Watch DJ Khaled murder a steak and be proud.

Krauser Kat

Oct 27, 2017
What is he doing? why is he dragging it? Does he even watch bon appetit?
Everything about this makes me mad.



Nov 1, 2017
Wait hold on. Is he cooking for Salt Bae? Why does he make direct eye contact while cutting it? Why did he feed him like that?

If I found a magic lamp one of my three wishes would be finding out whether DJ Khaled is self-aware and messing with us or if he's really just like this.


343 Industries
Oct 25, 2017
What is he doing? why is he dragging it? Does he even watch bon appetit?
Everything about this makes me mad.


I bet this is at Salt Bae and he puts ketchup on it later after heating it up in the microwave.

EDIT OF COURSE IT'S AT SALT BAE, THE SPIDERWEB NECK TATTOO OF FOOD. ( clicked on the quoted link and didn't see the youtube file name)

This is like watching one of those monstrous bastards crush animals in high heels, only I never actually clicked on one of those to see if they really do that.

My Steak Method is the tried and true 2:2:2- this looks like a lot of steps but it only take about fifteen minutes from start to resting.

  1. Remove steak from fridge an hour before you cook. You want it up to near room temp. Or at least not chilled.
  2. Preheat oven (or closed grill) to 500 degrees (convection if you have it)
  3. Heat cast iron or oven safe good quality pan till water drop leaps and dances as it evaporates rapidly.
  4. Brush both sides of steak with light amount of peanut (or high smoke point oil with no strong flavor) oil. I just pour a little on a paper towel and blot it on.
  5. Salt and fresh ground pepper (pepper does NOT burn and ruin the steak that's some BS or they're putting too much on)
  6. Sear for two minutes on one side. DO NOT MESS WITH IT KHALED STYLE. LEAVE IT BE.
  7. Flip, sear other side for two minutes.
  8. Immediately place pan in oven or if you grilled it, the top shelf of the closed grill for a final two minutes.

Remove from oven, and pan, and rest steak on a cutting board with a fluted border for draining or better yet, a wire rack above a large shallow bowl. This will allow the steak to release myoglobin (it is NOT blood it's a protein that carries oxygen and is the reason steak is red - and it contains steak magic - the longer you cook, the greyer steak becomes because you're destroying steak magic!) If you like, you can place a pat of butter at this stage, some people do that for the last couple of minutes in the oven, but I find the butter melts immediately and is lost to the pan, so I only do that if I'm making a sauce from the fond - directions below.

If you made a high quality steak - ribeye or NY strip or similar - you're golden. If you bought a cheap cut of steak, make sure as you slice it, to slice against the grain of the meat. This will make each bit more tender as the long fibers have been compromised by debundling them. Like cutting a ribbon from a bundle of scrolls.

If you want to make a sauce, use the pan immediately after you rest the steak (careful as the handle will be burning hot) - there are dozens of methods, but I dump a large blob of butter and the drained myoglobin (unnecessary but waste not want not...), over a medium flame (pan still very hot) scraping up caramelized steak fond from the pan with a wooden spatula. The butter will melt more or less immediately and I add a tablespoon of flour (this isn't necessary tbh) or a teaspoon of potato starch (Reds brand, sometimes in baking, but bizarrely sometimes in weirdo organic section) and let it cook until it's golden but not burned, then I add cream, then I grind a LOT of fresh pepper (I like the colorful blends because they have a lot of flavors but in a tight range) and sometimes a little squeeze of crushed garlic near the end - and just a pinch of kosher salt. Stir to blend, cook another minute and serve over your rested steak or on the side. You can thin with more cream or beef stock.
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Oct 26, 2017
Shit technique, bad theatrics, and a wage thieving owner. Sounds like the internet in 2020.


Oct 27, 2017
What the fuck. Was that steak even properly seasoned? Why is he waving his free arm around while dragging the steak?

This is a travesty.


Oct 27, 2017
The fact that this guy doesn't eat pussy looks like a blessing in disguise after watching this
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The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
Orange County
if Khaled wasnt rich would he even know how to function in society? its seems like everything they ever show him trying to do he does in the dumbest possible way


Nov 15, 2017
Crazy how Salt Bae was able to take becoming a viral meme and turn it into a restaurant empire.


Oct 25, 2017
Austin, TX
Every famous footballer under the sun goes and eats at Salt Bae's restaurants. He always seems to be in the one in Dubai but must hit up Miami a lot too.

Just watched the video.. it's spot-on with Salt Bae's cooking and presentation style.


Nov 2, 2017
It's still crazy to me that Saltbae is probably the most famous Turkish person outside of Turkey.
And all because of a meme