload faster but some of those guns need this badlyπŸ‘

Primed Morphic Transformer- it's the only primed archwing mod that I know about, it can't hurt to buy it.πŸ‘πŸ‘

Prisma obex- pump it (lv to 30) and then dump it (sell) it's trashπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Prisma Dual cleavers- pump and dumpπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Kiteer sugatra- a lil sword danglerπŸ‘

Domus Syndana- recommend for fashion frames, it's a tiny liset!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Kiteer Solstice Syndana- get it while it lasts, it's very pretty!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Kiteer Atmos mask- dumbπŸ‘

Kiteer armor- i use the chest for my sonic cosplayπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Kiteer color palette- recommend because MORE COLORS, and the blue is a good vaporwave blue.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Kiteer glyph- i mean if you want your avatar to be that😢

Kiteer fireworks- don'tπŸ‘Ž

Kiteer stencil- paint your room coolπŸ‘

Grustrag Three beacon- known as the G3, they're needed for stuff and drop thingsπŸ‘

Stalker beacon- you'll...you'll kill enough to find him😢

Zanuka beacon- DEFINITELY buy this one, she's very rareπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Sands of Inaros BP- Inaros is a great frame, and don't forget to bring scanners to the quest to scan the kavats that appear!πŸ‘
Nov 9, 2017
After many tries at warframe on PC, where I just couldn't get it and abandoned as I reached the star chart, I bought a switch and gave it another run... 10h in, fresh MR3 just got to Mercury and maxed my Excalibur (should have taken Volt because I don't really like melee-exalted-blade style but oh well), I'm beginning to get hooked and reading the wiki more and more...

Just sent a PM to Glitchesarecool as well as on Discord to join Ayatan Ranch
Nov 9, 2017
Mask of the Revenant: Public Hotfix 4

This may be one of our smallest Hotfixes ever. It is one we can do quickly because it is just tried and true data (not code or assets) - we originally had not planned on deploying, but we were able to isolate this data change for deployment. Our priority is still getting in position for 2 major things: Prime Access and Prime Vault unity, and of course, Fortuna Cert.

Fortuna Cert Status: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1052679-fortuna-part-1-on-switch-cert-status-thread/


  • Removed Mag & Nova Prime Vault Relics from tables. If you have them in your inventory, you keep them!

Very small patch today

But more interesting is a new twitch prime bundle: https://www.warframe.com/news/get-50-platinum-free-with-twitch-prime-for-a-limited-time